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A win win situation..

Sooo its Ms chiffon that is making its appearance today instead of Ms L'Exotique cake aka what i called lemongrass cake.. to be honest i did bake two cakes today.. one turned out brilliant.. the other turned out.. err well semi flopped :o(

I woke up early today to bake this chiffon cake and thought its best to wait till after Zohor to bake lemongrass cake since it requires 5 different steps.. i knew that cake was gonna take me at least 3hrs maybe more to prepare and hence to wait till Sonia napping time was a brilliant idea.. well 3hrs passed and just when i was abt to assemble the cake .. everything went wrong.. the coconut lime dacquois got stuck in my pan eventho i used silpat mat underneath it (maybe next time i will bake longer cos the bottom was a little wet).. my mango compote galee didnt set properly after 3hrs and my passionfruit mango bavarian cream was a little runny (maybe not enough gelatine?)... the only successful one was the lemongrass bavarian cream.. haizzz i will let u see the end product of my cake tmrw.. err what cake Rima?? hahaha.. u will see it tmrw .. i promise! will i try my hand on this L'Exotique cake again?? oh yes i will cos its sort of like a challenge for me to try and bake this type of cake plus who doesnt like the combination of all the exotic fruits that we hv here in a cake.. :op

Anyway back to this chiffon cake.. i decided to gv this recipe a try simply cos this chiffon uses chocolate milk and only uses 60g of sugar.. knew this cake wud be perfect for those who are looking after their sugar level hehehe.. the taste is just nice.. the colour of my chiffon didnt turn out as dark as hers as i dont hv any cocoa powder au noir aka oreo cocoa powder which i think u can only get in Indonesia.. (hmmm i wonder if i can find it in Titan).. however i did add 1tsp of black forest paste to my batter..

50g flour - i used cake flour
10g cocoa powder au noir/ cocoa powder Oreo - i used valrhona
10g dark cocoa powder dark - i used valrhona
10g corn flour
60 ml chocolate milk
1/2 tsp instant coffee
50 ml corn oil
4 egg yolk
1 tsp black forest paste - u can use chocolate paste if u want

Heat chocolate milk and instant coffee powder.. set aside
Whisk egg yolk.. add milk, corn oil and continue to whisk till well mixed.. add in sifted flour/corn flour and mix till ur batter looks like thick paste... set aside

4 egg white
60g sugar
1/2 tsp cream of tar tar (optional or u can sub with salt)

Whisk egg white and cream of tar tar till bubbly.. add in sugar a little at a time and continue to whip till soft peak..
Fold in 1/3 of egg white into chocolate batter.. pour chocolate batter into the rest of egg white and continue to fold in gently.
Pour batter into chiffon pan.
Bake it in a preheated oven of 160C for 45mins

Recipe adapted fm: Dapur Ipoek


Sizuka said...


bila tengok this chiffon cake, even I yg bukan chiffon cake fan pun boleh tergoda. my perut now tengah menyanyikan lagu keroncong :D

Rima said...

Belum tido lagi ke?? bahaya tau bila blog hop malam malam ni.. perut keroncong sampai tak leh tido karang hahaha

Whenever i bake chiffon thats cos i bake it for my family members.. orang rumah ni tak berapa fav.. i will eat a slice and gv the rest to others.. its no longer in my kitchen pun cos tadi lepas magrib i dah pi antar rumah my niece..

Sizuka said...

Belum tido la Rima coz i tengah pikir ni, macam mana I nak fulfill my promise to K.Yani of KG untuk buat macarons esok. I'm having cold feet now. Tadi, I wanted to bake macarons, tapi hubby tak sihat, he refused to temankan I pegi beli almond flour kat Bagus. Ermm.. I hope tonite I be infused with some of your baking mojos.. hehe

ps : orang rumah ni pun tak suka chiffon cake, dunno why. maybe less creamy, less fat, thus, less menyedapkan untuk tekak dia org? :D

CS said...


I just had my dinner... supper kot? Kesian hubby makan sensorang so I harus menemaninya, auwww. Kari kepala ikan I hari nih mcm menjadi plak, hehe.

I like chiffon cake cos ada kenangan masa silam. Lemongrass cake?? Hmmm.. am imagining its taste now. Jom ladies, kita cari bantal??

Rima said...

LOL dont think too much.. the more u think the worst it get.. just go with the flow.. insyallah menjadi si ms cerewet tu.. lagi pun u dah gi hands on kan the other day.. i learn everything on my own.. keep on trying sampai lah menjadi.. selagi tak jadi selagi tu lah frust giler hahaha

My mojo dah kembali and eventho today one out of two cake menjadi i still feel good hehe

Rima said...

Muahaha supper kot.. kadang makan malam malam dgn hb macam syahdu gitew kahkahkah

Kenangan ape tu? hehe.. i will let u know how it taste like cos tadi my tester belum sempat nak try that thang.. he tested my chiffon tho.. yayyyy

Bantal ku dah tersedia.. suami ku tengah main game.. kita tinggal nak lelap kan mata aje .. auwww

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima
Chiffon cake is a "subject" that I have to continue revising. Sometimes buat menjadi, but most of the time tak menjadi. Am glad that I am still awake and saw this update from you. Maybe can try this recipe tomoro. your cake looks so fluffy and yummsss..
Nitey nite..oops..selamat morning...


Rima said...

Hehe selamat morning Nurwin.. ape buat masih berjaga lagi ni.. pi tidor hahaha

Yes u shud try but if ur a sweet person like me.. u wud wanna add abt 50g of sugar in ur egg yolk.. let me know the outcome yah.. happy baking and good luck!

jul said...

Assalammualaikum Rima,

Your pictures of your cooking made my day beautiful just by gazing at them. Bravo! It's a beautiful work of art.

Salam Mesra
Kak Julia

Yat Maria said...


am wondering abt that exotic cake..ada lemongrass ke?and fruits?hmmm...takpa..u memang rhajin wat cake yg nak buat opera yg pada ai tersgtla rumit pon lom wat lagik..& tak taw jadik ke tak..
for this cipon, bila makan musti nak ada air..u mojo dah datang, ai punya ada lari sket plak..haizzz..

3E said...

HI Kak Rim........
Apa itu Lemongrass Cake? sedap kah?...BTW, dah lama I tak bikin chiffon cake..ingat nak cuba ur punya chiffon choc cake la malam karang...(itupun kalau tak penat lepas balik kerja!!!).....

Take care!!!

CTZee said...

Yay for the mojo!!!

I suka Chiffon Cake but my fave is yang Pandan Chiffon. How is this Chiffon compared to the one you baked before (Dark Chocolate Chiffon Cake)?

Keep on baking K. Rima, so the rest of us can keep on drooling. Yummm ;P~~

MekNa said...

Wow..looks yummy...boleh buat bekpes nih...hehehe

izahdaut said...

morning kak rima..
wah kedengaran cam challenging betui kek exotic tu..mmg sesuai dengan kak rim la..high class cake for sifu..hihihi..
cake cipon...i loikeeeee.. mesti keknya sedang2 je kan.sebab telur pun 4 biji jek...will try it soon..

Rima said...

Salam KJul
Ty.. i always enjoy other ppl's work too.. it motivates me to bake and bake sampai dah jadi addiction ni hehehe

k fatimah said...

Salam Rima
Wehhh....spongy nya nampak ciffon itu...i likeee. Nak kena masuk my baking list ni..

Anyway, last nite managed to try you Jarman cookies tu (deutsche kekse)... sedap la and rasa mcm susah nak stop makan..Anak2 dah bawa bekal ke sekolah ari ni. Will do another tray tonite, insyallah. Tq for sharing the recipe...

Rima said...

I was intrigue when i saw the pic of that cake.. dalam hati berkata kata.. macam mana rasa cake ni eh.. tak pernah makan cake berperisa lemongrass.. the L'exotique cake consist of several layers.. the lemongrass layer tu u hv to boil milk dgn lemongrass and let it infused for 15mins.. memang bau lemongrass tu harum aje tau.. then came the procedure of whisking egg yolk n then cooking of it till thicken bef adding gelatine and whipped cream.. then there is this cake part which uses egg white, grated coconut and almond powder..

Yg part exotic fruits tu was for the mango galee cos it uses pineapple, banana and mango.. the other bavarian cream tu consist of passionfruits and mango puree.. i hv yet to try lah babe.. nanti i will send report :op

Rima said...

tak tahu lah if sedap ke tidak hahaha.. i gv that recipe a try simply cos i nak merasa benda tu hehe

Rima said...

I think anything that has got to do with chocolate cake harus ade melted chocolate baru lah ade uumphhh hehehe.. yg ni pakai chocolate milk aje but bec this recipe uses 20g of dark cocoa powder.. u can still taste the chocolate lah.. tks to valrhona!

Pandan and orange chiffon.. i loike

Rima said...

Buat breakfast?? hehhe harus makan dgn secawan teh ye.. if not terbegek karang hahaha

Rima said...

Gutten morgen Izah!
Cake nye tak ler high class hahha.. no chocolate involves.. all fruits.. sure rasanye masam masam gitew tu sebab sanggup ku pi cari passionfruits but ape kah daya.. waktu assemble cake ku tak menjadi.. so i guess i hv to go out and buy another bag of passionfruits and lime baru boleh try again..

Cake nye sedang aje cos cuma pakai 4 egg yolks.. if ur using recipe yg menguna kan 4 egg yolks and 7 egg white.. dia tinggi sikit.. ape ape pun if u wanna gv this recipe a try and if ur a sweet person macam akak kau ni.. u add 50g of sugar to ur egg yolk ok..

Gd Luck!

Rima said...

I asked and they said the sugar is just right.. so if u do wanna bake it.. tak yah add also can.. takut izah tak kuat manis pulak hehe

DjDayang Jack said...

salam ziarah dan salam kenal, rima.

sungguh tergoda tengok kek cipon nih. gebuss skali! gonna try it after dis...thanks 4 sharing.

Allie said...

Beautiful Chiffon Cake! It looks so rich yet so fluffy, perfect!

Rima said...

DJ Dayang
Salam kenal and ty for dropping by.. i macam ternampak kek gulung di blog mu.. cantik bangat hehe

fara dean said...

cantik n menggoda betul!!

Trying To Be Muslim.. said...

Kak Rima....:) the chiffon is so inviting...mmm the images ayu nak bagi credit 5 vintangggggg!! Cantik gambar kak...

OOo another one tak turn out goood ker? Alahaiiii kak rima kat pandai n rajin wat kek...practise makes perfect eik...nanti kalu jadi dah.....cepat2 share yer......

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