Sonia's bday bash...

Good morning peeps.. A year ago i blogged abt Sonia's 2nd bday.. now i am blogging abt Sonia's 3rd bday.. how time flies ey and guess what? i am glad that i hv my own blog cos i know for sure that whenever my two kids wanna look at pics and also read abt their mom's mundane life.. its just a click away.. here are some pics that i chose out of the 300 odd pics that were taken last Sunday.. i realised that i didnt even get to take pics of all my food and dessert like last year!! ty everyone for making it happen once again.. it was so so nice to see all the cousins, aunties and uncles and also close friends get together.. we hope everyone had fun!!

Just like her mama.. this girl is addicted to Macs!

Awww heart macs .. both my sis and mom came over a few hrs bef the party.. ty sis wati for the curry puffs.. ty sis lyn and my BIL for preparing popiah.. yum yum!

The cousins - Mom eating away mango delight.. she loves it!

The uncles and dad of cos!

As always.. hb is in charge of bbq chicken, prawns and otah..

Ty to both my BIL and also Hairi for taking care of the satay department - can u see Rote Grutze pic on the top right hand corner (in the metal bowl)? it was a hit!

Savoury area - i fried two types of noodles.. bee hoon taucu and bee hoon bday.. we had chicken sausage, nuggets, popiah, curry puffs, tuna sandwiches and also filled roti kirai courtesy of BIL's mom...

Free babysitter service for a day hahaha

Cake cutting session... shes all good.. she mingled.. she wasnt fussy at all..

Family pics... i look tired... err well I AM tired hahahha

Birthday bash without any games is a big no no hehhe.. we started off with treasure hunt ..

After an hr.. we hd our winner... first and second place - both my sisters - kelong?? no way lol.. we also hd a couple more games for adults and kids and of cos games for adults were so much more fun hehe... the kids played squash the balloon, then kids + aunts + uncles (3x!) of musical chairs and a few more smaller games.

Once the clock struck 10.. we moved everyone into our place.. we played bingo and at the same time had coffee and midnight everyone had left; Sonia had a wonderful day and the parents fell into bed lol.

Oh bef i go heres the recipe that i used for my cake..

Tripple chocolate coffee cake
Ingredients (12")
20 eggs
300g sugar
1 1/2 tbsp emulsifier
280g flour
120g cocoa powder - i used valrhona of cos
160g DCC - i used valrhona 55% and 64%
200g butter - melted

Preheat ove 170C
Heat butter and add into DCC.. stir and let it cool..
Whisk egg and sugar and emulsifier till thick and fluffy
Add in sifted flour and cocoa powder
Add in butter/dcc mixture into egg mixture n continue to whisk at low speed till all combined.
Pour into two 12" cake pan..
Bake it for half an hour for each pan

Chocolate ganache fillings
250g double cream
250g DCC - i used valrhona 55%
30g butter

Heat duble cream till just abt to boil.. pour into DCC and let it stand for a few mins bef stir.. add in butter.. set aside till it slightly thickened.

Coffee syrup
200ml double shot of espresso coffee
3 tsp sugar

Add and stir - set aside

Place one layer of cake.. drizzle 100ml of coffee syrup .. spread generously with chocolate ganache.. place another layer of cake and drizzle again with 100ml of coffee syrup.. cover ur cake with buttercream and let it sit ur fridge for a few hrs or overnight bef covering it with fondant.


Ribbon and Circus said...

wow Rima..I dunno how u did it..bake and cook macam2..hehe I pun nak gear up utk Adam nyer birthday bash lah..but of course taleh lawan that kek carousel and macs ;p

Anonymous said...

Wonderful & colourful party Rima. Not forgetting the colorful desserts :) looks yummy. you look tired too..

Hope you have some good rest today.


CS said...

Good morning Rima

Today I tak ketinggalan ketapi. Nak juga sebut pasal b'day cake tu, it was stunning!

The party itself macam nak sambut menantu, hehe. Looking at those food aje make me mengah, burp!!

zarin said...

ha ah you do look tired but its over now and im sure everybody enjoyed the party kan! escp that chomel kanak kanak tu mesti happy bangat!
carousel tu masih bertahan lagi ke? ke dah habis di ambil sorang satu kuda kuda tu ;-)

marina anakcikbob said...


Ria said...

sume org nmpk enjoy je..meriah..cntik tol heart macaroon tu..ria wt xkua feet..pastu wrna die xcntik..huhu..pastu cm agak mberangas..xtau pasai pa..frust..

Rima said...

Ribbon Clown
I am pretty sure u can do it too.. plan ahead of time.. list down what u want to prepare and a few days bef the party u slave in ur kitchen and on the actual day u will look as tired as me kahkahkah

When is Adam's bday?? if lama lagi boleh lah practice on ur macs.. :o)

Rima said...

Ah huh.. it shows lol.. am resting and chilling at the moment.. not gonna buy more eggs today cos if i see eggs in my kitchen, i will definately feel like baking hehe

Mat Gebu said...

Rimaaaa....nasib baik jauh, kalau dekat, dengan tak malunya pakcik mat joinn....haha apa2 pun happy birthday Sonia, may Allah bless you...

Rima said...

Morning Cik Som
Ty ty.. i think its the colour lah yg buat it stands out.. ty to sonia hehe

Siapa nak terima menantu?? heheh not now plssss :op

Alhamdullilah.. all the food.. bbq stuff.. desserts semua habis licin.. budak budak laju makan chocolate chips hehe

Rima said...

When i look at the pic i was like.. geeeshhh i got eyebags!! its ok lah.. someone has to do it and it had to be me so berkorban ape saja walaupun i wish i look much more ahem ahem fresher.. hehe

The dummy cake with the horses and roof is still intact .. its sitting on sonia's side table in her room.. 3/4 cake i sliced and packed right after she tiup lilin and gave it to everyone to take home after the party.. 1/4 cake i sliced for my guest to munch..

Rima said...

Hehe its worth all the effort.. everyone had fun.. :o)

Rima said...

Dont gv up hope ok.. i hv been baking macs for more than a year now.. lots of practice and also u hv to know the texture of ur batter bef u pipe it.. when baking, temp nak jaga and if u want the colour to be garang.. u hv to add 1/8 tsp of colour powder into ur maringue ..

Good luck ok!

Edi said...

wow rima....
i pun speechless lah!!!! u ni mcm ade angels tolong u buat semua tu! phewww....

CTZee said...

What can I say???? U are AMAZING kak. I need to learn how to bake/cook n entertain from you.

Sonia,'re sooo blessed & one lucky girl. Make sure you learn from your mama all her skils n knowledge tau? Your mama is one skillful lady. If I'm your neighbor, I'll gate crash the party. kekekeke.

Rima said...

Cik Mat
Alahhhh if cik mat datang.. kira macam ade jemputan celebrities lah gaya nye.. sure ramai nak mintak autograph cik mat termasuk lah mama SOnia hhehehe.. ty for the wish :o)

Rima said...

Heheh nasib waktu cleaning up.. my sis's maid help me to wash up.. if not habis lah makkk

Ms. Ayu said...

mmg meriah bday bash sonia! so lucky her, having mummy cm akak! manyak tul food! n nampak semua orang enjoy the party! congrate to you sis! muahhh for sonia~

Rima said...

If u gate crash ku terima mu dgn tangan terbuka hehehe..

Y know.. now sonia is into baking hahha... she will use her play dough and roll roll and place it on her dummy cake.. then she will place her cake it in her oven hahha.. imagine if its for real.. tak ke meleleh si fondant tu hehehe

Anonymous said...

The cake, desserts, the foods, the crowds.. to sum it all I am SPEECHLESS to wonder women name Rima Melati. Bravo! you are such a good event planner. Have to learn one or two from you.

It is not that easy to gather a bunch of family on a particular Sunday. But U did


Rima said...

Alhamdullilah.. everything went well.. food semua cukup to feed everyone and everyone had fun... :o)

Rima said...

We had planned to do it on Saturday but most cant make it .. so had to change it to Sun.. didnt expect to see most of my cousins there and was so so happy to hv them around.. psstt actually yg hadir semua fm my dad's side... ni tak termasuk my uncles and aunties fm my mom's side .. gulp

Tks to hb and BIL who helped to organise the games.. all i need to do is to buy all the gifts hehe

Mira Marlena said...

Aduuhhh sis, pukul berapa sis bangun siapkan semua ni?Mesti kaki dan tangan ramai menolong kan?
Banyak ye buffet spread,dah macam dekat hotel pulak!

Alahai..sayang sungguh nak makan cake yg super duper cantik tu..its too good to eat!
Glad everyone had fun!

Anonymous said...

hi rima...
best nyer tgk dat besday clbration...sume msk sndiri...alangkah best nyerrr klu reti memsk n baking n
plss help me utk sediakn marble banana muffin...teringin nak bake ttbe bile folow ur blog wlaupun x pnh memsk...:D


Rima said...

I only sleep 3hrs a day 3 days prior to sonia's bday.. desserts all done by me... all the goreng goreng i start at 8am on that day.. tak siapa yg tolong cos i work better on my own.. so kira cuma 2 kaki and 2 tangan ku yg menolong ku hahaha

Rima said...

Muffin is a sure jadi kinda stuff.. insyallah akan menjadi if u follow the steps properly.. cuba ok

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

tq rima..mmg nak cube sgttt2...;)
1 thing nak tanye dat banana x yah blend skali e...just ptg dadu je ke...^_-


Lisa H. said...

Happy Birthday to your little princess :D
Beautiful and scrumptious spread...
envy your macarons... I buat 2 weekends in a row but both turned out the same... macam kereta with a puncture.. lopsided... :(
Any tips to avoid future disaster?

Rima said...

Yes i dadu only but there are others that mashed it so really its up to u.. muffin tak fussy pun.. kita yg buat dia hehe

Rima said...

Did u follow the recipe to the T?? ur mac shud dry bef u bake it ok... temp nak jaga.. varies fm oven to oven.. i used 150C.. maybe u try pakai 140C?? ur batter must not be too thin.. make sure bila u mix ur dry ingredients u tak whip more than 50 times.. tu angaran aje.. hmmm i guess thats it.. dont forget to use thermometer if ur using my recipe..

Good luck and happy baking!

Anonymous said...

I should call u to be my bday planner & caterer hehehe. I love to see the macaroon. Nyummy! Kalau dok dekat2, boleh gak order :)


Anonymous said...


DCC stands for? Tq.


Rima said...

who knows when i go up to KL again u can order.. err tu pun if u live in KL hehehe..

DCC stands for dark cooking chocolate

ninazsyafinaz said...

Hye Kak Rima..Pheww..macam2 makanan ada!!Look Yum!! It truly happy when we celebrating sumtin and semua family kita ade to celebrate sama kan..Rasa hilang penat bila tgk they all enjoy the majlis.Well hopefully you will have a good rest today and this TCCC really mengoda my self nak buat..Resepi dah salin angin nak membuat x sampai lagi nih. :(

Trying To Be Muslim.. said...

Assalamualaikumwbh...Hi Sis Rima...mmm malu lak...I have been here many2 times...ngeeeee ever since me in Msia-Qatar-Msia....back n forth....ngeeeeee....!! Was thinking that my kitchen is too small to drop comment here...:P not telling it is getting merrier now...:) I guess it is time to say HI!!!

Happy birthday to little miss.....wud like to link your blog to mine ya...thank you....:)

Trying To Be Muslim.. said...

I did say Hi right...:) ngeeeee!

Rima said...

Meh akak kau tiup sikit kasi nina mood untuk membaking hehehe.. yes its always nice to see everyone in one majlis.. bonding time..

Rima said...

Walaikumsalam Ayu
Why malu malu meow.. kita sama aje.. dapur pun bukan macam bakery shop pun heheh.. so glad u decided to drop a liner.. welcome welcome and ty for the wish.. dak sonia masih lagi main dgn merry go round dia tu.. :o)

Yat Maria said...


ku tgk tu macs..kaler dia mengancam sungguh!!! ehhh...before that ingat ai dah comment masa u mula2 post this entry..ohhh rhupanya aku bebual sorang2..kahkahkah..tak tulis pong!! asyik terpandangkan itew macs..muahhaha... adkanlah theme party ala2 phamtom of the opera..pasti ku datang..sebab ku bule pakai topeng mark of zorro ngan bule la ai tibai itew macs tanpa orang mengenali ai...heheh...bagus tak idea ai..

Rote Grutza tu apa menda tu babe??berbelit ai sebut..kalo a hit bagitaw cam na nak wat..bule ai impress diri ai sendiri :)

Anonymous said...

cannot tahan anymore. it's been a looooooong time i became your reader.

but too shy to said hi. hehehe. so, here i am

"hi kak rima!"

u're my inspiration! tengok tu, cantik sungguh your cake, macaroon. jeles. hehehe.

oh, nak tanya kak rima sikit.

macaroon yang dah siap (without filling)can simpan for how many days before people can eat it? before this i buat terus ngap. tak sempat nak simpan. then cara simpan dia macam mana?

hehehe, sorry, first time tegur terus tanya macam-macam :)

btw,i tried several of your recipes and they never failed me. thank you so much.



Rima said...

Muahaha babe u buat i ketawa dgn mark of zorro.. teringat cerita pramlee lah babe..

I did bright colour cos its always nice to hv something bright for bday party.. my aunties and cousins yg tak pernah rasa semua dapat rasa on that day.. Eh why dont u try and do macs.. i cfm sure it will menjadi one..

Itew rote grutze very the refreshing and yummeh.. seger gitew bila makan.. downside - pricey sikit ah cos it uses 4 packets of frozen berries.. on top of that it uses jello and also pomegranate juice .. when serving u hv to serve it with double cream/whipping cream.. walaupun pricey sikit its worth it cos i tengok semua berulang ulang makan benda ni and then satu satu try to pronounce the name of this dessert hehehe

Rima said...

Hi Syana
First of.. ty for coming to my blog and ty for saying hi .. hehhe finally ey..

Regarding ur question.. i read somewhere that u can prepare ur macs shells 2 to 3wks in advance.. i will usually bake mine 3 days bef the actual date simply cos its best to keep ur shells overnight in ur fridge bef u add fillings.. (i will usually stack shells in a container and leave it in fridge)

If u r using chocolate ganache as fillings.. its best to prepare ur ganache 24 to 48hrs bef u use it simply bec it will produce better taste.. pipe fillings and leave it in ur fridge overnight bef u ngap sama dia hehehe

Unknown said...

Wah !!!!! Sonia has the best birthday cake EVER!!!!!!!! .... camner nak makan tu its so pretty sey!! ...
last yr baru dapat cake rainbow colours ...

Bestnye!!!! suker skali

Rima said...

Hehe Ilah.. one year past so fast kannn..

camner nak makan?? when i sliced it i just pejam mata hehe.. theres a reason why the bottom cake is the real cake and the top cake is dummy cake.. i get to feed and tapau everyone the bottom cake and sonia gets to keep her carousel cake.... benda nye kat bilik dia and she keeps on touching the horsey lah.. turning the dummy cake lah.. so win win situation ah :o)

inahar ali said...

hepi belated besday to dear sonia..woww meriah nye besday yg dewasa nmpak lg riang gembira dr kids...hahaha!!

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately, I live in Penang not KL. Anyway, if u plan to come here, I don't mind to be your tourist guide, so can bring you to other places, tak adalah asyik2 Line Clear aje kan :)


Ribbon and Circus said...

aww..Adam birthday on July..mmg boleh practice wat asik hujan je memajang..lambat plak nak kering mac tu time rest hehe..

Anie said...


Superbbb btol arh tgk all those photos ;) meriahnya bday party...woooohhooo. Like u, I've been slogging in the kitchen on my own for Jannah's bday celebration the past 3 yrs. Tapi tak lah in a large scale mcm gitu. Paling ramai guests pun cuma 30 org jer tu pun dah mcm nak pengsan, tak larat....hahahaz. I know how u were feeling on the day itself....:D :D

Btw, tenkiu babe sbb sudi singgah my blog and bertanya kabar. U tak nak buat camera giveaway ke?? hahahahahaz :pppppp

Rima said...

Ty for the wish Doc
Tahu tak pe.. selalunye begitu lah.. budak punya bday orang tua yg over hahha.. part budak main game.. tua also want.. dah tu lagi byk game orang tua dari budak ahakss

Rima said...

hehe ty ty.. actually when we go to penang ade a few nasi kandar place that we frequent.. line clear tu one of them lah but i am pretty sure u can recommend us a better place ":op

Rima said...

Ribbon Clown
U know what lately i hardly tunggu dia betul kering tau.. cukup setengah jam ku masuk kan oven.. alhamdullilah menjadi.. :o)

Rima said...

Muahahha camera giveaway eh.. ku dulu nak dapat dari towkey balak also susah hahaha

Penat wei sorang sorang buat kerja.. even if ade yg offer nak tolong i dont think so i will allow it.. lagi ramai orang kat dapur lagi susah ku nak membaking.. if masak memasak its ok.. i dont mind ppl nak gv a hand.. but baking.. err i work better when i am alone..

No worries.. bila lama tak nampak cik Aini update kita risau jugak.. glad u guys are well.. :o)

cek chun said...


Ribbon and Circus said...

Really..Okeh2..datang balik semangat nak wat macarons..thanks for the pom-pom..;p

Unknown said...

ah tu ah at least dapat simpan ... so pwetty ... kalau makan semua tinggal kenangan je hahaha ...

Anonymous said...

hai kak rima,

Happy belated birthday to Sonia.
I wonder how you do the love macaroon?


Ummi said...

Salam Rima...wah keta api lambat laa akak nih..duk gerabak belakang sekali, org dh turun akak masih kat Tambak Johor..hehee...Happy Belated Birthday to ur sweety Sonia...alaaa..bestnya tgk makanan...kalau dekat, mesti akak wat muka x malu gak mcm Mat..hehee

Hearty Bakes said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sonia!
Have a happy year ahead!
lotsa goodies you made Rima, love the colorful Mac.

blu4sky said...

Hi Rima,
look like everyone had fun
Happy Belated Birthday to Sonia!!

Anonymous said...

rima my muffin (marble banana muffin) x jadi...huhuhu sedey nyerr...
nmpk tu la org x penah msk,mmg confirm x jadi...kerasss giler mcm batu then tepung die cam x naik...sedey nyerrrr


Rima said...

Ty Cek Chun

Rima said...

Ty Shiela
I use a love shape cookie cutter and do the imprint.. then i pipe the batter..

Rima said...

If u do so dgn tangan terbuka ku sambut.. the more the merrier lagi pun part part bbq ni usually u ended up having lots of food to go around :o)

Rima said...

Ty for the wish and yeah.. kids bday.. so it has to be colourful :o)

Rima said...

Ty for the wish.. yes everyone had a wonderful time..

Rima said...

Hmmmm did u check the expiry date of ur baking powder??

Nina said...

Hi sis rima..

I want to know what buttercream u are using to cover the cake? And are you using Satin Fondant?

Thanks sis.

Rima said...

I used chocolate ganache n used satin ice fondant

Nina said...

Hi sis Rima

Thanks for the response.. Thought of covering the cake with SM buttercream but i think it will melt in this un predictable SG weather..Well wish me good luck cos i am baking my sis her wedding cake.. AHH pressure!!! ;)

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