After 3hrs drive....

Time: 6:50pm
Venue: Concorde KL
Weather: Looks good!
Mood: Oh gosh.. i cant wait to go and eat at all my fav places! hehe
Peak Agenda: We just got into KL... sis Wati is here too so our group is getting bigger hehe.. fun fun fun.. anyway i better post the last few pics of our Penang trip..

The only way to force Rima to sit back and chill is to force her to stay in a hotel close to the beach.. hehe

Sonia was too young to join the club nevertheless they let her in anyway... the kids learn how to "bake".. learn how to dance... did art etc etc

.. and of cos get to play to their heart content....

Dudeeee.. enough already! haha

A trip to Penang will not be complete without going to Nasi Kandar Line Clear... we went there the last night we were in Penang and oh boy.. we were lucky cos there wasnt any queue! surprise surprise... err the moment we sat down.. the queue went all the way to the back!

Hehe.. this is mon plate.. burp!


Mrs & Miss Vanilla said...

Tak boleh tahan tgk nasi kandar tu. Betul2 menggoda kalbu. Guess what! Jam2 tu jgk ajak my hubby keluar cari makan. Cuaca sejuk2 ni pulak lapar jadinya...


Anonymous said...

luv those bling2 on yr finger. Eventho mata ni rabun but can still see they are fine cut.
Haizzz..tak boleh tahan sama bulu mata pelsu mu itew..cantik sesangat

Cute ah Sonia...kecik2 dah pandai melaram ngan accessories


nasha said...

nasi kandaq, 3 round basuh tangan pun still ada bau lagi..fantastic!

junjs said...

whaaa...i just came back from penang but x sempat pergi line clear tu...wohooooaaaa, u pon suka mkn nasi kandar eh? memang, pergi penang, dok mkn all d diet2..hahahha

Rima said...

Hehe Murni.. when dah start craving for it..nothing can stop us ey

Rima said...

She is isnt she.. she likes to buy accessories.. budak ponpuan lah kata kan :o)

Rima said...

Thats the best part abt nasi kandar Nasha.. tangan bau.. rambut bau.. baju bau.. awesomeness! haha

Rima said...

Oh ye ke Junjs.. kalau dah sampai sana harus no diet diet.. rugi drive jauh jauh tak makan.. tahun depan boleh start diet haha

fara dean said...

cantiknya blog..mmg sesuai dgn konsep..
i likee!

Rima said...

Ty ty.. i like it too! :o)

Unknown said...

wah! new look!! so very santek!! me likey!! btw, am a penagites and i rarely eat nasik kandaq until i married a kelantanese who likes nasik kandaq so much! heheh.. hope u enjoy penang & the glorious food :)

Rima said...

Hehe ty.. glad u like it too.. i just thought i shud clean up the old look.. anyway after this trip i will be on diet .. cough cough! :op

Sizuka said...


I went to Nasi Kandar Line Clear once, hubby loves it but not me. Dunno why, Nasi Kandar is so not me, which is totally the opposite with hubby. He loves Nasi Kandar so much that he wouldnt mind having it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 24 hours a day pun takpe :D

Hard Rock Penang looks so cool. Got to try check out the place the next time we;re in Penang. My SIL went to Penang last week, they stayed at E&O, which is way too expensive for us. *sigh*..

Enjoy ur stay in KL! Wish I'm in KL right now so that I can popped in and say hi to say at Concorde :D

Rima said...

How hv u been?? my father lovessss nasi kandar.. he can eat it anytime of the day too but not me lol.. i hv the craving only when i am in Penang.. probably cos penang is well known for it.. when i am in Sg i tak cari pulak benda tu..

E&O is totally not the same standard as the Hard Rock.. wayyy different lol.. its like ur staying at the Raffles Hotel in Sg..

Ty and hv been doing that.. we are heading home this evening.. looking forward to start baking again.. dah lama sangat dah ni "o)

KG said...

yes, hubby is also telling me abt this line clear nasi kandar, sooon!

btw love your new "house"...donno when mine will be renovated :p

Rima said...

hehe u shud go there on ur next trip to Penang..

Just get a good "contractor" to do the job.. sure can cantik kan ur "house"

THE DUO said...

Salam Rima,

Wah cantik! New look for new year ya...Just to let you know, I've tried another receipe, chocolate cheese brownie. Memang very yummy! Feel free to take a peek to my blog.


Rima said...

Glad u like it too Suzy! nasib tak letak gambar kucing heheh..

Well done! lain kali boleh lah u bake it again :o)

silcleo said...

Ok. Weird blog, because although I saw you a couple of weeks ago .... 1) is Sonia looking older already??!! And more kwai lo (european)? I swear she is! 2) you have slimed down even more!!
anyway, you are all looking well, and very beautiful. xx

Rima said...

Alamak SIL.. only look slim but actually am not hahha.. how to.. been eating rice non stop lol..

Shes getting there lol.. she is afterall kwai lo :op

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