Ohhh Mennnn...

Its the time of the year again.. hehehe.. i remember a year ago.. i posted an entry abt international rugby 7s that is held every year in Singapore and i got only one comment fm a reader.. that comment was fm somuffins... oh how time flies.. its been a year ey Cik Som and u know exactly what i meant when i said..

"Lets be honest... who knows what rugby is all abt?? i mean seriously... if u were in my place who gets invited to go and watch rugby every single year.. wud u hv known what rugby is all abt by now?? err errr... dont look at me girls... I only go cos of one thing.. hehehe "wink wink"

Yep I still dont know what rugby is all abt cik som.. i dont know how its being judged.. i dont know anything.. all i know is that i get to see men.. yes men in hot pants.. men who run and punch and kick one another just so they get to hold on to their balls.. ehhh no no i meant hold on to the ball.. ahhhh thats better .. Men in action.. i loikeeee muahahahhaha

I am so in love with my DSRL cos today when i had to look at my past entry abt international rugby i saw the huge differences between my old pics and my today's pics... i get to take good pics of men running kahkahkah


zarin said...

ergggh tk suka tengok rugby sebab macam sakit je doran tu but then hubster suka bangat rugby and my dotter pun suka jugak!
btw, eh, i dah nampak your email kat atas tu...tadi i rabun ayam kot (refer to my comment in your prev post)

Rima said...

Rugi rugi rugi.. every year when my hb comes home with passes to watch rugby.. i yang tergedi gedi hahaha

Yat Maria said...

no. 1 was a rugby player..everytime ada jer injuries..dislocated shoulder tak taw baper no longer in that sport..senang lah hati ai..kalo tak asyik tgk that blue sling thingy...tak shoulder, tangan, tak tangan lutut..haizzz..

err..happy belated to hairi ya...untung dapat ipone cake.. :)

Rima said...

Ye ke babe? Hairi is not into sport at all.. tu sebab bila masuk army macam tak keharuan gitew.. macam sour grape.. always not happy :o(

Ty for the wish.. i am pretty sure dia lagi suka if the Icake is actually another Iphone hahaha

CS said...


Dah setahun eh? heheh.. maka terbukti cik Som memang peminat tegar Bisous A Toi. Your last entry, Sonia masih nampak cam baby lagi.

So pls confirm. Adakah niat tengok rugby masih sama macam dulu juga? hihihihiii *wink*

Rima said...

Muahkahkahkah.. anything that got to do with hot pants .. niat nye tetap akan sama .. wink wink kahkahkah tak ahhhhh.. niat ku satu.. to gv support to whatever sport yg my hb suka.. chhheee bahhhhh :op

when the night light is off said...

I don't know about rugby but my eldest son is a rugby player for his school and may be his current college. Last year 2009, the team managed for Johan Plate for school inter states, (i think). What johan, mintak mahap, aku lagi tak tahu. I only know when I have to send training b4 game starts and pick him after game over.

Yang kelakarnya, he has no interest in rugby but the senior invited him to be in the team because of his body size. Finally, he became the defender as well as a secretary. Why, they chose him, lagi aku tak faham.

Good for Sonia, early introduction to sports..Daddy's girl ha..

Rima said...

Memang i tak faham mainan rugby.. if bolasepak i fav..

Sonia is exposed to lots of things.. at a tender age.. shes even been to everywhere.. untung budak sekarang.. bukan macam kita dolu dolu :op

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