Nastar aka Ananas Tart

Been three days since I last updated my blog.. too much stuff to do .. too little time to blog abt it.. Eid is coming and ohh I hv lots to bake.. so far so good.. I hv been on the roll and I dont wish to stop hehehe..

So ok now that I hv steamed 3 cake kukus.. I moved on to cookies today and oh boy I fell in love with these cookies bec of its "melt in ur mouth" texture.. so so glad I decided to try out both recipes.. not only do I get to try out a new recipes.. I also get to share these wonderful recipes with all my lovelies :op

Will try to update more often with lots of new recipes .. oh bef i forgot.. I only get abt 120pcs out of this recipe.. had to double the ingredients since I am baking for the family.. Enjoy!

250g Margarine
250g Butter - I decided to use all Butter (ie. 500g)
100g granulated sugar
4 egg yolks
700g flour
4 tbsp Full Cream milk powder

2 egg yolks
1 tsp cookie glaze- I used 1 tsp of milk

Whisk butter, sugar and eggs until blended. (Mixer speed no 1)
Add sifted flour and milk powder, stir gently until well blended.
Take a little, round shape, fill with pineapple jam. Place on a baking tray.
Bake tarts at 140C for 30 minutes, remove from oven, glaze it and place it in the oven again for abt 3mins or so
Remove, let cool, put in jars, cover tightly.

Pineapple jam

4 pcs pineapple, puree
200 gr sugar
1 tsp salt
1 cinnamon stick

Cook pineapple with salt and cinnamon until crispy, add sugar, cook over low heat until dry.. off fire

Ok I promise I will update again tomorrow cos both my sisters just called (its 1:51am).. we are gonna go for sahur in JK and I will gv u some tips on how to get the same shape for ur Nastar..


Source: Fatma - NCC

Ok I'm back and its 3.45am now.. I am off to bed.. heres the tip to get an even size of nastar.. Roll cookie dough (1/4cm thick).. cut with cookie cutter.. take one layer.. place ur pineapple filling in the center then top it with another layer.. roll like a ball.. thats it.. easy peasy?? hehehe


CS said...

(cemburu sebenarnya)
Where is that JK Rima? You makan apa? <- kepo jer ek?

Rima said...

JK is Jalan Kayu.. makan ape lagi kalau dah malam malam ni.. roti prata telur bawang satuuuu and nescafe hehe

Yat Maria said...

hehe...ingar ada satu orang tu jer yg gunakan abbrev. Rhupanya u pong :) ramei ker kat JK tu time sahur Rims?

hana said...

eeeeee cumilnyerrrr! bagos gak kan utk org2 seperti aku yg xde cutter tart munge tuh! selamat ari raya rim..... hihihihihi...

Rima said...

Tadi tu sebelum gi harus pakai abbrev cos siapa tahu kot2 if i write in full ade orang gi JK cari i n ask for autograph muahahaha.. Tak lah j/k aje.. If kadang2 use abbrev shiok tau cos macam teka teki hehe

Biasa lah.. JK kan memang ramai.. Nasib hairi dah balik masa tu kalau tak no chance to go cos siape nak look after si pwincess itew hehe

Rima said...

"Selamat hari raya .. Kepada saudara serta saudari.. Setahun hanya sekali.. Merayakan hari yg mulia ini.." ... Common hana lers sing together gether! Kahkahkah.. Haiz macam budak kecik ai ni.. Dgr lagu raya terlonjak2 tu sebab i said i on the roll hahaha

Memang comel n no terbegek one if makan.. Melting moments gitew hehe

KG said...

yup! this is the recipe yg my arwah sil tt dia dah pergi, the legacy has fallen on me...inshaallah this raya and mil has kindly agreed to help make the jem...i dah tak dak masa ni!

Rima said...

Kalau nak raya ni memang kaum wanita lah yg paling sibuk.. waktu i buat tart.. my sis and her maid yg help me cos buat tart ni macam weak sikit lah especially if u hv to do lots..

Nasib baik ur MIL nak help u :o)

Rainani said...

sori k.rima.. br nk tanya..entry ni pun dh lama.. yg bulat2 mcm jam tu mmg jam ke..? just asking..heheh

Rima said...

Its inti kuih tat.. u know inti nenes.. i usually will bulat bulat kan dia so tak berserabai bila kita nak guna kan

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