Durian Cotton Cake and little Sonia...

Oh my goodness... today has been one busy body day lol... lately Sonia has been a handful... she can be pretty annoying at times.. especially when she starts to call for ur attention.. she wud go.. "mama.. mama..mama... mama... mama.. mamaaaaaaaaaaa".. when u turn to her and ask her what she wants.. she will tell u something and after a few sec she will start to call out for u again.. lately her vocal has changed into high pitch (yikes!) and she simply doesnt know how to stay still!! the wonderful part besides all this... shes begining to talk like us.. full sentences... "What are u doing?" or "I dont like.. not nice" .. "where is Sasha (our cat) mama".. "Sasha go where?" .. "mama.. nak susu" and much much more.. shes been missing bibik Silvia alot lately and wud always want us to call her and guess what peeps.. my little Sonia not only knows how to count till 20.. she can also count fm one to ten in german... heheh tks to mama ja :o)

Anyway because today is one busy body day.. I managed not only to bake one.. but two types of cakes.. changed.. washed.. dry all the quilts for all rooms in this house.. did laundry (thank you God for the good weather today!) clean my house.. cooked lunch for Hairi since hes on MC today and cooked pasta marinara for dinner... phewwww

125 gr fresh durian flesh - blend/mashed
1 tsp vanilla essence
150g all purpose flour
175 gr caster sugar
300g eggs (abt 5 to 6 eggs)
1 1/2 tsp cake emulsifier
75 ml fresh milk
75 gr margarine + 60 gr butter (I used butter)
20x20x5 cm baking pan, greased and lined with baking paper (best wud be a 9 or 10" square cake pan .. i used 8" and 7" round pan)

Heat milk, margarine & butter over low heat until completely melted and nearly come into boil, remove from heat.
Add in durian and flour, whisk thoroughly until smooth, set aside...(dont get panic if ur batter looks a little rubbery.. i panicked of cos but decided to bake em anyway)
Beat eggs, sugar, emulsifier and vanilla using electrical mixer until pale, thick and fluffy.
Drop 2 woodenspoons of eggs batter into durian mixture, stir well.
Continue to add eggs batter gradually, always blend thoroughly using rubber spatula after each addition until all batter and mixture are completely blended.
Pour into prepared pan, put into steamer with full boiling water, steam over medium heat for 30 minutes.
Remove from steamer, let it cool compeletly. Remove from pan, cut into slices.

It is recommended that u serve this cake with chocolate sauce but I prefer to serve it plain instead as the durian tantalizes your taste-buds and requires no additional "seasoning". You can bake it instead of steaming it. I decided to steam bake/au bain marie my cake at 160-170C for 45mins. Do give this recipe a try if ur a durian lover like us.. its light.. its delish and has a texture of japanese cotton cheesecake..

Source: Ty to the owner of this recipe.. i wish i could remember where i got it fm.. all i cud remember was this recipe is fm one of the indon food blogger :o(


Yat Maria said...


this is nice, I may try my hand..but why do u need 2 pans 8 & 7? or did u mean 8 OR 7? kureng paham sket ah..

Rima said...

I had to use 2 round pans(8" & 7") for this recipe.. batter nye berlambak tau.. mana mungkin boleh masuk di loyang 20x20.. betul engak bu? heheh

Lagi satu.. I dont know why my batter macam rubbery.. maybe macam gitu tak?? at first i nak buang aje but thought maybe i shud just try and steam bake it.. haiii nasib baik tak buang.. it turned out so soft and silky.. sedap pulak tu...:o)

CS said...

Molek2 aje kucing tu tidor sebelah Sonia. Takut gak kalau2 kucing tu ada bad dream..

KG said...

i must try this husband loves durian!

Rima said...

Somuffins.. si Sasha tu pantang nak tido atas katil i.. dah tu si budak Sonia ni pun kepo nak baring sebelah Sasha.. dah tu siap dgn tertido lagi hahahha

PS: Sasha has been with us for 6yrs.. i adopted her dari umur 3wks old .. very unfriendly cat.. budak2 takut dgn si Sasha hehehe

Rima said...

Try ah.. my hb also loves durian tu sebab he can eat a few slices of this cake hehehe

Anonymous said...

Rima, this recipe is from


Shal said...

Dear rima, i tried this recipe mmg sdp. Very light the whole house bau durian. I replace emulsifier with ovelatte. This is wht happend bila terover konfiden, i baca emulsifier bt my brain dok register ovelatte. Tgh bt i jst realize it. N i x hv emulsifier!. Alhamdulillah it turns out well. Tq again.

Rima said...

usually if i dont hv emulsifier i will ganti kan dgn ovellate.. tak jadi masaalah pun.. memang sedap kek ni.. dah lama tak buat :op

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