Marble Chocolate Cheesecake

The moral of the story...

.... With half a block of cream cheese that is expiring today.. I decided to gv this recipe a try eventho my body and mind tells me that I shud just chill and relax today...

.... And when ur body doesnt feel like doing anything.. it shows lol.. while piping in the cream cheese batter, my ziplock bag (had to use ziplock cos i ran out of piping bags) burst and out came all the cream cheese batter into my baking pan... I panicked and quickly scooped it out and continued to pipe in my chocolate batter using piping bag and used a ladle to scoop my cream cheese batter (now why cant i just do like how i normally wud do.. use a ladle!!!) and after 40mins in the oven.. I took it out only to see a few long cracks on my cake... sob sob sob

.... Oh well

Eventho the appearence is not perfect... the taste and the texture of this cake is what I expected it to be... :o)))

For those who hv baked a cake that has a combination of chocolate and cheese they will know how wonderful and tasty this cake turned out to be... am a happy puppy!

150 g Cream Cheese - room temp
50g unsalted butter - soften
50g caster sugar
1 medium size egg
50g flour
50g white cooking chocolate - grated (I used Manner Couverture)

130g Margarine (I used butter)
150g casters sugar
3 medium size eggs
100g flour
50g Van Houten chocolate powder (I used valrhona and hershey)
1 / 2 tsp baking powder (I used double acting baking powder)
30 ml fresh milk

1. Beat cream cheese, unsalted butter and sugar until smooth, add egg and beat until blended.
2. Fold in flour and grated chocolate with a rubber spatula. Pour batter into a large pipping bag - cut a 2 cm tip with scissors... set aside

1. Beat margarine and sugar until creamy and smooth, add egg one at a time making sure its well blended bef each addition
2. Add sifted flour, cocoa powder and baking powder alternately with fresh milk (f-m-f-m-f).. Pour batter into a large piping bag, cut a 2 cm tip with scissors ... Set aside

How to
1. Use a 20 cm round baking pan
2. Pipe brown and white batter alternately.
3. Bake in a preheated oven of 180C for 40 minutes.

..... Sooo once again... after a slice of cake in my tummy... the moral of the story... Bake eventho ur body and mind tells ya to chill muahahaha

Source: Van Houten Cocoa Powder wrapper hehehe


Yat Maria said...

Am so gonna make this one..and so gonna use a ladle ;) and like the motto..bake even tho yr body tells u otherwise...u go girl!!!

Rima said...

Kahkahkah bake jgn tak bake ok girl eventho u tahu u will not ended up eating a slice.. Not even two slices but berslice slice hehehe

Moral of the story.. BAKE

Ain said...

hmmm...looks easy to do eh...hmmm...hmmm...hmm....

Rima said...

Yep pretty straight forward one.. try ah.. suruh mak jadi supervisor hehe

Ain said...

eheheh...if u wanna n mak...kalau part cake2 ni semua...kita lum pass lagi...ehehe..

Rima said...

Practice practice practice.. nanti bef raya dah boleh bake ur own cake.. sure everyone yg datang akan surprise one :o))

Ain said...

abih kalau practice tiap2 minggu..sapa nak tolong makan kek tu??...kat rumah ada 3 org jer...hmm..nak kasi org sengkang tu....sudahlah...dia tak supportive jer...takut dia nak makan apa yg adik dia bake....ekekekke...

but my top priority...nak try kek pandan tu dulu...hehe..

Rima said...

I usually will gv away what i bake.. kalau nak makan mati lah aku.. gemuks nanti.. u bake and gv ur working friends ah.. if u gv sengkang ppl sure they makan one especially budak dua tu hehehe

Ain said...

ouhh...nanti kalau da terrer buat kek pandan....for sure will give budak sengkang tu...hahha..danish loves kek pandan...

Jun said...

i made this type of cake twice...n both ended up wif me eating more than i shud..arghhhh....x boleh tahan u...keep on going to d fridge.. next, kna tunggu ade ramai org kat rumah br boleh buat..hehe

Rima said...

cake cake macam gini memang merbahaya.. selalu nye we ended up makan more than once slice.. thats why i selalu bake.. eat a slice with Sonia.. simpan a slice for my hb .. keep the rest of the cake in tupperware and tmrw my hb take to work... that way not only i get to bake another type of desert the next day but also i dapat menahan the urge to eat more hehehe

Unknown said...

salam kak rima..i love your blog!! i have tried some of ur recipes.. Esp the cakes....Awesome!!

But most of the cake cracks :( (but with ur recipe rasa sedap!)
i wonder why does my cake cracks on the top while baking?

Ok..keep on posting kak rima!


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