Potato Donut

Hey peeps... so much has happened since last thursday that I dont even know where to start... first of.. if u hv been following my blog u wud hv known who Song is (works for my hubby).. he met with a terrible motorbike accident on thursday and we only got the news on friday afternoon that he was admitted to ICU.. we heard he was in bad shape! we were in shock; that it got me thinking abt Hairi who is now taking motorbike licence.. sigh... I told him to take up car licence but instead hes been taking motorbike licence behind my back (hb found lesson receipts).. I did confront him and he came back to me with his super duper answer... "I will get both licences lah mama" grrrrr

Anyway Song is now out of ICU and according to hb he can talk a little and cud reconised hb who went to visit him earlier today. (Song, extra big servings of Banana Muffins when you get out!)

Yesterday we went to the Zoo again and this time round sis Wati got all the family to go too.. we were there by half past 8 in the morning and thank goodness we were there early cos by 12pm .. the weather was starting to get scorching HOT!! yikes

Today we decided to take it easy and while hb was in NUH to visit Song.. I decided to try out another donut recipe...texture is super soft... different to ur norm donut taste.. dough was very easy to handle and most important of all.. it taste delish! hb ate lots and so did Hairi and Sonia.. and me of cos hehhe.. I decided not to use any topping this time round... only uses the good o'le icing sugar..

Well ok.. this will be my last baking entry.. I'm gonna go and start packing my luggage.. I will be blogging abt my trip fm tmrw onwards err well hopefully fm tuesday onwards since it will take me abt 18hrs to get there and our flight only leaves at night... soooo... see u guys in Vienna and Rome! Insya Allah..

500g bread flour
50g full cream milk powder
11g instant yeast
200g potato - steam and puree
100g sugar
75g butter - melted
1/2 tsp salt
4 egg yolks (i used 3 since thats all i'm left with)
100 ml cold water

I "dumped" everything in my breadmaker... let it do its magic for 1:10 hr.. take it out... gv it a light punch.. roll dough.. use donut cutter to cut.. let it proof for a further half an hour or so .. deep fry donut and its ready to be serve with icing sugar or toppings..

If u wanna hv topping for the donut u can gv Vivi Liong topping recipe a try... its niceeeee!!

Milky Crunchy Topping
- 250g milk chocolate - cut into small pcs
- 50 ml fresh milk
- Coco crunch
- 20 gram cocoa powder

Heat fresh milk and pour milk over chocolate
Glaze donut and top it up with coco crunch and cocoa powder

Source: Fatma Bahalwan - Natural Cooking Club


Ana Suki said...

Sis Hi!

Another nice recipe there.. cool for tea-time..

By the way, have a great & safe trip.. enjoy!! Cheers!!!

hana said...

waaa syoknyerr! enjoy ur trip! ai curik ur donut dua ketui! hahahahaa

Rima said...

Ty anasuki.. Cheers!!

ohhhhhh u curik my donut eh.. Patutlah macam missing in action donut ku... Hahaha.. Ty ty will do..Masak best best tau biar i terliur kat negeri owang bila i vist ur blog hehe

Yat Maria said...


Will u let Hairi buy the bike if he got his license? My elder one has been toying the idea of taking the licence (when he reaches the age, which is soon) although he knows my big time reservations on this issue. The thing is, both Dude & his tok ayah have the license although they gave gave up riding since the stone age. They r more open to riding & driving esp my FIL as he was trained in Japan and is a great trainer with TP before he retired, if i may say so.. But being a worry wort mummy, I always worry abt yr brood's safety..u know la bikes, you langgar u teruk, org langgar u pun u teruk coz they r so 'open'..hishh, dont want to think abt it now la..maybe we'll 'talk' more when the time comes..

so i guess, yr kitchen will be closed for sometime ya.., hv fun & a safe trip dear and enjoy loads!!!! kenang daku dalam trip mu...cewahhhhh..ha ha ...

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Enjoy your trip. Mesti ambil banyak banyak gambar k? :D.

Rima said...

Ty and i will remember u bebehhhh hahaha..

Bab bab anak bujang ni susah sikit lah.. u tak kasi dia can go behind ur back and register cos dah cukup umur kan.. dah tu bila nak ambil final baru nak mengaku tu pun dah kena confronted.. fm young i latih dia to save money... dari young if dia nak beli something he will save up and at times mama dia akan chip in sikit lah... so i think same goes with motorbike... he said he has enough money to buy a bike... soooo.. now the least thing we can do is to make sure if he dah dapat lesen he beli a proper bike... both hb and him hv been discussing abt it.. i selalu angkat kaki blah bila they talk abt motorbike cos i dont like the idea lah even tho dulu i minah motor kah kah kah... all of my family side semua ade motor licence... my father masih drive motor lagi and so is Hairi's dad.. tu lah they gv green light as long as he pandu dengan cermat.. :((

Rima said...

Ty and of cos i will take loads of pics hehe

lightofgentleness said...

i read your blog because i love to see your food styling nice..:)

yen li said...

Hi, love your blog a lot! I'd made the donuts a few days ago, they were really soft and yummy! Thanks for the recipe!

Yen Li

Yukie Cody said...

Looks so delicious. Just wondering does it work if I bake instead of deep frying?

Rima said...

Sorry for my MIA... u can gv it a try but i think ur donut might turn tough... lemme know if u do bake em yah... tks

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