Hello .. are u filipino?

I get that so so so so sooooooooooooooo often that by now I am used to it lol.. think it all started when i was in my late 20s... in the US...back then i thought maybe its just them?? that they think all asian in the US is filipino??

Now there is nothing bad abt being mistaken BUT ppl now no longer think that I am a malay woman?? When i am in Thailand or in Vietnam or even in Indonesia and Malaysia... everyone that i bump into thinks that i am a filipino... even a filipino thinks that i am one and wud always ask.... are u filipino?? maybe its high time for me to speak like one ey :op

Anyway hb has been gone since 8am.. his meeting starts early today... Sonia and I will probably be heading to Pavillion later for a quick late lunch.. in the meantime.. enjoy photos of my little princess!


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Same here. Anyway, your daughter so cute.

Rima said...


Queenie said...

Salam singgah..
I jengah tingkap u dari umah Ciksomuffin...
nampak ada budak tecit tomey abes!
tapiii....jauhnya jarak umur dia ngan abang dia kan?
( kay-po- chee nyonya heh3)

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