Belated... better late than never and Crispy Cookies with Coconut and Cornflakes

MIA.. i realised that i hv not been replying to all my comments and questions.. will try to do it slowly.. to those that hv emailed me... i will reply soonish yah..

Eid came and went and i know i owe some ppl my eid pics... yearly without fail i will take lots of eid pics and share it with my readers.. this year i didnt take lots... in fact i was sure i did take a few pics during our typical yearly outing but i cannot find them.. i thought i did save them but i cant find em in any of my folders.. grrr.. anyway i did however find 17 pics of my eid open hse lol.. i was very busy till the night of my open house that on the day itself i was kaput.. i managed to put a smile on my face when my guest started to arrive as early as 11:50am..

It was a full hse.. we had fun and grateful to those that cud make it.. i had three dessert tables and also one table full of raya dishes.. all desserts were baked by  me of cos hehe..  i cooked most of the food and had mom help me to cook two dishes.. i dont know what i would do without mom.. shes there if i need help.. shes gone if we ask her to look after her grandkids hahaha.. nahhhh we are all used to it.. mom is not that sort that likes to sit and look after her grandkids.. shes an active woman and cant sit still.. nowww nowwww... no wonder her dear daughter cant sit still hahaha

Ok ok.. i cant stay long.. below is another recipe which i had promised my readers.. i need to shower and go for my Spa appt.. geeesshhhh its been far too long and when hubs told me that he had booked me into one today i'm like.. yeeehhhaaaaa... ty dear!! love u deep deep!!! So hv a good weekend y'all.. i will try to share more pics... belated pics... too many... when time permits :o)

Makes about 30 cookies
Ingredients (take note that the ingredients need to be at room temperature)
130g soft butter
160g sugar
2 eggs, lightly beaten with a fork
1/3 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 tablespoons raisins
100g desiccated coconut
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/3 teaspoon of powder baking
250g plain flour (I used cake)
90g crushed cornflakes

1 Cream the butter with sugar, beat for about 3 minutes mixer set at high throttle.

2 Then add the eggs in two batches after each addition mix while the mixer set on medium speed. Add flavoring and mix.

3 Mix flour with baking powder and baking soda. Add it to the butter, briefly mix.

4 Pour the coconut and raisins and mix thoroughly with a spoon (you can do this with your hands).

5 Place crushed cornflakes into a bowl. The dough is quite sticky, so use a spoon, and transfer it into a bowl of cornflakes and using your hands, push corn flakes onto the dough, mold them into balls.

6 Arrange cookies on a baking tray lined with baking paper, keeping the space between them. Bake at 170 ° C on the function of hot air for about 15-18 minutes (the up-down function at 180 ° C).

Recipe is fm here... I baked it for eid and everyone liked it!


Zurailah said...

Rima,so good to hv u back!U've never been MIA for this long kan,nasib i boleh skodeng u on FB & IG.But glad to hear that all's well with u & family.Hv a nice break & jgn MIA lama2 lg ya...its not d same seeing u elsewhere.Btw tried d Jamie Oliver's awesome,tq

Victoria Bakes said...

kudos to you rima... gorgeous spread

Irmina Díaz-Frois Martín said...

Hummm delicioso...
Un saludo.

Nisa-mom said...

oh well.. the invitation must be lost, I couldn't find it Rima Lol - if I come, I probably will end up at dessert table only... looks so delish..

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