Steamed Lapis Legit Moscovis

2nd day of ramadhan.. Alhamdullilah.. yesterday went by quicker than i anticipated.. i was a little busy and didnt realise the time till hubs came home fm work.. quickly packed all the food and desserts that i had prepared and off we went to my parents place for iftar... a typical thingy in the Kassims family.. first and last day of iftar has to be at moms - where even the grandkids will automatically come without being told.. where even the only white horse in the Kassims family will ask: is mom going to cook nasi rawon, rendang and sambal goreng for us? hehehe

Today I am not planning anything big.. house is cleaned.. no laundry to do.. i hv one more layer cake to bake today for this week's order and thats it... still hv no idea on what kind of dessert to prepare for iftar.. maybe the pavlova that hubs has been craving for .. will see..

So ok.. my main intention of updating my blog today is to share this recipe.. a recipe fm Pak Yongki Gunawan.. the first time i bought his book.. i knew this would be one of the recipe that i'd try to bake.. first its a steamed type of layer cake.. second by looking at his cake pic.. i cant help but wonder: how on earth did he get a baking effect/ brown layer in a steamed layer cake.. well i will first share with u the recipe..

12 egg yolks
7 egg whites
375g sugar
20g starkies - use ovallete if u cant find any
180g flour
40g milk powder
1 tsp baking powder
a few drops of yellow food colouring
1 tsp salt

50g Hollman butter - use any brand that u like
200g Wisjman butter
40g condense milk
1 tbsp Toffieco Bakar - use vanilla paste if u dont hv it

75g mix fruits
75g almond slices
75g red and green cherries - sliced or cubes

Cocoa powder

Prepare ur steamer.. grease ur 8x8 baking pan
On a stand mixer.. whisk (A) till thick and fluffy - set aside
In a seperate bowl.. whisk (B) till batter turns pale in colour. once done.. fold in (A) into (B) a little at a time and continue to stir slowly with a rubber spatula till its well balanced.
Weigh ur batter and divide it with the number of layers that u intended to hv in ur cake.. he uses 100g of batter for each layer..
Pour the first layer of batter and steam it for 5 mins.. take it out of ur steamer.. add a little of (C) and sieve in (D).. pour another 100g of batter and continue to steam for another 5 mins..
You do that till u use up all the batter.

My cake ended up not having the brown lines that pak yongki gunawan got on his cake.. i think the pic that he got in his book was of a baked one or maybe he used a brown type of cocoa powder cos after i sliced my cake.. the lines that i got were almost black lol (bec i use cocoa berry maybe?) 

At that instant i had that "duh" moment lol.. I suddenly realised the purpose of cocoa powder in his recipe.. to create the "lines" on every layer.. duhhh.. i shud hv added a lot more cocoa to make the layers much more visible - next time when i do this layer cake.. i will divide my batter into two colours to create the layers and leave out the cocoa powder :)

Long story short.. cake turned out fab.. love the taste of this cake.. rich in flavours.. u get the moistness fm steaming, u get the sweet and sour taste fm the fruits and u get the creamy taste fm the batter :o)


Anonymous said...

I'm so tempted to try out this cake.. How long did it take you to achieve the final result??


Nisa-mom said...

Ramadan Kareem Rima ; long time I didn't have a chance to blogging eeh 2,5months just past and now I come back again, looking for great recipes from you and just want to say that I miss you too :)

inahar ali said...

salam ramadhan wat rima sekeluarga juga selamat menjalani ibadah puasa! sonia puasa tak?? hehe!

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