45th wedding anniversary - Congrats!

Been ages since i last shared some family pics... well these pics were taken last sat ... the day mom and dad got married 45yrs ago... looking at them and how long they been together.. makes me wanna work even harder for my marriage... we all hv our flaws and u cant change ppl ahaks

Alrighty lets get on with the pics... i cant really stay long cos Sonia and I are planning to go out and hv our brekkie.. once again... its mother and daughter bonding time cos hubs flew to Surabaya early this morning and will only be back late wed.. enjoy!

Our day started early.. the Marhaban ppl came at 11am and as expected i wasnt even ready when they came... not that i woke up late.. i only had two hrs sleep cos i only managed to start covering my cake after midnight.. it took longer than what i expected doing the ruffles.. anyway we finally fell asleep at 4am and woke up again at half past six.. quickly baked lemon tart and also apple crumble tart for my guest...

My grandmother ... admire her strength n determination...

Sonia playing with kakak Dafinah

Sonia in her baju kurung... she wanted to wear it hehe

Marhaban ppl munching on kuihs while the caterer was preparing the buffet... oh goodness talking abt buffet table... at first it was set out at our usual spot but bec the weather was so so scorching hot we decided to move our buffet table inside our wet kitchen.. it was hilarious to see them moving it... more hilarious when we noticed that our wadeh turned crispy and warmish under the sun lol

We had so much food and many different kinds of dessert.. fm tradisional kuihs to pastries.. my guests were spoilt on that day lol

I told ya the weather was super hot! hehe - lemon tart and apple crumble tart

It was indeed a joyous event... nyai and her younger sister, Nek Piut

.... and also an "introduction" event for some muahaha

We decided to move our buffet inside our wet kitchen.. hubs switched on the portable aircon and everyone stopped complaining lol

Cake cutting ceremony... the look on everyones faces - priceless! well done mom and dad!

Then it was time for Sonia to cut her bday cake... her Wall E cake lol

A full hse - everyone watching a video clip made by my BIL .. we all had to do a video clip wishing my parents happy anniversary... i must say that he did a good job.. touched everyones heart including mine lol

Thank you all for coming and for making it happen... we had a blast and i am pretty sure my parents had a great time... to both my sisters... ty for making it happen and helping out!

Okies... bef i go... pics of my cake.. (taken using Iphone) - Wall E and Eve... just as what my lill princess wish for - One happy girl there!

Details were done by my dear hubs.. he did the Wall E boots with plants a few days earlier bef sticking em on my cake :o) thank u babe!

Mom and dad 45th anniversary cake...

See u soon!


amelia nazli said...

Semoga panjang umur dan panjang jodohnya buat ibu bapa kak rima.

Bertuah nya ibu bapa kak rima ade anak anak mcm kak rima adik beradik. Happy melea tgkkan dr gamba nie...

Semoga kebahagian dan kegembiraan milik kak rima sekeluarga amin amin amin Ya Allah.

Utk sonia....happy bday budak cantik comel sangat....semoga Allah panjangkan umur...sihatkan tubuh badan..jauhkan bala...tambahkan ilmu dan menjadi.anak yg akan menyenangkan kehidupan di dunia dan akhirat amin

Rima said...

Ty Amelia for the doas... Amin...

Alhamdullilah.. this is just a small part fm my sister and me compare to what they hv done membesar kan kita... they hv done enough to get us to where we are now... treasure them while they are still alive... :o)

Kniedaz said...

Happy Anniversary buat mereka loving tengok gambar mereka..the cakes were lovely..

aima said...

wat a wonderful day with a wonderful cake...amin n congratulations to your family sis,

Ummi said...

Salam Rima...miss blogwalking betul dah akak ni... Happpy 45th Anniversary to your parents...Semoga sentiasa dipayungi rahmat dan kebahgiaan jua dan kehidupan diredhai Allah swt jua hendaknya... Meriah betul majlis...Sonia cantik manis berbaju kurung...adeeeii, manja2 gitu..! Makanan pulak kusss semangat, mengancam betuiii laaa...

ada the baker said...

salam kak. your cakes woahhhh double thumbs up.

Nisa-mom said...

Happy Anniversary to your parent, wishing them the best of life forever. What a busy lady, I can't imagine how you manage to do all those stuff. The cakes looks stunning, Rima. And I love Sonia baju kurung, so lovely **iih, red is my fav.color :D **

**eeh.. is that your son's fiancé? she is so pretty..

Rima said...

Ty Kniedaz for the doas...

Ty Aima... I cud hv done an all white cake but kan I feel like playing w colours tu yg cake nya macam untuk orang muda pulak hahaha

W'salam KUmmi... I think kita semua macam dah nak retire.. Rima also tak serajin dulu.... Part BW ni lagi lah.. Apasal agaknye.. Hmm .. Anyway Ty for the doas.. Amin

Alhamdullilah... Memang lah part family ni... Kita memang selalu ingat kan family.. Baik adik atau pun ibu bapa... Risau semalam if we tak dgr berita.. Ty for the doas.. Amin

Ty Ada the baker... It's simple ajer... Sonia wanted chocolate cake n for my mom I did lapis Surabaya as base cake... Orang tua kan lagi suka cake cam gitu hehe

Ty for the wishes Nisa... It's ok but it's taking a toll on me.. Thank goodness I am not taking any order this week.. Am resting mode right now but come this weekend.. Am baking for my orders... That girl is my niece... Hairi in not engage yet hahaha

ninazsyafinaz said...

better late than never ( excuse!)

wishing your father n mother happy anniversary and to Sonia happy belated birthday girl!!!

As usual your cake look amazing! well done sis!

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