Am back and a Raspberry white cake with berries compote and swiss meringue buttercream to go!

Can u believe that i took a total of 10 pics using my SLR while in Bangkok .. i wanted to take more but the heat was unbearable that i had to leave it in our hotel room... ya know.. (heat+heavy SLR=Impossible) lol

We are back.. been back since last tues.. i had a super good time while in Bangkok.. the ppl.. the markets.. the food.. never fail to amaze me.. the best part was when my second sister, Wati, decided to book her tickets a few hrs bef her flight lol.. it was like...

Wati: "sis .. i've decided to fly to Bangkok.. booked our tickets... see u in Bkk"

Rima: " say what??!!.. yahoooo" hahaha

What cud be better than to hv ur sibling with u while running around fm one shop to another in Bangkok lol.. i wished my 3rd sister was with us but i guess not everyone is like sis Wati muahahaha.. she was there with two of her kids and hubs.. they flew back on Sunday and on Monday i had the chance to meet up with Serena and her friend.. she took me to Chinatown where we did a stop in a baking supply shop.. now dont ask me where in Chinatown cos i cant even recall where the shop is lol

Anyway after spending a few good hrs there.. Serena took me to this Indian restaurant where we had the best fried fish ever .. err i think the fried fish was just like any fried fish lol but we were hungry and the fish was super fresh and hot when it was being served.. we all ate like theres no tmrw lol.. after lunch Serena drove us back to the hotel where i met up with my old friend Ping.. Justin was in UK and it was kind enough of Ping to meet up with me..

We flew back the next day after hubs was done with his meetings.. it was a full on trip but i had a wonderful time.. got home late at night and starting baking the very next day... thank you to all who have ordered... am so glad that i managed to get it done on time..

Oh i also managed to bake my family this cake... i had this craving of white cake with raspeberry since like forever.. whipped up Dorie's white cake recipe.. prepared raspeberry compote and also swiss meringue buttercream for the frosting... i had wanted to add fresh raspeberry in between the layers but for some reason the fresh ones had a heavy price tag on that day.. i took out my frozen raspeberry and also blackberry.. sliced it into half and spread it on every layer.. works well for me too..

So ok... heres the recipe for the berry compote .. as for Dorie's white cake .. u can get the recipe fm my previous post.. and swiss meringue buttercream u can get it here.. enjoy n hv a blast wkend!

Berry Compote:
1 cups frozen sliced strawberries
1/4 cup sugar
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1 1/2 cups fresh berries - i used frozen berries

In a medium saucepan, mix together the frozen strawberries, sugar, and lemon juice. Over medium heat, bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer, stirring occasionally, until mixture thickens and is syrupy about 10 minutes. Transfer to a small bowl and let cool slightly. Add fresh berries and stir to coat berries. Serve at room temperature or refrigerate until ready to use

Pic taken using my Iphone :o)

Note: i used two 7" round pans.. sliced both cakes to get 4 layers... i used sugar syrup on each layer.. spread berries compote.. spread swiss meringue buttercream and top it with frozen berries.. top another layer of white cake .. u do that till ur done with 4 layers of cake..


Unknown said...

dear kak rina

wht s lovely cake n i love the colour!
i love to bake cakes n cupcakes but sometimes part of my cake becomes dense or sometimes there r hollows in it.mcm there anything wrong with my ingredients or the mixing method?

fingerkontot. said...

Kak rima, this cake looks AMAZING!

Nisa-mom said...

Welcome back!!! *ooh, *in my dream* I had a shopping trips with you LOL - it's sound crazy, but probably we will find some similarity , shopping, eating, chatting LOL *my hubby will getting bankrupt*

eeeh.. the cake looks yummy! Have a nice weekend, dear Rima

sury@25february said...

hai rima,cantek sungguh kejadian kek tu..mengancam bangat..dh tgok kat IG hari tu berkenan lah nk try..

sury_cha :-)

Shasha Mohamed said...

Swiss meringue butter cream, must be sedap. Berries compote is good. I like it. I wish I try this cake ;)

qist said...

salam rima. Tqsm for sharing this wonderful recipe. I have tried this recipe's for my daughter birthday.. the taste..ummph!!!hope u don't mind coz i sharing with others. Thanks again ! wait for ur next post ..hehhee

qist said...

salam, rima. ehehh..i dah try recipe u ni. best giler! i buat for my daughter birthday...marvelous! thanks dear. ..


Love2cook Malaysia said...

I faint dear! That's one gorgeous and loveliest cake I've seen ;)

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