Pandan Butter Cake

Lately i hv been very careful when it comes to driving.. i make sure that i am driving within the speed limit and wud not want to be branded - crazy woman behind the wheel.. oh yes.. todays topic is abt me who after 15yrs of holding a driving licence got a ticket for speeding.. yikes! now if u were to ask my siblings.. they wud know the style of my driving.. i wouldnt say that i am NOT a fast driver but i can get fm point A to B within "a short period of time"... i remember there were a couple of occasions where my uncle saw me driving not within the speed limit lol.. having said that.. at least i dont drive like my dear hubs..but he doesnt drive fast...he says he flies low....

..... long story short... i got a ticket.. i appealed of cos and after two weeks.. i got a letter saying that i had to pay fines and got 6 points for speeding... sigh... so since last december... i hv been a good citizen of Singapore muahaha.. ok okkkk.. i promise i will not join the F1 okkkkk.. i will abide all the rules and speed limit  :op

Since we are on the topic of abiding to all rules... do u agree when i say that no matter how old u are.. u are grounded by rules.. be it when ur driving... when ur walking.. when ur in school.. even when ur at home.. we hv to abide by all rules - both my kids know that very well since my dear hubs has sooo many rules and regulations at home.. err .. i wonder..  is there such thing as abiding by all rules when it comes to shopping? hehehe

So ok.. enough abt that.. bottom line is.. i've paid my fines and will definitely think twice bef speeding.. as for the recipe that i am gonna share today... its another one of those every day type of cake.. this time round.. i baked it for hubs who bookmarked it since i bought this book.. Recipe is fm I love butter cake too2 by Kevin Chai.. enjoy!

250g butter
200g sugar
4 eggs
250g plain flour
5g baking powder
100ml milk
50g p.seeds
1/4 tsp pandan essence

Preheat oven to 160C, greased and line a 7" baking pan
Beat butter and sugar till creamy. Add in eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition
Fold in sifted flour and baking powder, then stir in fresh nilk, mix to forms batter
Divide batter into two portions, add in p.seeds and pandan essence separately, mix well
Spread p.seeds batter into prepared pan, follow with pandan batter. Bake it in oven for 50-60 mins or until cooked


faa.rosli said...

what kind of layer at the bottom of the cake?look uniq n delicious!

Anonymous said...

Hi sis rima, what is p seed ?... zune

Zizah Rosdi said...

Kak Rima where did you get those p.seeds from?

Nisa-mom said...

LOL... lady, now I know that not only on the kitchen you are fast but on the street too LOL - I got my first time ticket last year, I paid $100 !! *gosh how many baking pan I can get with those money LOL*

Rima,Are you baking everyday for your hubby ? jeez, why man hardly to get fat ? not like us ? on the way..

CT Delima said...

As'saam Rima

Tahniah sebab dapat 'Tiket' percuma hahaha. Nasib baik kak ct tak ada lesen memandu jadi tak akan adalah F1 dijalan raya hehehe

menarik kek pandan ni, ada request dari my hub juga nak makan I save dululah.

Tq.. xxx

Hanie Anwar said...

Morning rima. .
went talking about speeding n saman. .every where is da same! Malaysia also same with new sistem..huhuu anyway pagi mesti tngk ur blog. .did try the resepi u share my family love the banana choco muffin seen now musim pisang so try ur resepi. .love this traditional cake! I'm going to try later. .hhihi Tq rima for sharing. .pleasant day.

Rima said...

I hv to pay $150 n kena 6 points lagi.. I cannot be speeding since it was on a normal rd with traffic lights n all.. Geesshhh.. To get a letter for fines is Hairi but when one fine day my hubs got a letter of summons for me.. He started to laugh n make a joke dgn my son.. He said to Hairi.. Maybe u shud write an appeal letter for ur mom since u always hv to do that.. They even call me speedy Gonzales now!! Grrr

My hubs semalam not only had this cake with his coffee.. He even had a slice of my black forest cake... Unfair kannn!!

Rima said...

W.salam K CT
Hehehe Ty Ty .. Hati masih membara.. Yg frust tu I got 6 points.. Adehh now hv to drive extra careful.. Tak de lah sampai 60km/h hahaha

Bake it lah KCT.. Kek simple n kena pada tekak kita everyday women ni hehe

Rima said...

Kannnnn.. Geram! Entah kat mana dia dah sembunyi.. I thought my appeal will be a breeze since I hv no record.. Ruper Nya ku kena jugak... Ishh $150 tu if I go bakery supply shop.. Macam macam boleh beli hehehe

Eh I hv like a full big ziplock of banana in my fridge.. Macam nak buat banana chocolate butter cake..nanti lah.. Akan ku godek godek soon :)

Rima said...

Hmm cam mana nak explain eh :op

Kniedaz said...

poppy seed kan yang bawah tu...apa rasanya?

CTZee said...

I need to slow down a bit on the road too coz I'm a bad example to my girl! She'll tell my hb.. "Faster daddy. Take this lane. Speed up." OMG My hb calls me the speed demon. =)

Something about pandan makes me wanna bake it coz my daughter loves pandan flavor so much. What did you think of this cake? Did you like it personally?

Keep up recipes coming K. Rima.

Yan said...

Hi Rima, look so delish. Definitely will bake it this weekend. I have a lot of the "p seed".

delia said...

Hi Rima,
I love butter cake and would definitely try out this recipe of yours. One thing I would like to ask you, every time I bake a butter cake, the oil seems to form a layer at the bottom and sometimes up to halfway. This happens whenever I make butter cake consisting of 5 eggs or more. I hope you will be able to solve my problem. Thank you very much.

Rima said...

LOL sama tak sedap but kan tak de lah sampai macam speed demon hahaha.. I wouldn't drive 100km/hr on a 60km/ hr road :)

Personally? I think the cake macam kurang manis.. My dad loved it to the max.. Hardly dengar dia kata.. Sedap kek ni.. His usual comment.. Manis sangat kek ni hahaha.. So I guess it depend very much on ur taste.. It's buttery alright.. Probably cos I use good butter hehe

Rima said...

Bake it! My cake was done by 70mins.. Maybe next time I try to bake using two loaf pans.. This one I used 7" round pan.. Cake turned out soft n moist..

Rima said...

Oh dear Delia.. I think it depend very much on the weight of ur eggs.. Some recipe will state large or medium eggs... I am using a 70g egg.. I think this recipe dia pakai m size .. Ard 55g? My cake turned out well except some part kat bottom ade that tiny thin layer.. Can be due to p seeds also... I dont know .. Nevertheless cake still turned out moist n dah hilang Dari pandagan mata hehe

veevee said...

Hi Rima,
I've been a silent reader for some time now. Baked some of your recipes like marble cake. My family loves it. In fact, i've got your madeleines in fridge waiting to be baked tonite :)

May i know what is p seeds and where can i find it ?

Also i tried your macaroon recipe (the one that heats eggwhite and sugar to 55C). After the baking time, i have problem pealing them from the baking mat cos some parts of it is googy and stuck to the mat. Do you know what went wrong ? They are so fragile... Thank you.


Hesti HH. said...

Hmmmm...sudah tercium sampai sini aroma pandannya kak, yum!

Karina Lestari said...

Hi, Rima!

I'd like to know the cc/ milliliter that's equal to 4 eggs. Sometimes i fail adapting recipe since I use kampung egg which is small in size.

Thanks Rima for sharing lots great recipes.

Suryati said...

Assalam... Kak Rima.
Been following ur blog sinc last year. I loike! dah try some of ur recipes. Love ur hokaido chiffon cake.
Maaf tapi p.seeds tu ape benda kak?

Anonymous said...

Hi. May I know why do you put milk in the recipe ?

jayz said...

P.seed tu ape ek kak rima? Poppy seeds ke?

Ummi said...

Assalamualaikum Rima yg dirindui...tu diaaa ayat...haha, eh tp mmg rindu betul, lama x drop a lines kan...huhu.. Seronok baca kisah org dpt lesen dan citer melayang terbang kat jalan ni...ya la bawak kereta mcm roket eh.. Xpa sesekali, sbb pepatah "biar lambat asal selamat" x boleh pakai jugak, nowdays semua nak "biar cepat asal selamat" or "biar laju jgn kena saman"...muahahhahaa... Love yaaa..have a good days ahead dear!

jayz said...

Kak rima, p. seeds tu ape? Poppy seeds ke? Mcm menarik je resepi ni..

journal ibu hanif said...

Salam kenal, aku udah coba resepnya dan udah aku modifikasi bisa lihat di sini:

Semua yang coba bilang uenakkk, makasih ya udah berbagi kak.

Salam, Hari

hari said...

Salam kenal,
aku udah coba resepnya dan udah aku modifikasi, bisa lihat di sini:

Semua yang coba bilang ueenakk..
makasih telah berbagi kak..

Salam, Hari.

Rima said...

Ty for trying Hari... will go and browse thru ur blog later.. cheers!

Shannon said...

Thank you for the recipe. I tried it as cupcakes last night. I bought pandan essence from Amazon online for the recipe but after adding at least 1 1/2 tsp to half the batter, it still was barely green. I must have bought the wrong stuff. The pandan essence I used was bright green and watery. Could you please describe the product you use so I could find the right stuff? Thank you!

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