Daily cake - Hokkaido chiffon cake with vanilla custard

We're on the 3rd day in the year of 2013.. Sonia started school today.. shes super excited abt it and couldnt stop talking abt it yesterday... she misses her friends and cant wait to see em... i guess right now .. shes having her break and I can imagine her mouth munching on sandwiches and talking at the same time hahaha

My cough is not getting any better.. it was better bef we went to USS last weekend.. err did i tell ya that we were there again? Sonia had a blast.. that girl hehehe.. shes just like me... we love wild rides!!! i think she must hv ridden on that dragon roller coaster for like 8 times!! hehehe.. anyway yesterday, I started to cough again.. hubs on the other hand is still coughing away .. his body is a little weak and planning to see his doc again later for antibiotics :o(

Alrighty.. since i didnt hv to send Sonia to school yesterday.. i decided to bake my family's fav cake and also prepared Beef Lasagna for my boys... not an expensive version of beef lasagna but a simplified one... Prego pasta sauce, instant lasagna sheets, minced meat, mushroom soup with half a cup of double cream, chilli flakes, all the dry herbs that i hv in my pantry and 4 packets of shredded mozzarella cheese.. easy peasy... as for the hokkaido chiffon cake... recipe is fm Hearty Bakes.. Love it!!

Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcakes (22 cuppies)
 4 Yolks
70g Sugar

2g Salt
drops of Vanilla Essence

80ml Milk
60ml Corn oil

135g Flour (i used Cake Flour)
4g Baking powder

 6 Whites
50g Sugar

♥ Preheat oven 180°C
♥ Arrange paper cups on baking tray
♥ Hand whisk (A) till pale in colour.
♥ Add (B)
♥ Follow by (C). Whisk till combined
♥ Sieve in (D). Stir till well-mixed.
♥ Whisk whites till foamy, add sugar. Whisk till medium peak.
♥ Take 1/3 whites fold in with yolk mixture.
♥ follow by folding in the rest of white
♥ scope batter into pre-arranged paper cups about three-quarter filled
♥ baking time est. 20-25mins. - i used 170C and bake it for 18mins)

As for the filling... i am using vanilla custard cream which i hv been using since 2011 hehe.. err except i added a cup of whipped double cream . gulp - guilty as charged!!

Vanilla custard
3 egg yolks
1 / 4 cup sugar
1 stick vanilla bean
1 cup UHT milk
15gr corn flour
1 tbsp Salted butter

1. Mix the egg yolks, sugar, corn flour, stir until well blended and pale yellow in color.
2. Heat the milk and vanilla bean until almost boiling, remove vanilla bean, pour half of the boiled milk into the beaten egg + sugar + corn flour, stir, then pour back into remaining milk , reheat, stirring constantly until custard thickens, remove from fire, add butter, stir until well blended, let it cool/leave it in ur fridge. With ur stand mixer, whisk a cup of double cream till soft/med peak.. add in cold vanilla custard.. mix well bef putting into piping bag.


sabrina 莎莎 said...

So lovely~~~ ^^

Rima said...

Ty Sabrina.. loved it!

ms.azalea said...

Salam and happy new year Kak Rima & family.

It looked so delish :)
Anyway, hope both hubby and you will get well soon.

Silent reader from KL,

3E said...

Dear Kak Rima,
Ini cake, i belum cuba baked lagi....dah masuk tahun 2013 pun...dah berkulat dah recipe yg sudah disalin itu...hihi

Kniedaz said...

get well soon...the cake...looks yummy!

Anna May said...

Is this recipe better than :D I am excited to made some soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima
Nak hilangkan batuk, cuba makan gula2 Ricola yg dalam
tin kuning. It helps


mui mui said...

Hi Rima,
I am first time here but I already love your blog very much. These Hokkaido chiffon cake are so inviting. I believe I have a lot to learn from you. I am your new follower.
Thank you for sharing:)

Bakericious said...

Rima, I am now with flu and cough for a week liao, still not recover yet. Hope you are recovery soon! The hokkaido chiffon looks so delicious.

THE DUO said...

Kak Rima, kalau guna vanilla paste boleh ke bila buat castard?

Alice said...

Happy New Year Rima :)
love to know how excited Sonia to go back to school
some kids drag their feet instead LOL
hope u and hubby get well soon
oh hokaido chiffon cupcake, i havent got the chance to try baking this lovely cuties :)

Rima said...

Happy new year to u too Farezah and ty for the well wishes

Rima said...

ya adoooo.. tak per .. belum terlambat.. senang and cepat ajer nak buat benda ni... memang enak banget

Rima said...

ty.. still coughing huhu

Rima said...

Both also nice.. most important is the fillings... use this vanila custard cream for fillings and ur good to go

Rima said...

Ty Shariza.. dgn cepat ku membeli nye yesterday... sejuk ajer tekak but still batuk.. maybe it will go away soon..

Rima said...

welcome mui mui!! happy to hv u onboard and hope u will try out some of the recipes here.. happy baking dear!

Rima said...

Aiyooo Jess! take care ok... flu makes me feel lousy .. cough makes my chest and back pain .. yikes! it started while i was in Italy.. i went away and came back again and its been close to 2wks now.. grrr

Rima said...

yes of cos u can use vanilla paste.. if u nak pakai vanilla essence also can

Rima said...

Happy new year to u too Alice.. u havent?? woot.. u shud lah.. its niceee.. i love to eat it cold.. yumss!

Sonia is still excited lol.. she even wanna go to school on sat hahaha

AzLiN said...

Kak, what is the difference with this recipe and the previous Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcakes?

Rima said...

actually kan hokkaido ni rasa dia lebih kurang ajer.. yg buat dia rasa lagi halus mulus tu is the fillings.. u can bake either one but use this fillings ok.. sedap banget

jacquisbakingsomething said...

Hi Rima,

Super ove your blog.
Was thinking what to bake for my galfren's bday this Thur, may give this a go.
Hope it turns out well.

Thank you for sharing your lovely blogs.
Keep well always.


Rima said...

how was it? sorry i was away..

Unknown said...

Alhamdullilah..Tie memang follow hokkaido cake your recipe and its very delicious with your vanilla custard. Yummy. Tie buat khas untuk my anniversary and my hubby's birthday. Cake yang sangat lembut & nyum.nyum.. you make my life brighter and cheerful..thank you very much..

Iha Afindi said...

i've tried this recipe just now. the taste was amazing! Thankyou for sharing the recipe.I'll try to bake VSC later. Thanks again!

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