Sweet Potato Donut

Salam Maal Hijrah to all my muslim readers... been a year already ey... how time flies... it seems like yesterday that I was wishing the same to my readers.. soon our kids will start their school hols and bef we know it... we as parents will be busy preparing our kids to go back to school... this is our cycle of life.. it is like a wheel... it goes round and round.. of cos while its spinning u will hv a few obstacles and of cos u will try ur best to go thru it and keep the cycle going.. sigh.. soon i will be 44yrs old... what hv i achieved so far? i wud hv say... Alhamdullilah... I hv my family with me... my parents are in good health... both my sisters are well..

Its not even the end of the year and I am having flashbacks... this year has seen better days than the year bef eventho there were times when i wished i didnt hv to go thru it - nevertheless i am happy... am happy that i wake up every morning to see my family in good health :o)

So ok.. bef i go on and on abt life.. i just wanna thank every single person that has ordered thru my online store and my bakes... i enjoy what i am doing right now and Insyallah will try to bring in new things into my store.. am hoping that i will get to source diff things while in Europe... so do keep a lookout yah..

In the meantime.. lets feast our eyes on this donut hehe.. The first time i saw this chubby donut was when Nor loaded it up on her FB wall.. her donut looks so chubby that on the very next day.. i had to get myself a bag of sweet potatoes.. knew that it would best to share it among my sisters.. doubled the recipe and got myself close to 40pcs... took it to moms place during Deepavali and got a hundred likes fm everyone ahaks.. ty Nor for sharing it with us... Donut was chubby and stayed soft even on the next day :o)

320g flour
2 tsp instant yeast
60g sugar
180g sweet potato - boiled and mashed
1 egg
90ml water
1 tbsp condense milk
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp butter

I used my breadmaker to do the job.. u can of cos do it manually.. once its done its course.. u take ur dough out.. gv it a light punch and start to divide ur dough into balls.. each ball at 40g.. roll ur ball.. press it a little and take ur round cutter to cut a hole in the middle.. place ur donut on ur tray.. cover it with a cloth and let it rise for the second time.. once it has doubled in size.. prepare ur oil.. heat it up and start to fry..

Below is the recipe in Bahasa fm Nor of Secubit Garam... Original recipe is fm KWan.

320 gm tepung gandum
2 sudu kecil yis segera ~ k.nor guna mauripan
60 gm gula castor
180 gm keledek rebus ~ k.nor guna keledek oren
1 biji telur A
90 ml air
1 sudu besar susu pekat manis
1/2 sudu kecil garam
1 sudu besar butter
gula castor secukupnya

Cara-cara :
Lecek/lenyek keledek yg direbus tadi hingga halus. Ketepikan.
Masukkan tepung, yis, gula dan keledek. Gaul sebati.
Masukkan pula telur, garam dan air (air perlu dimasukkan sedikit demi sedikit), gaul hingga membentuk sebiji doh.
Kemudian masukkan butter dan uli hingga menjadi doh yg lembut dan tak melekat pada mangkuk.
Tutup mangkuk dgn tuala lembab atau plastik cling dan biarkan adunan naik sekali ganda.
Bila adunan dah naik, ambil sedikit adunan (lebih kurang35 - 40gm) dan bulatkan.
Letak atas papan pencanai yg ditabur sedikit tepung dan tekan2 hingga sedikit leper (lebih kurang 1 1/2 cm)
Tekap bahagian atas doh tadi dgn menggunakan mulut botol air mineral/minuman utk membentuk lubang pada tengah2 doh.
Keluarkan doh yg dibahagian tengah tadi dan ulang sehingga habis adunan.
Rehatkan doh yg dah dibentuk lebih kurang 20 - 30 min (atau sehingga doh naik/mengembang kembali - doh akan lebih cepat naik kalau cuaca panas)
Panaskan minyak dengan api yg sederhana dan goreng donut hingga masak.
Angkat dan toskan.
Biarkan seketika kemudian barulah disalutkan dgn gula castor.

Last but not least.. pics of Sonia doing what she does best.. playing with batter hehehe... i will try to do this Angry Bird steamed cake again when we get back fm our trip .. wanna share this recipe.. cheers!

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