Luzern to Verona

Time: 9pm
Weather: Light rain... 12 deg
Venue: Verona, Italy
Mood: Just like the pic above.. am down with fever and flu - yikes! i shouldnt hv laughed when i saw a sign on a pharmacy in Luzern.. "Are u ready for flu season?" grrr
Peak Agenda: Not much... hubs has been gone since half past 7 in the morning.. i hv been in bed eversince nursing my flu and fever.. i am determined to get better or i will be stuck in this two storey loft apartment for the next couple of days.

We got into Verona safely after a 5hrs car ride.. it was indeed a smooth ride.. we decided to leave early simply bec the weather was super cold and its not that fun to be outside; nevertheless Sonia got to feed the ducks and the naughty swan one more time.. why naughty swan? it bit the ducks and tried to attack me and hubs! grrr

Anyway here are the pics taken yesterday on our way here... will rest well and take more pics of the city of Verona tmrw.. cheerios!

I posted this beautiful photo of my little Sonia on my fb.. got to love the Autumn colours ey

Took her to the nearest playground and she had a blast eventho it was 0 deg

.... all grown up... why oh why do our kids hv to grow up so fast! i will miss this when she no longer wants to follow me everywhere... when she no longer asks "why" on every single thing she sees..when she no longer allows me to kiss her lol

Feeding the ducks and the naughty swan.. do u know that swans do the hissing sound just like cats when they are annoyed? its not that we were trying to attack it.. we only wanted to feed it and it went bonkers! geessshh

One last pic bef we left Luzerne.. it was pretty foggy that morning and all i wanted to do is to run back to our hotel room lol

Road trip to Italy has always been a nice experience with some awesome picturesqueness.. u get to see the swiss alps.. u get to see lake como and so forth.. we did a quick stop for sonia to play with the snow since we knew that she will probably not be able to experience it again on this trip..

Sonia said... "Mama I can eat it.. it looks like ice khacang!" hehe

Hubs and his fav Diesel Audi rental car and lil Sonia's fascination of the snow lol

The only pic that i managed to take when we got into Verona... its a beautiful city with lots of places that i need to explore.. first i hv to keep myself warm.. get better.. eat my flu and fever med and fight the cough bug huhu.. after all its just Sonia and me this week...


Anonymous said...

Rima,sangat cantik gmbar Sonia and the autumn leaves tu.She's so gorgeous lah and yes,anak2 grow up so fast...but never mind,just go ahead and 'baby' them.Sometimes knur get that puzzled look from Lily when I treat her like she's Sonia's age...hahaha...'s the first place I went as an 'expat' wife.Wayyyyy back in 1995.It always has a soft spot in my heart.knur berangan nanti nak bwk Lily to our old house in Milan tu:-)
Ok Rima,rest well and hopefully you get better soon.Bundle up betul2 before going out ya,this weather is so unfriendly..Take care dear...

Mat Gebu said...

Salam....Lawaaanyaaa autumn leaf tuu (and ofkoz littel Sonia juga...errr..not so little anymore lahh), boleh jadikan idea untuk buat cookies... (*___^)

nizaineese said...

Verona- city of love. Romeo and juliet. Pergi tak dekat balkoni rumah Juliet tu kak rima? Aiskrim or precisely gelato kat verona tu sedap sgt. Beli kat tepi2 jalan aje... Anyway, all your pictures are beautiful and really enjoyed looking at those pictures. Have a wonderful trip@ holidays kak rima..

ninazsyafinaz said...

Beautiful place sis.and Sonia..hehehehehe..pandai betul berposing!

Bakericious said...

Rima, hope you are feeling much better now and wish you recover soon to be enjoy more on your trip. You are making me miss so much of Swiss, how I wish I can be there too.

I love that pix of Sonia with the maple leaves, wow so so beautiful!

Messy Mummy said...

Get well so K.Rima. Hope you can enjoy the trip very soon. take care.

*loving sonia's picture

KG said...

rimaaa...cantiknya! inspiration to plan my europe hols in the first qtr 2013! jgn tinggal your camera kat dlm kereta k muahahaha!

KG said...

chop! drink lots of hot honey wt lemon!

Rima said...

semalam lepas balik jalan jalan tu macam rasa malas nak check mail .. dah tu this morning baru nak reply comment hehe

Its ok to baby them lah sometimes.. hairi lari seribu batu bila i wanted to do that to him back then hehe

Rima said...

eh nak jadi kan cookies bentuk sonia ker? hahahaha.. yes bentuk autumn leaves memang cantik

Rima said...

ty and will do.. we went there again yesterday.. was hoping sonia will pay attention but nahhh... shes too young to stand diam diam and dengar aper yg kita nak explain hehe

gelato akan ku ngap hari ini .. tengah nak siap ni hehe

Rima said...

Ty Jess.. i love it too!

Rima said...

Messy Mummy
ty and will do.. tdy macam nak kena flu lagi pulak.. ishhh

Rima said...

muahaha insyallah tidak cos tak payah tukar kereta.. satu kereta ajer.. fm germany to swiss to italy to france and back to germany

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