English Fruit Cake and.. See ya!

I am leaving on a jetplane...

Yes yes.. finally its here.. my long awaited hols.. for the first time in my life.. i am really looking forward to my trip.. maybe bec this year i traveled a lot less than bef but hey that makes it more interesting...

One thing's for sure.. I am going to look after my belongings.. am going to look after my precious camera like as tho I am looking after my kids.. we will be flying off to Frankfurt first and will be driving straight to Lucerne.. the last time we were in Lucerne was 4 years ago.. Sonia was only 6 months old and it was rainy and cold .. brrr... this time around the temp is gonna be slightly better .... now with a better camera on hand.. am looking forward to take a few good pics there.. so stay tuned peeps!

And bef i go.. as promised... this is the English fruit cake recipe which i had promised to post.. hv a wonderful weekend to all my lovely readers.. see u guys in Lucerne .. cant wait to smell the fresh air..  the roasted chestnuts... cant wait to visit all the Christmas markets .. I hv a long list of what to buy fm u know who lol.. See ya!

250g butter - i used salted SCS
200g brown sugar

4 eggs

200g flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
80g almond powder

100g dried crandberries
100g red cherries
450g black raisins
100g orange peel
1 1/2 tsp mixed spice
80g orange juice
1 no orange zest

60g plain

Sugar Syrup
100g orange juice
50g water
80g sugar

1) Mix (D), set aside for at least 2hrs or leave overnight
2) Cream (A) with flat beater at medium speed until light. Add (B) one at a time and cream until light and smooth. Stop to scrape the sides and bottom of bowl with rubber spatula after each addition.
3) Add (C) and mix until well blended
4) Toss (D) with (E) to coat the fruits with flour. Then add it into (3) and mix until well blended
5) Pour it into 3 greased and lined 6.5 x 3.5 x 2.5 inch loaf pans
6) Bake at 170C at the bottom rack of the oven for an hr. Remove the cakes fm the tins and brush with sugar syrup and set aside to cool. Wrap with aluminium foil. Keep for min two days then serve
7) Sugar Syrup: Cook all the ingredients until boiling

Source: Fab Cake Business by Alex Goh


yati m said...

Dear kak rima,
sorry for this late message but I would like to put on record how thankful I am for your wonderful macarons
which was delivered promptly on my sister's wedding last Sunday.
(altho i was quite uncontactable for awhile - kudos to yr hubs for being so patient!)
you definitely have a lifetime customer in me haha. Enjoy yr trip , kak rima!

THE DUO said...

Selamat jalan. Enjoy the trip and yes take lots & lots of photo!


Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Have a nice vacation! I have been to Frankfurt and Lucern before, both were nice placs..try the cheese fondue in Lucern and juicy sausage in Frankfurt, nice one.

Ayam said...

nice cake....

Bits said...

Hi Rima,

This is such a lovely recipe. I would like to give it a try but there is something I would like to ask before I start baking.

1) Can I substitute almond powder with almond ground?

2) May I know what is the ingredient at (E) 60g plain... ?

Thanks for such a nice fruit cake recipe!


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