Arrivederci Verona! Salut Colmar!

Time: 7:30am
Weather: 7 deg
Venue: Verona, Italy
Mood: Sleepy... excited to move on to our next destination.. not that i am sick of Verona.. but i hv seen what i wanna see here..
Peak Agenda: As i am typing this.. i smile with the thought of what both my sisters wud say to one another.. "eh better not talk to Kak Ima abt the latest malay movie or drama cos she has no clue on who is who and what is what lol..." hehehe true enough.. i dont watch as many malay movies or dramas when i am at home.. i basically dont watch much telly.. theres always something to do when i am at home.. when i do hv the time to watch something.. its always in English cos hubs watches all those "boring" channels at home.. ya know.. the channels that talk alot? hahaha anywho two days ago.. for some reason.. i decided to open up the link that sis lyn gave and decided to watch the ever so talked abt malay drama series.. Adam and Hawa .. yikes.. needless to say.. am addicted to it.. i didnt sleep the whole night watching 25 episodes straight and now on my 43rd episode.. i keep on telling myself to stay away fm it for this weekend but again who can stop me hehe.. as what i said to my hubs.. "I am on holidays!" hahaha

So ok.. i thought i would quickly do an update on what i hv been doing for the past 2 days since we will be driving to Colmar, France in a few hrs time..

Didnt do much actually.. one day i spent half of our time in town.. yesterday was such a waste cos i was too sleepy to go anywhere and when hubs got back close to 7pm.. we decided to walk around the old town again to look at the Christmas set-up.. i guess today the Christmas market and lighting will start in Europe.. (they are not as Kiasu as us in Asia).. theres something so magical abt this whole Christmas lighting in Europe compared to ours back home.. one thing that is obvious.. theres no way we can walk down the street of Orchard Road with winter clothing and leather boots muahahaha

Every morning routine bef our morning walk...

Am having dessert/cakes deficiency.. i didnt even hv a slice of any cake while in Verona.. why? err i dont know.. its always a quick coffee and gelato and thats it :o)

She always took along this map whenever we went out so as she could find her way back to the Disney store lol

The old town is livelier in the evening... it always felt as tho the shops are gonna close soon cos of the darkness.. the sun is down by 5pm and thank goodness the shops here close only at 8pm

Piazza delle Erbe... by night

This Christmas tree was lite up last night... beautiful isnt it?

Shopping district... both Sonia's and my fav lane hehe

So ok folks... i hv to shower and get ready... its gonna be a 5 or 6hrs drive fm here to Colmar and i am so so looking forward to it.. cant wait to check out the bakery store there.. cant wait to go to Maison du Monde hehe.. cant wait to check out their Christmas market..

Be good and see ya in Colmar, France!


ninazsyafinaz said...

hikhikhik kak rima pun dah kena demam adamhawa juga?? I beli the novel once the drama play on Astro TV.then watch it from you tube or free link.Sbb dah baca dr kurang sikit addicted nyer..skrg tgh repeat baca novel twilight untuk kesekian tak tahu berbelas kalinyer..ahaks..Edward Cullen Edward Cullen..ahaks..happy weekend sis!

nasz said...

so true, no way to walk along Orchard Rd with your winter jacket.. i miss winter in Europe...
Enjoy your holiday!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,thank you for those beautiful pictures especially lucerne coz i pegi honeymoon kat situ. B tw tak jadi pegi paris but I am in L.A now. Hahaha. Enjoy yr holiday,I know I wud. Sabaria

Anonymous said...

Who can say no to anak Pak Ajis eh? ahaks.. CS..

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