Post iftar pics and Caramel Cake

2nd day of Ramadhan was a tiring one.. it started in the morning when i realised that my alarm didnt go off.. probably it did and my dear hubs must hv stopped it while half-asleep.. anyway we didnt hv our sahur this morning.. i woke up at half past six feeling all tired and sleepy.. sholat and went back to bed.. woke up again at 9am and decided to go and get some groceries done and guess what.. the duplex house that we went to view today was disappointing.. while it has all the brand new Bosch appliances such as oven and stove.. the kitchen was very very small.. i think its like half the size of my current kitchen! i like the white cabinet and the bomb shelter that was next to the kitchen.. the owner had just renovated the whole duplex and had put up a new wooden patio.. the rooms were small and it makes me feel like living in a bird cage.. oh well... the house hunting goes on and tmrw we are gonna view a landed property.. wish me luck in the kitchen department!

So ok.. here are the pics taken on the first day of iftar.. oh i also put up the caramel marble cake recipe which i had baked twice this week cos mom loved it!

Hehe.. kids... they grow too fast!!! i remember naming sis Wati's first born.. i later got to name 2 of her other girls AND u see that smile fm my first born.. well starting tmrw he will be officially called a "working man".. he landed himself a job with a French aviation co.. the line that my son fell in love with ever since he was 16yrs old.. well done my dear son.. mama will pray for ur success!

Busy preparing or talking?? hehehe while the kids were busy frying bagedel and paru.. moms gas went kaput.. thank goodness for her induction cooker!

Food glory!!.. when it comes to nasi rawon.. mom always makes sure she covers em all hehehe.. we had rendang, sambal goreng, sambal sotong, bagedel, paru, tempeh, fried chicken, salted eggs, sambal belacan, serondeng and not forgetting rawon gravy!

Dad and his 6th grandchild..

Their 7th and 8th grandchildren... Sonia fasted till 12pm yesterday.. today was much worse lol... the moment she woke up she had asked for her milk hahaha

... and now comes the caramel cake recipe that my mom loves.. I got the recipe fm Azlita and original recipe is fm Munira Baharum.. ty ladies for sharing such a simple and wonderful recipe.. just my hubs is being a bit sore and said "I think this recipe is not challenging".... whatever! - oh i doubled the caramel part and used 9x7 pan for this cake..

Caramalised sugar
2 tablespoons granulated sugar

Prepare the pan 8 inc.
Sprinkle sugar into the pan and cook over low heat.
Let the sugar dissolve and the color change.
Once melted.. u may want to spread the caramelized sugar evenly by moving ur pan right and left.
Let sugar cool.

1/2 cans of evaporated milk
70g castor sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
3 egg yolk

Stir milk and sugar until sugar dissolves - set aside
Stir eggs and vanilla in another bowl and slowly add it to ur milk/sugar mixture
Strain into a baking pan that has caramelised sugar in it.
Set aside.

Cake batter
70g caster sugar
3 egg yolk
135ml water
45ml of cooking oil

Whisk egg yolk, oil and water until smooth n fluffy.
Then add castor sugar and beat again until thick and creamy - ribbon stage.

140 gm flour
1 teaspoon baking powder

Turn off the mixer and fold in sifted flour and baking powder slowly..

6 pieces of egg whites
70g castor sugar
1 teaspoon cream of tar tar

Make sure all equipment is dry
Beat egg whites n cream of tar tar until frothy
Add sugar and continue to beat using high speed until batter is thick and soft peak.
Pour 1/3 of merinque into the yolk mixture.. fold in gently .. one mixed.. pour it back into ur meringue and continue to fold in carefully.
Divide batter into three parts.. colour em according to ur preference.. pour batter onto ur caramel.. (Pour 3 tablespoons purple layer, then 3 tablespoons pink layer in the middle layer of purple. Then pour about 3 tablespoons blue layer in the middle of the pink layer.
Do this until 3/4 mixture is left, and repeat same sequence by using 2 tablespoons only instead of 3.)
Once done steam bake (bain marie) ur cake using 160C for an hr.. use only bottom heat to bake.. I suggest to wrap the outside of ur pan with alu foil to prevent water seepage.. 
Once baked .. let ur cake stand in the oven till cake cools down..take it out and flip it onto a big plate. chill it bef u hv it!

Funny faces fm little Sonia!


inahar ali said...

Salam ramadhan &selamat menjalani ibadah puasa wat rima sekeluarga ye! Seronokkan dpt berbuka puasa beramai2..sebaik sonia minta susu jer x pandai lagi buka periuk pepagi..hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Rima,wahh seronoknya berkumpul the whole buat knur rinduuu...saborrr...masakan ibu is the best..and Sonia puasa half day?sangat bagus tu..kami di sini alhamdulillah..tak terasa sgt the extra 4hrs tu..Congrats to,he's a working man now,you must be very I also cooked smthing from Azlita's,a few times oready knur masak kuzi catilye dia,sgt sedappp..and esok plan to cook ayam penyet...hoho..tadi jumpa rempah ayam goreng bamboe indonesia..yummm...selamat berpuasa and good luck with your house hunting..

Anonymous said...

Of all the foods being displayed, I notice something familiar ie the triangle currypuff just like the Bai roti used to sell back then. Coincidentally, a cousin of my hubby gave the frozen one to us when he went back to his hometown abt 2 wks ago. I hope I tak silap meneka, hehe..

Salam Ramadhan.....CS.

Yat Maria said...


wahhhh...mewah the hidangan! Baru lepas sahur pun I leh pandang ngan rakusnya all those food! If Cik Som kita terpandang that karipap plak cam ternampak terselit that putu piring in that piring?? wahhhh nice sayyy..

LOL at Sonia's funny face! And happy house hunting :)

Anie said...


Ahhh tu dia gambar makanan2 yg best. Pengsan ah dkt sini tgk gambar tu semua ahakkkss.

I pernah buat this caramel cake me, its challenging enough seh :ppp

I know how it feels abt moving...haiizz. Dkt sini aja in 7yrs, I dah move 3 kali, semua pack sendiri mmg penat. Kalau tak nak penat...boleh jer kluar duit and movers yg pack kan hehehez.

Dewi said...

Dear Kak Rima,

Rindu la kat u... Heeeee.......

Best eh buka mcm tu.... Sedaaaapp!! 2nd Ramadan i buka kat rumah future in laws. Kecoh mcm kat gambar u. Hehe... Ooohhhhh, the caramel cake!!! I made 4 times already!! Well at least dis year n to date...heeeeee.. Coz my mum n my fiancè's family likes it sooo much..!! Makan time sejuk2.. Oohhhh laaa laaa!!

Selamat berpuasa kak rima ku sayang. Hope to see u soon. :))


Rima said...

Puan doc
hehehe i can imagine how its gonna be time tu.. sudah pasti she akan melempah kan itew not guilty look bila kena caught red handed hahaha

Ramadhan al mubarak tu and ur family too.. semoga diberi kesihatan untuk menjalani ibadah puasa dgn sempurna. insyallah..

Rima said...

u found that rempah kah? i used to use that rempah to masak nasi goreng dia whenever i am overseas.. sedap jugak but not too sure how to use the ayam goreng rempah.. it needs to be boil dgn ayam and baru digoreng kann? ishh kompus hehe

Yeah? alhamdullilah.. 4hrs kira panjang jugak tau especially in summer kan.. if winter sure tekak rasa sejuk ajer hehehe

Ty KNur.. alhamdullilah.. a mom only wants the best for their kids.. am happy he found a permanent job n belajar berdikari.. his exam result is not out yet.. last friday was his physic paper.. he said susah.. errr

Rima said...

Salam ramadhan CS
eh why u under anonymous CS? hmmm yesterday i wanted to mengomen kat ur post but tak leh pulak.. it says.. comment box kena enable ..

Yes that is karipap bai.. my fav but i didnt hv it the other day cos dah tak leh masuk anything inside my perut.. semalam ku pi geylang and bought a box.. sedap!

Rima said...

sahur aper ah tadi?? hairi had rice as usual.. he asked me to masak kan dia kupang masak sambal tumis.. so i did and he ate dgn seleranye.. suka tengok anak makan cam gitu hehe.. m and hubs as usual.. makan cereal ajer

Yes that is putu piring courtesy of my second sis.. itew karipap onan rd ditaja oleh my third sister :o)

Mas Sani said...

salam ramadhan dan slm perkenalan.....

Wahhhh bestnya macam2 menu ada,rasa seronok plak tgk kemeriahan berbuka :-)

Hesti HH. said...

Salam ramadhan kak Rima,

Waaaa, rindu dengan kebersamaan seperti ini. Apalagi dalam suasana ramadhan berkumpul bersama keluarga. Sayang kami semua tinggal berjauhan...hiks. Btw, cantik sekali cake caramelnya Kak Rima...

lina said...

salam rima, selamat menyambut ramdhan....enjoy ur day with ur love one...

Puan Eka said...

cantik dan kemas je kek karamel akak...


selamat berpuasa kak

Love2cook Malaysia said...

Wow, that's a beautiful get-together! Selamat Berpuasa to you and everyone back home dear...Sonia looks gorgeous as always ;)

The cake does look very challenging to me!!!!

Rima said...

Mas sani
Salam friendship to u too.. Memang shiok kan makan ramai ramai..

KG said...

rima and gilbert , selamat berpuasa! you know i made tt karamel cake semalam and wanted to post it later, haha!like azlita said...berakihir sudah sumpahan!

Rima said...

Salam ramadhan to u n family too Hesti.. That's why we r still in sg.. But if di takdir kan I move somewhere.. I will take my parents along.. :)

Pic wasn't taken at home n it was already close to 7.. The colour shud be lagi terang hehe

Niza Samat said...

As salam kak Rima,

Happy Ramadhan..Sangat meriah berbuka puasa bersama keluarga..

Selamat berpuasa..

Rima said...

Salam RAmadhan to u n family.. How hv u been dear?

Rima said...

Cik Eka
Wasn't my best .. Was a little kalam kabut when I baked it unlike the first time ... Selamat berpuasa to u too!

Rima said...

Ty LOVE! Alamak honestly.. It was pretty easy.. My hubs selalu challenge me to try something diff.. He ate it n said nothing special.. My mom loved it cos she likes crime caramel.. Sonia ate it cos I used purple n pink which are her fav colours... So all in all .. Semua happy lah kannn

Rima said...

It's ok lahhh.. Actually senang jugak lah kan if u dah biasa buat chiffon.. Akan Akan ponggg.. Eh u dah pindah 3 Kali.. We also.. First I move after moved out of my previous marriage hahaha.. Then tinggal rumah one tingkat.. Then to two tingkat then to 5 tingkat.. Penat banget rumah ni.. Now nak balik gi dua tingkat..mak penat climb staircase.. Condo also can.. Provided dapur besar but where got such thing.. Sg houses getting smaller n smaller Huhu

Rima said...

Eh dah buat 4 times? Hahaha overrrr.. I think it's time for me to move on to another cake lah... Waktu dia tengah hit semasa ku tak tergerak pulak nak bake.. When my mom kata dia nak makan cream caramel.. Baru ku pi bake kan dia something diff lah kan n terus dia suka.. Nampak Gaya harus lah ku bake kan waktu raya nanti..

Salam ramadhan to u too dear!

Rima said...

Why? U had probs ker? Lahhhh .. This is my second time already.. First time buat dgn jayanyer tu yg buat the second time so that others will get to taste it..

Rima said...

Ramadhan Kareem to u too.. Memang best if mak masak kan hehehe

FnF Simple Life said...

Fullamak... meriah nye Iftar famili kak Rima... Salam Ramadhan kak ;)

Ummi said...

Waaahh bestnya nak cari dapur baru, rumah baru...serba baru eh Rima...wish you'll find your dream kitchen Rima...hehee. Best eh balik kg buka pose ramai2...xpa la Sonia tu..kesian pulak bangun pagi2 dah tanya susu...Nnt dah bersedia, boleh puasa, kann...

dalila said...

salam ramadhan sis rima..
saya dalila.....
nak tanya kalo sy nak preorder
Set of 2 Small Macaron/Whoopie Pie Baking Sheets yg harga $55.00 camne yer?
sory dah lama follow blog sis but br nak membeli kat sis punya store...
n i'm from kl, malaysia..

nOOrsha said...

salam...meriahnya berbuka ramai2.. :) cute sonia.. :)

tq kak resepi blueberry oreo chiffon cake mmg superb yummy...nyumnyum.... tp derhaka tang yogurt tu jer tukar ke stoberi.. hehe.. hope u dont mind.. :)

selamat berpuasa k rima:)

Rima said...

Hehe usually cam gitu lah kan if kat rumah my mom.. We usually will panggil my family to come too.. Makan ramai ramai shiok.. Ramadhan Kareem to u too dear

Rima said...

Ah ah .. No hurry.. For now it's more abt telling her what fasting is all abt.. Bila papa dia explained to her.. Dia nangis cos kita tak makan.. Lama lama dia ok.. Now makan buka sama sama bef she goes to bed..

Rima said...

Ty but the pre order dah closed n now shipment nye dah otw to sg.. If ur interested.. Drop me an email n I will notify u of my next pre order.. Tks!

Rima said...

No worries.. I hv baked it with strawberry yogurt n strawberry Oreo.. Sedap also?. Ramadhan Kareem to u n family too!

Shasha Mohamed said...

Wah! Banyaknya makanan....
Nampak sedap2 plak tu. Tak pernah makan nasi rawon tentu sedapkan? Banyak la plak lauk2nya, sungguh enak...

Unknown said...

Salam to you and Selamat Hari Raya Kak Rima

Unknown said...

Salam and Selamat Hari Raya to you Kak Rima.
I nk tanya you about the Baking the Caramel Cake. What does you mean by using bottom heat. I can find any of the mode on my oven. Please advise. Thank you / Liyah

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing Kak Rima

Camelia said...

hello kak, saya mau coba bikin cake caramel. Mau tanya dulu, 1/2 can evaporated milk, jumlahnya berapa ml ya? supaya gak salah...makasih, Camelia

Rima said...

Hi Camelia.. Its 185ml of evaporated milk.. Happy baking!

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