Nastar Durian

Am thinking of doing wordless wed simply bec theres not much stuff to talk abt.. took Sonia to watch Hi5 last Monday.. she was ecstatic of cos.. i managed to get the front row seats.. she was singing and dancing bef the show started but after seeing them up close.. she no longer wanted to dance lol.. she also got what she wanted.. a photo taken with them and a big hug fm KC..

So this week is bake for leisure week.. i started with blueberry muffins .. followed by double chocolate chiffon cake which i later dumped in my food processor to be ground into small pieces.. the chiffon cake is now in my freezer for another baking project.. yesterday i decided to bake durian tart after i saw a box of durians in my freezer.. hehehe i think all of us hv some kinda hidden treasure in our freezer.. u will never know what u can find.. i hv two refrigerators in my house.. go figure! ahaks

While I was in KL.. i saw Ayin posted this tart recipe.. i told myself that i shud gv this recipe a try since hubs is a big fan of durian.. i've seen tarts with peanut butter fillings.. i've seen tarts with date fillings.. i've seen tarts with cream cheese fillings.. but never with durian..

Thank you Ayin for sharing.. i didnt hv any milk powder on hand and had to add more cake flour since my dough was a little sticky.. i also added vanilla powder to my dough.. below is the revised recipe yah...

- Preheat oven to 140C
- Whisk butter with sifted icing sugar.. add in egg yolk and continue to whisk.. add in vanilla powder and sifted cake flour and salt in it.. set aside.
- Blend durian flesh with sugar and pinch of salt.. add abt 50ml of water to it and continue to blend.
- Cook durian mixture in a non stick pot till thicken (looks like lempuk actually) - let it cool
- Scoop 1/2 tbsp of pastry.. roll it and press it down.. add in ur durian filling and cover it back.. roll it neatly.. press it a little to make it ovalish and press top with fork..
- Once done.. bake ur tart for 20 mins.. brush top with egg yolk+milk mixture and continue to bake for another 10mins

I also baked pineapple tart especially for someone who is 'allergic' to durian smell hahaha

I only realized today that next week schools starts! arghhhhh!!!


Anonymous said...

Rimaaa....yum yum tarts...sedapnya...durian musim eh now?kat fb pun tgk ramai yg buat pulut durian..terliurlah...where's that bling bling pen?hihi...puasa dah makin hampir..esok sya'aban oready..selamat berpuasa sunat..
TQ Rima..

Ummi said...

Assalam Rima cayang...rindunyaa lama akak x BW sini....masuk2 tgk ada nastar doriaaann la pulaakk...adeeii mcm terbau2 jek Rima gigit kukis tu sorang2...x hulur pun ke Ktn ni...hehe.. Rajiiiinn diaa wat kukis...lenkali pos sebalang sini yea cayang... ^__^

Love2cook Malaysia said...

Hi sis Rima...wahhhh cunlah tart durians tu! And I just sat and adored your! Boleh pinjam some Patience Vitamin? ^_^

Ribbon and Circus said...

Oh no.. ada harapan jadik kuih raya he he.. nak start.. Adam dah mula says No to school.. sure nagis lah Monday ni.. he he

Rima said...

How hv u been?? selamat menyambut bulan syahban and selamat berpuasa sunat.. hope everything is good on ur side... err i think we will be heading to europe end of november.. nanti aper aper i will email u ok..

I think so too.. this durian i jumpa terselit kat freezer.. tu yg terus pi buat .. nak clear kan freezer pun ye to make way for egg whites..

Rima said...

ty KUmmi darlin cos sudi datang sini.. i hv not been able to BW too.. if only time is on my side huhu

Rima said...

alahhhh where got.. ur pic also very the cantik.. am just a newbie ajer..

Nak patience vitamin kah?? ahh mari sini.. i gv u some hehe

Rima said...

oh si sonia tak habis habis cakap.. mama i want to go to school.. lagi kita kata monday.. lagi dia count the days .. haishhh habis lah my precious time bila dia start school.. tak de chance nak bake pagi pagi huhu

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