The Classic Victoria Sandwich Cake

Am preparing myself for next week.. lots to bake and i dont think i will be able to update till after I am done.. sigh.. i thought its gonna be smooth sailing with hubs around to hang out with Sonia in the evening but i was wrong.. yesterday came the news that hes flying off to Germany on Monday for a couple of days.. arghhh.. how on earth am i gonna bake and at the same time be with Sonia.. i cant possibly let her watch telly 24/7 and i cant possibly be baking till the wee hrs since i hv to drive her to school every morning! theres one more page left in his passport and thats it.. he will not be able to travel till he gets his new passport and his wifey will be the most happiest woman alive ..  muakahkahkah - "evil grins"

Anyway I baked this simple classic cake for our simple classic weekend.. u can never go wrong with this kinda recipe.. equal amt of butter, sugar, flour and eggs.. it is said that the secret to a good victoria sandwich cake is that the weight of the flour, butter and sugar should be the same as the weight of the eggs you are using but i did it the other way around.. i decided to base it on one block of butter and for my eggs.. i cracked a few.. stirred it with a fork and weighed em..I hv baked it once early last year using Yani's recipe.. its a little different but the taste is still the same.. so bake it in the name of Queen Victoria and u will feel like a queen all week.. HA! definately not me for sure cos next week i will be a mad baker... arggghhh am such a whiner!!! heres the recipe folks.. oh bef i go.. i wanna thank Herda for ordering macs last wed.. am glad u loved it!

250g unsalted butter
250g sugar
250g self raising flour
250g eggs - crack 4 eggs and weigh ok
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp salt
2 tbsp milk

For The “Filling and Decorating”:
6 tbsp Fruit compote or jam - I did my own strawberry and raspberry compote
1 punnet of strawberry - slice and mix with a tbsp of sugar.. mix em and set aside for 15mins
8 tbsp double cream - i used 250ml and added 2 tbsp of icing sugar... whipped till it was soft /medium peak.
Confectioner’s sugar, to sprinkle on the top of the cake

Preheat the oven to 160C
Mix together the self raising flour and salt. Set aside.
Put the butter in a bowl (or the bowl of your KA) with the castor sugar and beat together until really light, pale and fluffy.
Gradually add the eggs, beating well after each addition. Then incorporate the vanilla extract.
Sift the flour and fold it in delicately with a metal spatula to combine.
Add enough milk in order to get a smooth dropping cake dough consistency.
Pour into two greased 8" round pan and smooth out the top with a spatula.
Bake in the centre of the oven for about 30 minutes or until golden and a skewer inserted into the middle comes out clean.
Allow to cool in the tin for 10 minutes, then remove the baking paper and turn out onto a wire rack that's covered in a clean cotton tea towel to prevent marking. Cool completely.
Place the bottom of the cake on a cake stand/dish, then spread generously with the compote/jam.. pipe ur whipped cream and then then place sliced strawberry evenly... (pour the juices on top of the whipped cream).. carefully sandwich together.
Sprinkle with confectioner’s sugar just before serving.

Ok i got to go and get my baking pantry stocked up.. Have a wonderful weekend with ur loved ones!


Mel said...

Ive never bake a Victoria Sandwich cake before. Guess I will have to bookmarked this recipe. It does looks soft in the texture. I loves cakes like this (it does looks like butter cake).

Miss Cool said...

have a wonderful weekend with ur loved ones- this is the greatest wish i have so far for my week- end. merci!

Yat Maria said...


when am I gonna bake this cake arr? The recipes I've bookmarked from here punyalah berjela..I think kan babe, I tak yah buy recipe tunggu jer u bake, mana menjadi pojaan hatiku, ku akan bake. tadi baru balik menderma...sumer brg dalam list telah ku borong, tapi ada ker patut of all the things ku lupa beli is that wilton jel colouring..pfftttt!! & *slap forehead*..sah aku mamai!ishhh...

faa.rosli said...

yummy n gojessss!

Aida Jelita said...

my first thought was the victoria sndwich is a sandwich that got tuna on it. hahhahah

rahel said...

Lamanya Rahel tak makan v.sandwich cake ni...canntek sangat kejadiannya kek ni Kak Rima..

Miamore said...

I must try this... such a beautiful cake... Look easy too

Anie said...


That is one beautiful looking classic alrite ;) dkt sini berries not in season. One punnet strawberries $7 compared to $1 or $2 bila in season. Sometimes tak nampak langsung pun dkt supermarket.

Ehhh bukan kah to renew passport cuma takes a week aja....hehehehez. Anyway, selamat membaking, semoga dipermudah segala urusan ;)

Dzah said...

I bake this cake using Jamie Oliver's recipe for my office gathering yesterday. Most of them said it was delish... Some said its too sweet... Gonna bake it again. Cause didn't have the chance to taste it.

whitedaisy said...

Hi Rima, bn reading yr blog but hv yet to try yr recipes... I guess I start wth yr v.cake...looks easy n yummy too. The thing is, I'm a bit worry abt the amount of sugar used...wl it affect anything if I reduce it? Sorry I'm a novice:)

KG said...

our alltime fav at home!miss you rima

Trying To Be Muslim.. said...

Kak Rima...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaa the cake is wonderful and the plate...mmmmmm nice too....u must be amazingly active and smart in baking...and shopping...heheheh....Ayu active je soping nih..tang smart, kene pk dulu....hik3!

damiarissa said...

waaa..kak rima..sgt cantik kejadian kek tu..akak..saya nk tanya..apa sebab2 kek xnaik gebu n cantek yee...thanx

Shasha Mohamed said...

Wow! nice. Classic Victoria Sandwich cake. I wonder how does it taste. I wish I can try it ;)

Love2cook Malaysia said...

Gorgeous sandwich cake over there!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Look wonderful and classic.

Anonymous said...

kak rima, just nk tya...double cream tu nnt x cair ke. sy plan nk buat tp takut double cream tu cair - farhah

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