Kuih Talam Keladi

Me and purple... Me and kuih .. I am so gonna make it again soon! the top part was a little soft.. my fault.. i sliced it when it was still warmish.... Me and top layer! humfffff

This is my fav kuih.. back then the top part aka kaya part was brown in colour but now that i see it in purple.. i think talam keladi looks good in purple and white.. ty K.CT for inspiring me to try and make it..

Bottom layer
2 cups rice flour
3 tbsp tapioca flour
1 1/2 tsp salt
6 tbsp sugar
300 ml thick coconut milk
700 ml water

300g yam - clean and wash it with salt water.. cut it into cubes and steam it for 5mins - (steam it and weigh it ok)

In a bowl mix all ingredients till well blended. Sieve it into a pot and cook it over low fire till thicken.. stir in ur cubed yam and pour mixture into a 10x10 pan
Steamed it for 25mins

Top layer
1 1/2 cup flour
250g sugar
3 eggs
250 ml coconut milk
500 ml water
purple colour and yam paste

In a bowl mix all ingredients.. sieve it into a pot and cook it over low fire till thicken.. pour it onto bottom layer and steam it for 30mins - i wud probably hv to steam it a little longer next time.

Recipe: Chef Asma
Source: Yati Memories


ogyep yummy mellow said...

Salam, bought keladi yesterday... Hubby wanted to have bubur chacha.. masih ada baki lagi separuh... may b should go for talam keladi as well..

Ribbon and Circus said...

K Rima,

Oh baru I tahu.. steam dulu baru weigh he he

toce toce.

Anonymous said...

Rima....buat knur terliur je..bila dah jauh ni memang teringin kuih traditional la...sedeh...Yesterday I tried their cream puff with chantily cream,sememangnya sgt yummms...

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

This kueh remind me of my previous Malay colleague who selling a very nice talam keladi. I have wanted to make this long ago, time for time to try out. Thanks for sharing.

Anie said...


Addeehh kuih disana sini, looks so sedappp lah. I also want. Kena tunggu ada gathering baru boleh buat. Kalau tak cfm I kena abiskan sorang2 huhuhu.

ummiaisyah said...

kuih talam keladi ni mmg best kak Rima..i bole abiskan satu

Miss Cool said...

rima rima rima rajin rajin rajin rajin. aaaaade je yang dia godeh kat dapur. Selalu yang dibuat tu memang ade yang tukang makan habiskan ye?

Dewi said...

Salams Kak Rima,

Quotes "Me and Purple".... Hahahha... Thats what pple around me tell me too..! Tak abis2 ngan purple.

I tak pernah makan talam keladi.. Sedap tak? Of course la sedapkan sebab kak rima yang buat... Hahaha...

P/S: Missing d macarons.... Its calling me "Come Dewi, Come order me...." LOL..!!

Rima said...

yes u shud.. today i steamed pumpkin ade balance lagi.. esok sure akan ku guna kan hehehe

Rima said...

i follow ajer what its written.. dah steamed baru di weigh..

Rima said...

dont buat i jeles ok.. nak pergi Paris jugak!

Rima said...

yep there is one malay lady that sells nice talam keladi here.. she used to sell it during fasting month and now not anymore.. i was thinking of her kuih that day huhu

Rima said...

memang betul.. hari tu i macam ade kenduri.. masak bee hoon taucu lah.. buat this kuih lah.. dah tu bake that chocolate cake caramel with cheese lah.. habis tu takut tak boleh habis.. ku potong kuih ku waktu warmish cos hubs nak pi antar kat rumah my mom and sis.. tak per lah.. walau pun sememeh.. kuih ku tetap laku dibaham orang orang disekeliling ku..

Rima said...

satu loyang kecik kannn hehehe.. i am thinking of doing it again lah but nak buat half recipe ajer dah tu boleh relax one corner and makan sorang sorang :op

Rima said...

everything that i godek memang ade yg makan.. i will gv it away.. cuma tinggal kan dua tiga keping for us to enjoy .. if simpan lama lama nanti ku termakan pulak hahaha

soh said...

Hi, is this kuik can prepare in advance (1-2 days)?
or must serve after steam?
Thank you

Rima said...

its best to prepare it the night bef.. let it cool off for a night bef slicing it

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