Chocolate Cake Caramel with Cheese

I finally got myself a new camera after doing a little research.. i was torn between 7D and also 60D.. with what i got out of my camera insurance.. i wud hv had to fork out quite a bit if i wanted to get myself the 7D.. its not really a necessity for me to get 7D tho.. the body of 7D is made out of magnesium alloy while 60D is made out of metal/plastic mix.. the rest of the functions and features are exactly the same except for the shutter speed (and I am not planning to take sports photography!).. so yesterday after our short trip to JB.. we went to buy my camera and oh boy... was I excited! am thinking of getting another lens soon.. got to bake more!

I woke up this morning all geared up to take pic of my bake.. quickly prepared breakfast for the family and started cooking lunch at the same time.. the sun was shining and i knew that when i take pic of my bakes.. my pic will turn out good.. unfortunately right after i cooked lunch.. it started raining so so heavily.. my house was dark and since i only take pics using natural light.. i had to use a higher ISO to get the right light and in the end my pic turned out so so.. hehehe sure sure.. blame it on the weather Rima!

Oh well.. will hv to play around with my new baby or maybe get myself a light box.. ok ok enough abt that.. i had baked this cake to welcome hubs home fm bkk.. honestly? i am not that happy with the end product cos the top part of my cake tasted a little burnt.. my caramel had turned rock hard by the time i had to add it to my cream cheese mixture.... i had to quickly cook it again and during that process i accidentally burnt my caramel... hubs said the burnt taste was mild cos this cake has a lot of different flavors in it.. to me i cud taste it simply bec i knew i had accidentally burnt my caramel huhu.. difficult for me to judge how good this cake is.. the spekkeok taste in the chocolate cake is pretty prominant - i will probably reduce the amt if i do bake this cake again.. overall i think this cake wud taste great if it wasnt bec of my burnt caramel :o(

Chocolate cake
3 eggs
80g sugar
65g flour
10g cocoa powder - i used cocoa berry
1/8 tsp double acting baking powder
50g butter - melted
1/4 tsp spekkeok powder
1/2 tsp chocolate paste

150g sugar
50ml water

3 eggs - seperate egg yolk and white
50g sugar
1tsp of lemon juice and zest
225g cream cheese - whip till soft
25ml milk
2 tbsp flour
1/4 tsp salt

Vanilla buttercream - am using french vanilla buttercream

Preheat oven 175C - greased 18cm pan
Whisk eggs with sugar till fluffy.. add in sifted flour/cocoa powder/baking powder into egg batter and continue to whisk till well combined. Lastly fold in ur melted butter. Pour batter into pan and bake it for 30mins

Add sugar into water and cook till sugar turns caramel

Whisk egg yolk with 25g of sugar till pale - put aside
Whisk egg white with 25g of sugar till soft peak
Pour egg yolk into egg white mixture and continue to whisk till soft/hard peak.
Add in lemon juice and zest.. add in ur milk and also sifted flour/salt... once mixed.. add in ur whipped cream cheese.
Pour in ur caramel and continue to mix - this is the part where i found out that my caramel had hardened and had to cook it one more time to melt it huhu
Pour batter into 18cm pan and bake it at 170C for 45 mins

Take ur chocolate cake.. spread vanilla buttercream on it and top it with ur caramel cheesecake.. spread the rest of ur cake with ur vanilla buttercream and thats it.. u can use caramel as topping or do it like me.. dust it with cocoa powder..

Source: Fm one of the magazines that i got fm Indonesia - Cake Decorations


KG said...


ummiaisyah said...

salam kak rima... nampak super delicious kek itu!

Gee® said...


Aida Jelita said...

your cake tempt me right now!! oh my

Miss Cool said...

kek tu sangat tempting, cantik, seducing n yg sama angkatan dgn nye. terus craving for cake. grrr ni yg bahaya tengok rumah mak sonia nih

Aziah.Jordan said...

Rima , Mabroooook fr ur new camera !!! Rima ,apa bende spekkeok powder tu ?tergeliat lidah I nak sebut..btw ,kalau I nak substitute ..dgn apa ya ?

zarin said...

chantik sgt!

Alice said...

hi Rima, no matter what, this cake looks just lovely :)

congrats on owning your own must be thrilled!
oh 60D is such a great camera :)

Unknown said...

ohh tidak...your cake sungguh menggoda...>>drooling<<..
kak rima,
spekkeok powder tu apa?

Mieza said...

Damnnnnn it looks so very mouthwatering...i cant resist! My god!

Ribbon and Circus said...

Hurray for the new camera! akhirnya.. :D take your time, slow2 main toy baru k he he

Rima said...

Its the camera lah hehehe.. cant help but to wonder abt ur future D800.. sure bila take pic gambar cantik banget.. i think am gonna get the same lens macam Timo punya.. harus kumpul duit dulu!

Rima said...

I tasted alright for now.. harus dibake one more time and get it right baru boleh tahu perbezaannye..

Rima said...

teringat cerita tiga abdul.. WOW!! hahaha

Rima said...

bake it and be careful with the caramel.. have fun baking!

Rima said...

BAKE IT!! if malas nak buat yg byk step... pi buat kek ringkas.. janji dapat makan kek hehehe

Rima said...

spekkeok powder is use didalam kek lapis.. its somehow like mix spice but aroma dia lagi shiok.. i bought mine kat jakarta.. u can get it fm my store if u wanna gv it a try :op

Rima said...

Tertawan? pi godek godek kat dapur .. hehe

Rima said...

oh yes... the feeling is different.. now that i got myself 60D .. i kinda know the function cos i've used 7D bef - courtesy of Timo! :o)

Rima said...

eh pi lap sikit air liuq tu hehehe.. i hv explained abt spekkeok in my comment here

Rima said...

alamak .. i very the malu lah.. not so perfect lah.. the look maybe but the taste.. cud be better.. macam nak buat lagi lahhhh :o(

Rima said...

yes finally... last week dah dapat surat and cheque.. a little dissapointing but i shukur lah.. better than nothing.. beli yg ini pun i kena fork out byk.. can u imagine if i beli 7D.. better off save up to beli another lens

Ah ah slow slow..

Anie said...


Waaahhh congrats ;) alhamdullilah got urself a new toy finally. Luv the photos ala2 kakak Donna Hay ahakkks ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello Rima,

May I ask which shop in JB you purchased this camera? I always thought it was a good idea to get cameras, and other electrical gadjets from Singapore.


Rima said...

hehe ty.. akak donna hay tu memang lah THE ONE part part photos.. i am only a wannabe haha

Rima said...

oh no.. i got it in S'pore after we drove back fm JB.. always better to get it in S'pore for local warranty purpose eventho its $200 cheaper if u get it online :o)

FnF Simple Life said...

salam kak...sama laaa kamera gamba food sy tak cun mcm kak rima nye sbb main belasah je photoshoot siang atau malam...rumah jepun ni pun cahaya dalam rumah kelam je... T_T

gracie said...

these cakes look amazing! i could eat a few at a go!

rahel said...

Tak tahan tengok kek tu..macam nak ambik jer..hehe..cantik sangat lapisan2 keknya..suke tengok..

Sidratul Muntaha said...

saya sgt tak sanggup nak jenguk blog akak selalu sbb kedarat mata dan jiwa ni longlai klu tgk akak publish gmbo cake!
sngt la mengoncang iman.

Rima said...

oh ye ker?? dah play around with it?? this 60D function dia sama ajer macam 7D .. tu yg kira i only hv to refresh kan my knowledge ajer.. more to learn and am enjoying it..

Rumah kalau suram memang lah susah nak take good pic!

Rima said...

if its being prepared correctly i too wud ended up eating a few hahaha

Rima said...

cuba buat lah.. u also pandai bab bab kek :o)

Rima said...

aper kata bukak blog lepas makan malam.. sure tak de keinganan nak makan benda benda lain cos dah kenyang hehe

Alicia said...

Hi Rima,

another fantastic cake! Always look fwd to ur blog daily to see new creations from u.
For the french vanilla buttercream, is there a recipe that i can follow? Thank you!

Rima said...

Hi Alicia
Ty.. am sorry but u cant find it in my blog..

Alicia said...

Hi Rima,

any good recommendations on a good recipe that i can follow for the french vanilla buttercream?
Is french buttercream similar to swiss meringue?
Thank you!

Rima said...

i cant recommend since i hv not try using them..

Swiss meringue is good.. i used that whenever i need to bake bday cake.. much more stable on room temp.. taste good too..

cakebaker_cakemaker said...

Hi Rima,
I was wondering what the spice is that you use but see in a previous comment. can Imask when in the recipe do you use it and the chocolate paste?....can't see it in the method.

Rima said...

Hi Karen
spekkeok is sort of like mix spice.. stronger smell and taste.. usually use in lapis legit.. u add chocolate paste after u add in ur melted butter

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