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Caramel Banana Cake with French Chocolate Buttercream

Happy midweek peeps! this morning i didnt hv to send Sonia to school.. right now shes probably in her school bus on her way to the Zoo with her school mates.. so while shes gone.. i hv started baking my first lapis legit for this week.. yesterday i was busy baking mac shells for a few orders.. two orders were nearly forgotten.. arghhh age is catching up..

Hubs is still in Singapore and will be flying off after lunch.. will send him off after Sonia is done with her field trip..

Anyway yesterday morning for whatever reason i woke up as early as 5am.. went to my kitchen and started to peel the skin of my almost expired bananas.. didnt take me long to decide which recipe to use as i had seen Izah bake these cuppies two days ago..

By 6am i was already getting ready and by 7am i was munching on these cuppies hehe (hmmm i always wonder where that 4kg comes from huhu) .. these cuppies have a texture of muffins.. not the denser type tho.. maybe if i were to bake it as cake.. it will hv a texture of a cake.. shrug.. i decided to whip up chocolate french buttercream and added melted valrhona buttons and knew by doing so.. my cuppies will instantly turn into something that hubs will like (as he is not a muffin type of guy)..

1 cup banana (240 g) - mashed
1 cup sugar - i used 180g
125g butter
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
2 tbsp fresh milk

2 large eggs
1 1/2 cup self raising flour
1 tsp ovalet

Cook ingredients (A) till caramelized and golden brown - set aside to cool
In another bowl.. whisk eggs and ovalet till fluffy.. add in banana caramel and continue to whisk till well incorporated..

Once done.. fold in sifted self raising flour and ur ready to scoop ur batter into cuppies
Bake cuppies for 20mins .. temp 175C

Recipe originally from: Kak Fida

Macaron Pyramid

Above are pics of my macs .. they look cute on macs pyramid! hehe

Ok peeps i better finish up layering my kek.. bef i go.. ty Sabariah for ordering macs and sorry to hv troubled u guys.. to my readers.. hv a good week peeps..


Aishamirafiq said...


Sedap nyer... Tergoda!

Blum breakfast nie....
Air liur da kluar nie....


Macaron Pyramid....Cantik skali!

Rima said...

ohhhh baru sampai opis terus blog walking eh.. macam mana tak lapar!! i also perut tengah krut krut.. lapar but ku tahan ajer nafsu nafsin ku.. huhu.. harus diet sikit.. next friday we got DnD .. if fat fat how to fit into my fav pants hehe

CS said...

DnD ehh? Dah praktis beronggeng lum? hehe..

Soklan dari 'cheapskate' berbunyi:
Did u not use 2 paper cups for sebiji muffin?

Rima said...

hehe my hbs company ni semua old timer sikit.. so usually its dinner ajer.. part dance semua lari balik cos dah habis itew lucky draw.. this year i heard its abt carnival ker aper.. lahhhh harus pakai kalerpul lah kan.. i think i become black sheep lah.. tak kuasa nak pakai kalerpul "op

I used one cup waktu baking.. for taking pic i used two cups.. suka akan kesucian putih haha

agatha said...

lovely cupcake! Do you mind to share the recipe of french chocolate buttercream? or it has posted it in other entries? Thanks in advance!

Anie said...


Luv the cuppies and the macs pyramid ;)

I nak tanya arh for macs bila u buat in advance for orders do u simpan dlm air tight containers or dlm freezer?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima. I tried your marble Cheese Brownies semlm. Absolutely sedap. Thanks for sharing.

Hesti HH. said...

Ow ow ow...cantik semua kuenya. Cupcake pisangnya oh menggoda, ditambah lagi dengan macaroon berwarna warni. Seandainya kita tetanggaan ya akak ^^

Rima said...

ty.. i hv never posted it in my blog as i got that recipe fm Lenotre.. u can use swiss meringue buttercream.. recipe u can find it fm my previous entry.. i used that all the time whenever i wanna ice my cake with buttercream..

Rima said...

usually i will bake my mac shells and place it in the container .. dah tu i will letak kat fridge.. a day or two bef my customer nak pick up baru lah i pipe in fillings and letak kat fridge balik..

Rima said...

No worries Rina.. am glad it turned out good!

Rima said...

sekiranya kita tetangga akan ku pergi ke rumah mu and exchange sama apa yg kamu sudah bake hahaha.. ty Hesti.. tu pyramid cute deh

Mel said...

Hi Rima, the chocolate buttercream look very inviting! Yum, Yum!! And the macaron pyramid look very beautiful.

Aida Jelita said...

looks hungry right now!!

Anie said...

Tenkiu for the info Rima ;)

Dah takde that irritating word verification thingy hehehez. Best.....

rahel said...

Waw..bestnya..ada banana cake...ada macarons...cantek la tempat macaron tu kak..

Rima said...

Ty Mel.. i think i shud stop eating cakes huhu

Rima said...

hungry? dah cari dessert belum? hehe

Rima said...

tengok lah.. kok i tak leh published.. when i click on moderate.. ur comment hilang pulak.. grrr

Rima said...

ohhh rupernye gi kat spam pulak.. ya adooo!!

Rima said...

is that u?? wooahhh so pwettyyyy.. sweet looking .. u so young!!

Ty ty.. that macaron pyramid memang good for presentation.. ade cover dia but i dont think its advisable to bawak lengang kangkong dgn benda ni.. jatuh mac tergolek golek nanti .. u assemble ur macs kat rumah

Anonymous said...

Hi, your bakings are so awesome! you bought the macs pyramid packaging at? You mind sharing? Thanks!


Hawa said...

Salaam , Kak! I did this cupcake earlier and its really nice! My grandma loves it! In fact , everyone loves it! Memang sedop noh! Love it ! Love it ! Love it!

Yat Maria said...


you always make even simple muffin/cake..etc..etc look absolutely mouth watering! seriously..and I love that gorgeous mac pyramid stand..cantek!

zurailah said...

Salam Rima.Will macs yg kita buat utk hantaran & letak dlm box lasts 4,5 hrs (penang to kl drive)?Coz i think i've read b4 u letak dlm cooler ya?And any ideas on macs hantaran presentation kalau nk dibawa jauh2.Ty

Ummi said...

Rima, adeeeiihh seperti biasalah, akak mmg xleh tahan tengok kek2 or muffin or cc dari hasil tangan mu...mmg mantopsss!!

Noriha said...

Hi Kak Rima
May I know the cost of a 2 tier medium chocolate cake covered with white fondant (embossed) & laced with black ribbon. Its for hantaran bertunang. My contact 98575607. thx, noriha

ZYani said...

omaigoddddddd..this is the must-try rcp for this weekend!!tq kak rima!!!

Rima said...

i think i will hv to bake this one more time cos mine the texture a little dry.. tak tahu apasal.. harus cuba lagi if i hv the time..

Rima said...

alahhhh u buat i kembang and kuncup hahaha.. itew mac pyramid so much more better than the mac tower.. tak payah risau ur mac jatuh tergolek.. it will look nice if u add flowers untuk buat exchange gift ker buat anak bujang u tunang hehe

Rima said...

i wud advise u to place ur macs kat container and then place it in ur freezer bag yg u letak ice pack.. usually thats how i transport all my macs for my malaysian orders..

Hmm i wud want to recommend u to do mac tower but that one u hv to assemble it kat sana.. if u nak senang.. place it in a nice box.. and put it in a basket.. or buy mac pyramid and add ribbons ker.. flowers ker.. memang lagi stable and presentable if u use mac pyramid

Rima said...

ya adoi.. i also just like everyone else.. sama ajer :op

Rima said...

Bake it! lemme know how urs turn out..

zurailah said...

Tks a lot Rima for yr advice.So kind of u,really appreciate it,walau kita kenal kt 'cyber space' ni je u never fail to assist me.Anyway macs pyramid tu in yr store ke?Or u beli kt s'pore/order online in d web?I wld love to get 1 for my daughter's engagement next month

Sammi-licious said...

Hi there, where can we purchase the macaron pyramids? They'll come in real handy during tea parties. Thanks in advance

Rima said...

Zurailah and sammi licious
ordered it online.. will hv it in my store if there are lots of request for it.

ira said...

hi rima,

interested in getting the mac pyramid. do you mind assisting pleaseeee.


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