Wednesday - Bolu Gulung Pisang Ambon

I know its late to be wishing everyone happy mid week nevertheless am glad i got thru it.. managed to settle two orders.. ty Dewi and also Azimah for the macs orders.. managed to reply to all my emails (Shikin if ur reading this.. can u pls email me again cos my reply got bounced back).. managed to send out (with the help of hubs of cos) all the mac sheets that were handcarried fm Barcelona.. Alhamdullilah..

I am still waiting for another shipment that will arrive end of Feb.. to those that inquired abt mac sheets.. i will notify once its back in stock.. ty to all that hv bought thru my store..

Anyway besides my mundane day to day thingy.. there is not much else to talk abt.. Sonia is getting much more "loud" ever since she started schooling.. yesterday i got a surprised fm her.. she came home with a flowers which she had handcrafted fm a cut up egg tray (will take a photo of it tomorrow).. she painted it and stuck it into a Styrofoam cup and bef she handed it to me.. she said this to me.. happy 'vantine' day mama... awwww how sweet..

This swiss roll was baked yesterday night.. i had like 3 almost expired bananas sitting in my kitchen.. went thru a few banana cake recipes and decided to gv this recipe a try.. the cake itself is so soft and nice .. i thought by adding spekkeok powder the aroma wud be overwhelming but i was wrong.. hubs likes it alot especially when he realised that i used nutella as filling :o)

4 eggs
80g palm sugar
20g sugar
1 tsp cake emulsifier

80g flour
10g milk powder
10g corn flour
1 tbsp spekkoek powder - i used 1/2 tbsp

50 g margarine, melted - i used butter
1 pc pisang Ambon - mashed - i used 3 pcs of bananas.. err dont know the type hehe

4 tbsp chocolate buttercream - i used nutella

Whisk ingredients (A) until thick..
Add in sifted (B) and stir
Add in melted (C) and stir again till well combined
Pour batter into ur greased pan (20x30cm).. (dont forget to use baking paper ok)
Bake it in preheated oven of 200C for 15mins
Once baked.. turn ur tray immediately.. spread chocolate buttercream and roll em.. tighten it and wrap with baking paper.. chill it bef slicing it..

Note: I used two trays to get two types of swiss roll.. thick and thinner type.. u can choose which one u like or just stick to the size that was recommended by Bu Fatma Bahalwan.

Source: NCC - Bu Fatma Bahalwan


Dewi said...

Salams Kak Rima,

I know i told u already just now but i really think i need to tell u this again.... Your Macs are AWESOME!!!!!! cant get enough of it actually. My sis love the lemon curd.

Ooohhh and and thank u for this lovely swiss roll u gave me. I mean i always drool at those pictures but today i get to eat what im looking at.... Ahaks!!

The cake is awesomely soft and moist. And d aroma oouuuhhh gosh...!!! Need i say more?? Haha

Thanks again Kak Rima. Finally get to meet 'The Kak Rima'. Ure gorgeous i must say.... :)))


Rima said...

Beri salam and terus hiding one corner hahaha.. ty for the compliments.. am happy to hear that u girls liked it ..

Ahhh tu dah ade recipe.. boleh lah bake untuk si dia hehe

juliana said...

Cute jak tgk swiss roll tue... mesti mcm tkang buat dia kan hehe... : ) bdk2 yg dok kat kdgtn mmg mcm tue sis semua jenis festival dorg kena buat sesuatu untk parents kan... my childs also sia simpan buat kenangan bah....

Anie said...


Looks yummy lah this swiss roll and bahan2 pun senang aja. I was gonna grab the 750g nutella yg on clearance sbb it has xmas packaging smalam tapi tak jadi. Still a long way to the expiry date, now ada reason to grab it hehehez. Off to the supermarket now......:D

Yat Maria said...


everytime I tgk swiss roll u buat, everytime jugak tekak ai rasa gatal nak makan..esp bananas + nutella lagi la yummy! this one senang gak nak buat kan..sebab tak basah k*..muahahhahah

Jun said...

roll..roll...rolling in deep, ekekeke...tetiba teringat kat Adele plak. lama tul i x menggulung2 ni..nampak sedap jek...isk3..cannot la..i tgk gambar aje la dulu ye..dh byk ngap ciskek ni, hihi..

ijayuji said...

Salam kak! wooooo! byk gulongggg tuuuu! orgnyer tergulong tak? ahahaha.... nostalgia betullah baulu gulong niii, kalau rewang2 mesti ada kuih niii, klu org deka blog buat kenduri kawen pun yg di bg mesti baulu gulong akakakaka... kalau kat sini nak buat sendirik mcm tak ghajen jerrr, order jerrr abis citer :D

Rima said...

Mana ader cute.. This year macam year yg mengemuk kan.. Pagi pagi dah rasa lapar.. Haish

Rima said...

U jgn tak tahu I also suka benda benda clearance.. Typical Singaporean kannn hehe.. Beli lah.. Can do macam macam with it.. Eh luper nak cakap.. Melt ur nutella dulu for easy spreading

Rima said...

Muahahaha babe.. Ku tetap Ketawa besar.. Anything that got to do with 'K' I sure laugh one


Wow Rima...roll yang sangat indah

Mel said...

my last bake of swiss roll is a failure therefore I dare not try to bake any roll cake theresince. I should try again. Your photos really look stunning. Are those rosemary? Did you plant it yourself?

KG said...

awww...rima mmg gorgeous! hitam hitam si tampuk manis! nak kue itu satu!....maqnifique!

cik cek said...

Lama sgt dah tak berswiss roll...teringin lak nak buat....masuk list dulu...:)

izahdaut said...

wiwiiittt... comel nya kek gulung.. amboi sweetnya si kecik sonia dah pandai craft ye. hehe

Mama said...

hai kak rima...Mama missing ur entry. tp sebernanya Mama yg lame tak blogwalking jjerrr... ;) wwaahhh ade jer ur idea to dump in ur receipe ek!!!! miracle is..semuanya jadi jer kan kan kan....will write to u again...see ya..

Hesti HH. said...

Aiiiiih cake pisang enak. Favoritku ini akak, apalagi pakai bumbu spekku...hmmm terbayang bayang keharumannya. Cantiiik fotonya! aku suka yang tipis, kelihatan banget rollnya...

degateauchocolat said...

Hi..Ibu Rima...salam kenal..

I like your's a nice blog I've ever seen..I like your macarons, thinking I would like to buy from you the macaron baking sheets. Kindly advise me how to order. Thanks....

Rima said...

ahh an hari ini ku dah baham satu slice.. tak leh jadi lah .. ku rasa kan ku macam cepat penat.. tu tanda nye berat badan dah naik huhu

Rima said...

Salam Ijahhh..
eh orang nye memang dah tergulung pun hahaha.. alahhh if malas .. pi beli sudah lah.. :op

Rima said...

u must keep on rolling hehe.. watch you tube and i am pretty sure u can roll it tight hehe

No no.. thats not Rosemary.. those are the pines fm my christmas tree that i kept inside my freezer.. still smells like christmas in my home hehehe

Rima said...

muahahah eh black itew menawan tauuuu ahaks

Rima said...

Ku kepinggin roti!

Rima said...

panjang list nye tak?? hehe

Rima said...

pweeewittt mak dara ker?? hehe sonia memang suka art and craft.. sebab tu setiap kali gi kl mesti dia nak singgah 1utama and do art kat sana..

Rima said...

hope ur doing good... not miracle lah.. tu nama nye survivor ahaks

Rima said...

Roll yg tipis tu lagi senang mau masuk ke mulut.. tinggal ngap aja hehe..

i baked this roll cake out of curiosity cos tak pernah buat swiss roll pisang apatah lagi yg pakai spekkeok powder.

Sem said...

Hi Rima,
I love this recipe,because the combination of spekkeok powder and palm sugar add an interesting note to the recipe.
Just wonder is palm sugar similar to those Gula Melaka(from Malaysia) which comes in block?
Secondly, is spekkok powder can be replaced with mixed spice?

Rima said...

yes it is.. u can also use brown sugar if u dont hv it in ur pantry..

Spekkeok powder has a slight different aroma but yeah.. u can be replace it with mix spice if u dont hv any..

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