Monday - Steamed Brownies

Monday blues?? I dont even wanna start how my day was like.. i got home.. i baked mac shells.. i tried out a new recipe.. did my laundry.. marinated my chicken and bef i knew it..its time to fetch hubs.. in fact i got there close to half past 6.. got home in time for magrib.. plonged my chicken in the oven. had dinner.. continued with laundry and thank goodness i dont hv to think abt housework for we did our Sunday cleaning yesterday.. Lisa .. i know ur reading this.. come back soon ok!! am kaput!

Steamed Brownies.. not supposed to be in cuppies .. i am constantly on the go so cuppies can be a hassle.. so i dumped my batter into a my mould and guess what?? my cake got stuck.. arghhh i thought i greased it! thank goodness i only used half of my batter for it.. by the end of the day.. i had to settle with steamed brownies in cuppies.. blahhhh

4 eggs
150g sugar
1 tsp emulsifier
1/2 tsp salt

100g all purpose flour
25g cocoa powder - i used cocoa berry

100g margarine - i used butter
60g dark cooking chocolate - i used cocoa berry
1 tbsp black forest paste

Heat ur steamer
Melt butter and add into dark chocolate.. stir till melt bef adding in black forest paste - set aside
Using a stand mixer.. whisk eggs, sugar, emulsifier and also salt till thick and fluffy.
Add in sifted flour and cocoa powder and stir till combined
Add in melted chocolate/butter and continue to stir
Pipe batter into desire mould
Steam it using med fire for 20mins if ur using cuppies like mine.

Source: Fatma Bahalwan


umiyumi said...

Salam Kak Rima.. sedapnya brownies tu.. paper cup brownies pun comel.. :)

Rima said...

Salam Umiyumi
hehe nasib ade si cute mute paper cup if not i sure frust one :o)

Do it if u hv the time.. like any other cake yg di kukus.. this steamed brownies is lembut and dense.. sonia makan tiga in one go!

Anonymous said...

As Salam Rima, saya wiz :o)

You turn everything into a picture perfect, recipe book like images from all your bakes. Saya sangat suka.

Rima said...

As salam Wiz
Ty .. i shy shy cat hehe.. still green and am still learning..

ijayuji said...

yuhuuu kak! baru jer balik dr umah akak tadi niii, baru nk out refresh balik da kuar bronis pulak!, cup dia santek! :D rasa mesti lagi lagi cantek tu kan kan kan!!

Rima said...

Wahai adik ku Ijahh
ahh kann... macam magic.. refresh terus ade bronis hehe..

Part menyopping benda baking memang me nbr one in the world.. eh kata truely asia hahaha

Yat Maria said...


beautiful cuppies *cough* ishh can't wait!hehehe...

Lee said...

Hi Rima, wow! They sure look real cute. Too good to pop into mouth too. Outstanding!
But looking at it, one bite lupa nama mak, ha ha.
Looks romantic too.
You have fun and keep a song in your heart.

CT Delima said...

As'salam Rima

suka browniesjugak. ni kalau kukus kena panggil browkuslah kan..hehehe

Nanti k.ct nak cubalah cute sangat2 brownies buat macam tu kan, tambah2 you ni memang mcm k.ct juga pantang jumpa benda2 yang comel macam ni semuanya nak sambar..hehehe

Rima said...

Cough! I also .. Maybe we will ended up posting entry using the same one? Hehe

Rima said...

Uncle lee
Song aper tu di pagi Tuesday? Hehe My day starts off alright.. Drinking coffee now n BW.. So that's good lah kan :)

Rima said...

Salam K.CT
Memang orang Indon panggil brokus.. I liked it but much preferred to use mould cos kat tengah dia usually I add chocolate rice.. Kira steam half batter.. Tabur chocolate rice n then continue to steam another half batter..

Memang benda yg kita ingat tak boleh jumpa kat sini harus lah dibeli.. Betul tak?? Hehe

Mel said...

Hi Rima, good day to you.
The paper cups looks lovely! And so does the steamed brownies, must be yummy too.

KG said...

A work of art! and I know what you did wt tt box, hehe, nice!

Anonymous said...

Salam Rima, Misah here, simple but deliciously looking brownies u hv there, agak2 kalau topping kn dier ok tk?? Tks... ;-)

THE DUO said...

Hi Kak Rima,

Cuppies tu cute la....makan pun senang ngap! Saya ada cuba buat molten choc cake last weekend tp macam tak cun la macam Kak Rima punya. Apa2 pun bila dah masuk mulut..yum..yum.. sodap jugak...:o))

Cuba intai2 blog saya & comment apa2 yg patut....he..he..


Messy Mummy said...

Tercungap-cungap membaca about ur day.. huhu.. but tak apa.. all for love kan kak Rima? :D

KaNaGaEs said...

Hello, can i use ovalette instead of emulsifier??

Rima said...

Yes can

Rima said...

Yes can

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