Sonia first day at school..

I am actually waiting for my dearest son to come home.. we had wanted to go out on a "date" around 9 ish and had told him in advance to come home early.. had to call him a couple of times and now hes back.. this is what happens if you engage an unpaid babysitter :)

So while waiting i decided to upload photos taken yesterday.. where history was made lol.. my little princess is in school.. yep finally her mama will get a good 5hrs "time out" hehehe..

All went well.. we are so so proud of our little princess.. she woke up without any issue.. showered without any fuss.. had her morning milk and off we went.. i was thrilled and finally when we got there.. we gave her a hug and off she went without turning around.. i choked up a bit but no tears came rolling down my cheeks hehe

Anyway hb and I later went on our little escapade.. fetched her at noon and off we went to meet Yani aka KG and her hb.. drove her to several baking stores and let me tell ya.. that woman can really spend hahaha

After our short coffee break.. we decided to take them to our local hangout.. had seafood and satay and by half past 9 we were already on our way home.. it was a super loooooong day but we had so much fun.. we were talking like a house on fire and so were our hubs!

I got home.. put Sonia to bed.. took a shower and started to roll up my sleeves cos today i had to deliver 6 boxes of goodies to my customer.. arghhhh was kaput but its all worth it!

So ok.. enjoy the photos!

Every single day.. we are greeted by this beautiful morning blues...

Wasnt happy at all when papa forced her to take her vitamins!

Super excited to go to school!

After temperature was taken... still smiling hehe

Good girl... she did it automatically simply bec we always emphasize her to do that..

Sonia was the third last to arrive.. phewww

Sonia's schoolmates... some on single session.. some on two sessions..

Jump.. dance... ohhh Sonia lovesss it!

School over! mama and papa are so proud of u!

Ahem ahem.. cough cough.. hahahaha

All buckled up... Time to fetch auntie Yani..

These were the goodies that were prepared after a long day.. i think i must hv snored last night! oppssy! Ty Norlijah for ordering apple crumble, chocolate banana bottom and fudgy chocolate brownies...

Hv a good Sunday peeps and start packing your bags cos on Monday a great Giveaway awaits you!!! :)))


CTZee said...

Salam K. Rima. time flies. Don't they grow up too fast? You've done a great job that's why she is who she is.

That is such a big class, no? Bon weekend!

Sizuka said...

Rima, kudos to sonia!! She's such a brave girl. I guess she takes after her mom. Jelesnya baca u and k.yani having such a good time!! I wanna join too!! Sedih sungguh :(

ette seth said...

Hi rima,

Glad that Sonia is all smile on her first day of school. My daughter, Zara, was ok on her first day but she's too shy to make friends.

Just to let you know that yesterday, i baked Sicilian Orange Cake. It was simply great. This recipe is a keeper.

Have a great sunday!

Unknown said...

sonia makin comel lah!! ;-)

Rima said...

Alahhh kadang tu datang dia angin kedegilan nye terselar hehe

Thats the whole school children.. per group tak ramai pun.. 7 students to a teacher

Rima said...

lain kali u datang dgn yani ajer.. sure we rock my little island hahaha

Ni baru antar dia balik hotel.. i kidnap dia tadi at midnight.. took her to mustaffa center hehe

Rima said...

ohhh tu ikut mama dia tak.. pemalu.. sonia ni ishhh mama and papa dia over friendly .. tu sebab anak super friendly hehe

U did?? sedap kan.. ni asyik teringat nak buat butter cake ajer.. ishhh pakal butter masik keras hahaha

Rima said...

hehe makin besar lah kata kannn :op

Mat Gebu said...

Tau2 Sonia dah masuk sekolah...but mama still maintain vogue...phewwww!!..

CTZee said...

hehehe...takpelah everybody has their moments betul tak? The main thing is she's happy. school assembly. 7 kids/teacher now that's a great class size. So does that mean we'll get to see more blogging from you with your free hours of freedom? ;)

Yat Maria said...


my first born was the turning back for that one last flying kiss to mama..siap bilang ai the next day tak payah hantar gi skolah..haha..berbeza with the 2nd baby..evry step akan turn back with many2 flying kiss..ku ingat lagi masa that 2nd one nak melangkah masuk class, muka ada kerepot sket tahan sebak..haha..he terover manja being the youngest..but then when the daddy showed his 'thumbs up" budak tu pun "thumbs up" albeit with muka still kerepot macam nak gembeng..baik tak hujan..hahaha..what a diff btw the 2 boys..reminiscing jaman batu! ku terasa dah tua plak ah! that hot mama! :)

Mira Marlena said...

Sonia looked adorable for her 1st day of kindy..and mommy ehem..looked vogue when picking Sonia from kindy..hehe
Kalau next time ke Sg,the first place I wanna be is at Mustaffa Center sebab masa hari tu tak cukup masa nak round dalam sana.Harus tawaf sampai lenguh kaki baru puas. :-D

CS said...

5hrs time off for you, haruskah berjimba kemana2 atau naikkan kaki atas meja sambil tengok tivi? (I dont think u would do that, hehe).

1. Ada jual lagi tak t-shirt Macs macam Sonia pakai tu? Kalau ada size SS (wpun tak muat), akan ku sarongkan juga cam nangka (busuk?), haha..
2. Bila sekolah habis, dah tak nampak klip kat rambut Sonia.. hehe..
3. That lady in black, woot woot.. mengancam!

Rima said...

Cik Mat
Kejap kan budak budak ni membesar.. membuat ku terasa mature ahaks

Rima said...

will u be blogging or will u go and chill at starbucks near by while waiting for her to finish?? mauahaha..

izahdaut said...

sonia good girl.. dah makin besar.. semoa terus menjadi anak kebanggaan ayah n ibunya.

Rima said...

my first born satu minggu ku tak leh begerak.. asal kita blah ajer dia dah mula keluar siren.. air mata tak putus putus pulak tu.. dah tu siap kata tak nak gi sekolah ishhh... yg ni pulak terus 'jgn pandang belakang' dia dgn rela ikut teacher masuk dalam sekolah.. parents not allow to hegeh hegeh kat situ.. cuma diberi grace period 10mins tu yg belum sempat nak terkedu byk byk terus kena shortcut hehe

Alahhh that hot mama tu actually pakai hitam biar nampak kurus.. pakai glasses tu nak sorok waterbag muahahaha

Rima said...

mustaffa ni kalau nak betul betul berjam jam pun belum tentu boleh habis round.. macam magnet kann.. kalau boleh nak tawaf all area and the best part.. waktu nak bayar.. asal gi cashier macam terkejut beruk cos tak sangka dah angkut byk benda along the way hehe

Mama harus vogue if not orang ingat amah pulak yg pick up sonia hahaha

Rima said...

Cik Som
ohhhh u know me far too well..

1) tv - waste of time - better jimba jimba
2) the macs tower tshirt - i can get it for u.. what size? XS biar dia melekat kat badan? aaauuuwww hehehe
3) Habis sekolah rambut dah mengerigai macam sharifah aini .. klip rambut semua dah masuk dalam beg sekolah
4) that lady in black is not Sonia's amah wokey hahaha

Rima said...

nasib baik last friday tu angin dia datang dari selatan.. if dari lain direction aduhhhh boleh fengsan :op

Yat Maria said...


waterbag ke eyebag?? muahahhahahah...adakah it's a sign that 1 more coming soon? we shall wait ok? ngeh18x

Trying To Be Muslim.. said...

waaaaaaa....baik nye dak sonia ni....:) mudah nak g sekolah yer...muahahaha..teringat zaman ayu g sekolah lak.....siap papa dukung sbb nanges xmo tinggal adik....wat malu company tol ar...

alhamdulillah, my son did great too....

ehem ehem cough cough ...phewiiiit to the lady in black..:)

Rima said...

muakahkahkah.. ishhhh where can.. nak dapat dak sonia pun harus ku keluar duit mayak mayak.. no more IUI baby plsssssss haha

Rima said...

kita antar anak sure teringat waktu kita kecik.. i cant even remember anything but Hairi wasnt like that.. dia gembeng sikit..

KG said...

tqs for the lovely and warm hospitality...kepanasannya amat terasa mauhaha!you dtg kl i bawak gi mana ek!?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kak Rima,

May I know, where can I purchase the cake boxes in your pics?? I'd also like to know if there's any bakery supply shop you'd recommend in JB.


Fellow budding baker

CTZee said...

K. Rima, why not do like those Hollywood writers wannabe.... Duduk kat kedai kopi Starbucks with yr lappy/netbk & blog away. hehehehehehe ;)

Messy Mummy said...

Waaaahhhh! Baiknya Sonia. Senyum jer... Posing comel gitu.

ninazsyafinaz said...

Whoaa suka tgk pic Sonia before pergi sekolah kat tangga tuh and pic after school..hehehe.. cute girl!

Mama said... happy to see sonia going to scholl..this year is d second year of kidergarten for my's still maintain ok jer..he he year.. primary school...she's going for chinese scholl..its her request.. i dont know mane plak teringin nyer nak gi sek cina my daughter nii...hai...nampaknyer we have to go for chinese class la ye...mmuuahahaha...

Anonymous said...

kak rima ,sekali tgk mcm actress malaysia eja tu la..but this one without false eyelashes hehe..niza

Rima said...

auwwwww tak lah sama but part false eyelashes .. i also like to use.. all the time hahaha

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