Come fly with me - Green Tea Lapis Surabaya

Good Morning, Selamat Pagi, Guten Morgen, Zao An.. hehehe.. second day of school Sonia greated us by saying.. Zao An and Ni Hao Ma which totally blew us away .. we decided to take up Mandarin for her simply bec hb felt its important to know another language besides english, malay and german.. unlike most caucasians, hubby started off life in a local school system and when his parents decided to send him to International school.. hb had a tutor to teach him at home and hence the Mandarin speaking...

Anyway .. I am so sorry but this is gonna be a quick entry.. i hv been busy eversince Sonia started school and only tdy will i hv the time to get things sorted bef our 3wks trip to Europe.. i still hv to get a few stuff and pack our bags.. and also need to send out a couple of things for my online customer... arghhh .. i will try to update as much as i can fm Germany, France and also Spain.. cant wait to show Hairi what Europe has to offer since hes only been to Down Under, the US and also the Middle East.. not forgetting Asia hehe

So with little time on hand and 20 eggs left in my kitchen.. i decided to bake this cake... honestly? i am not a big fan of green tea / matcha powder nor i am a big fan of any kinda of tea.. i seriously dont know why i baked green tea lapis surabaya yesterday.. but i did.. how my cousin can even drink green tea latte every afternoon.. i really dont know lol..

My dear hb loves the combination of green tea in this lapis surabaya cake.. hairi ate it .. Sonia ate it with no issue.. me?? i just cant get myself to eat it.. i mean eating the green tea part lol.. the smells of green tea reminds me of Henna however i enjoy eating the top and bottom part of this lapis surabaya.. it tastes so rich and yummy!

15 egg yolks
3 egg white
10g emulsifier
150g sugar
80g all purpose flour - i used HK flour
15g milk powder
15g corn flour
180g butter - melted
1 tbsp condense milk
1 tsp vanilla essence
2 tsp green tea powder - add a little warm water to form paste ok

Buttercream OR
Any kinda jam - i used raspberry jam

- Preheat oven to 170C.. grease ur baking pan - i used the ones shown
- Sieve ur flour, milk powder and also corn flour - set aside
- Melt butter and add in condensed milk into it - set aside
- Using a stand mixer.. whisk egg yolk, egg white and also sugar on high speed till thick .. add in emulsifier and continue to whisk till fluffy.
- Lower ur mixer speed and add sifted flour, milk powder and also corn flour .. continue to whisk.
- Once done.. switch off ur mixer and fold in melted butter mixture.
- Divide batter into three equal part - abt 270g for each part.
- Add one part with green tea paste.
- Pour batter into pan
- Bake it for abt 20mins
- Once done.. cool it and spread whatever filling u like.. stack em and keep it in ur fridge for half an hr bef u slice em..

Ok folks.. i better get going.. i hv to cook sambal ikan bilis kacang to take along.. that signature dish is a must whenever i go somewhere during winter cos that is what both hb and I will crave for hahaha

Note: The recipe abv is half of the original recipe.. if u plan to bake a bigger cake.. stick to the original recipe ok..

30 butir kuning telur
6 putih telur
300 gr gula pasir
20 gr emulsifier
160gr tepung terigu
30 gr susu bubuk full cream
25 gr tepung maizena
300 gr mentega, cairkan
1 sdm bubuk green tea - cair dengan sedikit air hangat
Vanilla essence
250 gr selai nanas

1. Kocok speed tinggi telur & gula, hingga gula larut. Masukkan emulsifier, kocok bentar, pindahkan ke speed lambat, masukkan bahan kering, kocok kembali dgn speed tinggi hingga adonan kental, berjejak.
2. Matikan mixer, beri adonan sedikit pewarna kuning telur (bila suka). Aduk rata, beri rhum/essence, aduk rata.
3. Masukkan mentega cair, aduk rata. Bagi adonan 3 bagian, beri satu bagian adonan dgn pasta green tea. Tuang dalam loyang bersemir margarin beralas kertas roti. Oven suhu sekitar 160 derajat celcius selama 25-30 menit / hingga matang.
4. Jika sudah matang, angkat, segera balik kue dari loyang, dinginkan.

So ok mbak mbak sekalian... enjoy the recipe and see u in Freiburg! Insyallah... err actually right now i feel like baking the pound cake that i saw at Shirley's :op

Source: Ricky Indriani.. adapted fm Rachmah Setyawaty


Yat Maria said...


I also the same...cannot drink green tea on it's own or as latte as God knows what else..tapikan there's one time (twice actually) that I've baked green tea with choc in a cake..and the taste is ok..ok for me la coz the green tea taste is subtle..but somehow my youngest bro bule suka gilos that cake..I guessed taste lain2 kan..

Nyway, I;ve gotten that Mag with yr resepi...berkobar2 pi call my JB colleague, suroh pi cari jugak that mag sampai dapat..I bilang nanti I upah dia that 20cents macs that I made..muhahahaha...nak seribu daya the end dapat gak! ahaksss..

Ok here's a happy holidays to u! have fun & be safe...Ta..!

ON THE TOP said...

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Rima said...

eh eh why lah after replying long long my msg tak masuk.. grrr

Actually kan i dah a few times bake something with green tea ni.. be it in cakes or in my bread but still i tak leh angs sama itew bau.. maybe its just my mind set lah.. bila tengok powder dia teringat akan inai powder.. bila hidu bau.. teringat akan inai hehehe.. the taste of green tea kat cake ni subtle ajer (according to my hb lah) .. still i tak leh tertelan but as long as others find it delicious.. am happy lah to bake it for them..

20 sen macs.. lol i ketawa sendiri seh waktu baca that entry.. bila ku nak post comment tiba tiba internet connection kat starbucks tu kaput.. agak nye pasal tiap tiap hari bertagak kat sana tak?? hahaha

Ty and will do.. u hv a great wkend yah

Rima said...

ty for coming dark heart!

Anonymous said...

Selamat bercuti. Gambar yang cantik wajib share dengan kami ni.

Princess Sonia akan ponteng, ngeh, ngeh, ngeh.


Rima said...

hahaha memang ponteng lah jawab nye.. memang dah informed principle dia pong sebelum register dia ahaks

Ty and will do.. hv a good weekend ok

CS said...

Babe kita kat carta teratas tu dah mandi ke? Mesti belum..kan? haha..

30 egg yolks? Kalau kuning telur burung yg cenonet tu pun I tak sanggup *kes kedekut*..

My son mesti suka that middle part. He's into green tea latte. Betullah rasa dia mcm rasa/bau inai. Xbesh..

BTW, your acuan tu kembar tiga ya?? Beli kat mana?? *nak juga kekdahnya nih*

My word verif. SOMeg

Rima said...

muahaha babe yg kat atas i dont know but yg empunyer blog ni belum lagi.. gosok gigi.. cuci muka and sholat dulu dah tu belum termandi mandi lagi .. ade hati nak bake cake pulak tu hahaha.. nak goreng ikan bilis dulu lah!

I only use half recipe since i only hv 20 eggs tu yg pakai that loyang.. yes its kembar tiga.. meant for lapis surabaya and bought it in Jakarta.. i also hv single type and they called it brownie pan

Verif word - auwwww SOMeg hehe

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,

Lovely cake, but I'll just enjoy the picture. No time/interest yet to attempt doing something tedious :) I still need to perfect my skill of baking simple things.

Cant wait to see the pictures of your trip to Euro :)



Messy Mummy said...

hahaha.. the baker tak mampu ehh rasa the green tea part? :p honestly tak pernah rasa pun so tak leh nak komen but i guess kalau sonia makan jer.. sure sedap rasanya..

lamanya trip.. trip nie la ehh buat sonia ponteng lama yer...?huhu..nak jadi sonia gak lah.. boleh tumpang ponteng :)

chop, cuba tayang ikan bilis kacang tu skit... huhu..

selamat berpacking k.rima...

susumanis said...

Dear yr new reader, so much in love with yr posting especially all the nice beautiful delices cakes of yours..gonna be yr loyal reader then..tqvm n wishing u the nicest trip to europe ever :)

Anie said...


The only time I minum green tea is when I mkn sushi dkt restaurant. Other than tea or tea not in my drinking list hehehez.

Rajinnya u nak buat sambal ikan bilis & kacang...I was thinking abt making them the other day tapi belom kesampaian. I pun tak berapa pass bila buat that kinda sambal. Selalu aja rasanya macam kuuuurrreenng gitu :D

Anyway....selamat bercuti2, enjoyyyzzzzz ;)

Mel said...

Rima, you always make such wonderful cakes; I just couldn't catch up with all the recipes which I have bookmarked at. You are my Idol Bakes! :-)

Unknown said...

i loveeee green tea...k.rima, may i have a slice of your green tea lapis? looks yummy...hmmm...(drooling..)..

rahel said...

Rima,cantek sangat lapisan kek tu...macam nak ambik je yang lapisan teh punya..tentu sedap sangat..

Yat Maria said...

Cik Som

weiiii...kita dah mandi la..tgk la time..kita bagun 5.00am sebab ada appt jam 8pagi..tu yg terus mandi..then sempat buat cake from 6.00am..then tgk blog..kebetulan Rims uodate so kita pun reply la..hehe...tak nampak ke ni bedek tertepek cam tepong gomak ni..hahah..err...actuali kalo no appt, agaknya lom mandi la that time..ngeh18x

Hi babe...dah packing? :)

izahdaut said...

hehe.. kak rima.. taste kita sama. saya pun tak brapa suke green tea. tak leh masuk ma. cuti2..sonia tak ke school la ye kak. "aaayookk mama n sonia tak pergi school.ayook".. ini la bunyi yang my son dapat bila pergi sekolah. dah pandai main ejek2 ok. sabor jela.haha.

su said...

sis..loyang tuh mmg attach 3 skali eh?

Hesti HH. said...

Nggak disangka ternyata Kak Rima juga tak terlalu suka greentea. Saya kira lidahku saja yang beda...haha

Tapi tetap saja kalau dikasih pasti kumakan. Kelembutannya dan dua lapisan kuningnya yang lain tentulah sangat enaaak.

Selamat berlibur ya Kak, semoga selamat dan sehat tiba di tujuan and have fun!!

cahya indah said...

green tea latte is sedap, auntie Rima..i'm sure this cake is yummy.

Rima said...

Hi Sally
This cake actually not difficult lah.. as long as u dont deflate ur batter.. ur good to go..

Will take pics of cos!

Rima said...

Messy Mummy
packing done a moment ago.. tadi dah settle si ikan bilis and also terbuat cake pulak hahaha.. tinggal nak siap and go to airport ajer hehe

I no like lah the taste.. oldies lah kata kan hehe

Rima said...

ty ty.. will do definately.. si Hairi demam .. had to take him to see doc semalam.. kena injection lagi and hes been resting .. demam dah turun lah but still hv to makan obat.. hopefully tmrw he will be fine or else nanti sampai tempat sejuk.. lagi worst :o(

Sambal ikan bilis and kacang memang fav orang kita kan.. i usually will take a bottle cos kat sana kadang nak cemel cemel and benda yg tak de jugak yg nanti boleh jadi teringin so die die must buat ah.. hmm aper yg terkurang tu?

Rima said...

awww ty dear.. just like everyone else.. i too hv long list hehe

Rima said...

come come but kan i dont hv it anymore..

I dont know why i dont like the taste of any tea..

Rima said...

aper kata kita jadi partner in crime.. u take the green part.. i take the yellow part but kan u will ended up gaining much more lesser weight then me hahaha

Rima said...

dahhhh.. tinggal nak blah ajer

Buat cake aper tu??

Rima said...

hahaha budak budak ni memang cepat dia tangkap.. sonia makin school makin ligat.. kita ingat gi school sure balik dia lepat.. adoiiii makin laju macam gasing.. dah tu cakap tak renti renti!! penat wei nak melayan

Ohhh i didnt know ramai yg tak leh angs sama green tea.. i any tea also i no like

Rima said...

ah ah.. memeng berguna if nak buat lapis surabaya.. cake bake all at one time.. if u whip ur batter all at one go and then bake it one loyang at a time.. ur batter will defalte .. err unless ur oven can masuk 3 loyang sekali jln

Rima said...

ty dear.. i need it badly .. cant wait to spend quality time with my family..

Green tea ni memang ade rasa lain sedikit.. err teh teh yg lain pun saya enggak suka apa lagi green tea :o(

Rima said...

Cahaya Indah
i am pretty sure sedap.. my cousin suka banget green tea latte .. maybe u can try and bake this lapis surabaya??

AzLiN said...

Kak Rima, I pon nak halve the recipe lah since 30 egg yolks buat I kecut but I dun have that "3-divide" pan thingy nor do I have the brownie pan. Loyang size apa boleh I pakai?

Btw, maybe you can consider selling that pan on your store so that ppl like me can enjoy the benefits of it.. My 2 sen... Hehehe

Mel said...

Hi Rima, yesterday I was in Singapore doing my CNY shopping; I saw you at Northpoint queuing at Swensen. I told my sister that you are my favourite food blog and my sis asked me to go to you to say hello....I was just to shy and seeing you with your family together, I was so ecstatic like seeing you as a superstar! Hee....

Rima said...

Judging by the batter kan i think its best to pakai 6 or 7" pan .. if u pakai 8" kek nye nanti tak tinggi..

Hmmm that pan memang ku ingat nak bawak masuk but belum belum sampai jakarta.. hopefully this year i will get to go there..

Rima said...

Hi Mel
really??!! do say hi the next time u see us.. we dont bite hehehe

Rima's Green Tea Drinking Cousin said...

Green tea latte is niiiiiice! Withdrawal syndrome now...didnt get to drink this afternoon...waaaahhh!!! :(:(

FaithHopeLove said...

Hi Rima,

Can you please advise where did you get the pan?

Thanks a lot!

Rima said...

I got it fm Jakarta

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