Sultana Butter Cake - Ohhhh my!

Its weekend .. the weather is mighty fine and i hv two sickies in my family.. Sonia went to see Dr Kenny today (Dr Kumar is not around) and the moment she walked out of the clinic she was fine again.. geeeshhh whats up with us and docs.. the moment u see them.. u feel better lol.. anyway shes all ok now.. shes been going in and out the toilet since Thursday night and has not been going to the toilet since we left the clinic.. not complaining of tummy ache either.. Alhamdullilah..

Hb on the other hand has been having headaches.. sometimes hes feeling all good.. some days hes not.. hes gonna go for laser surgery in 4 days time .. hopefully its gonna be a smooth procedure..

So besides that.. nothing much happened for the past couple of days.. i hv been baking macs for two orders so this week was a breeze err well except yesterday after i received an email fm a kind soul telling me that someone stole my pics - again.. i quickly made a report to FB (which is really easy to do) and bef i knew it they (FB HQ) replied telling me my pics were removed.. this person seems to hv a lot of nerve stealing my pics (and others' too) for her business. Anyway this is what i wrote on my FB status to MISO.COM (page owner is Coco Bee) - the thief - sigh:


1) I hope you have learnt your lesson to not copy and paste pictures that do not belong to you for your own marketing purposes. Facebook has been in touch with you about this. This is called IP (Intellectual Property). I have a copyright notice on my page and I expect you to adhere to that.
2) You not only copied my pictures, but you also cropped my watermark and pasted your own.
3) Finally you had the nerve, when somebody asked you on how you "make" the Jelly, to say "senang aje..". I think you mean "senang aje... just copy and paste"...
4) I notice too that there are some other pictures of other bloggers in your FB account. I strongly urge you to remove them before they get in touch with FB and your account is permanently disabled.

Rgds Rima

I know maybe some might think that its a little over the top for me to blog abt it but this is my right and my IP and if someone doesnt even wanna respect it.. i am gonna make sure this person pays for his/her wrong doing..

Note: As of 6pm 10th December 2011 it seems that she has removed quite a number of other photos too. So dear, on the one hand, be happy that I am giving you free advertising for your store - on the other hand I am still waiting for an apology. If you do a business, do it sincerely and not at the expense of others by impersonating what you are not.


So ok.. i actually had wanted to share this cake recipe yesterday but i was super busy that i had to blog abt it today.. cake is super super rich... buttery and oh god.. i told Yat Maria that i couldnt even be bothered to wait till my cake cooled down bef i sliced it.. the aroma of butter and the softness of this cake was killing me that i had to have it while it was hot.. i mean i had two hot slices of sultana butter cake at one go.. super yummy.. i loikeee!! tks babe for this wonderful recipe!

Well ok peeps.. i hv to go and get ready.. gonna go out for dinner and tmrw morning i hv to get up early to send my macs to Hyatt for a customer whos on a transit fm Myanmar back home to Brunei..

Source: My household capers


Shal said...

Uhh i cant wait to try out this recipe. I love butter cake recipe, u knw y? No need to line my tray hahahks... I ran out of butter uwaaa... Y bcoz i bake 3 tray of sicilian cake and 4 tray of nutella marble cake for my son's aqiqah. N everybody loves it!! Tersipu2 ai dibuatnyer hihiks. Siap ada yg nk order. Aftr this im sure this cake gonna b a hit. Tq tq tq

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,I always love buttercake and this looks super delicious...will try it tomorrow...TQ very much for the recipe...and glad to hear Sonia is ok...have a great weekend...

CS said...

Daku teruja gak.. mamanya Jannah @NZ dah buat, mamanya Sonia dah buat so haruslah mamanya T buat jugak.. Semua nih Mamanya dudans punya pasal, hehe *flying kiss to Yat*.

BTW I've tried baking madeleines 2 wks ago. Kurang memuaskan :-( namun I'll try again insyaallah.

Note: I support your action. It's your right.

Rima said...

Alhamdullilah... suka dengar bila aper yg kita bake orang suka.. try and bake this cake ok.. i loved it!

Rima said...

I guess everyone pun suka buttercake.. i am one of them tu sebab boleh TERmakan byk hehehe

Rima said...

LOL memang pun.. ni semua pasal mama dudah.. dah tu tak pasal pasal si mama Janah goda kita pulak.. ahhh so aper lagi.. tak tahan sangat mama Sonia terus bake it walaupun si papa Sonia suruh bake kan dia biskut kering hahaha.. sila lah mama T try buat.. senang ajer..

Hmmm apasal tak berapa menjadi? tade peruk buncit kah?? cuba simpan lama sikit kat peti sejuk

Yan said...

Haa yang ni senang nak buat. kalau ganti dgn mulberry sedap gaknye ek? ada a few cups hasil tuaian kebun. ha ha...
btw, u did give her a free advertisement. Apa pun yg u buat end up benefiting others jugak kan? InsyaAllah banyak pahala u dapat.

Rima said...

I think it will go well with just abt any buah buahan.. i used half raisin and half mix fruits cos tak cukup raisins ku hahaha.. hantam lah labuuu

Insyallah.. Amin..

Putrimlm said...

hi rima i really lah teruja tengok your post semuanya menarik some your recepi thats akak try semuanya sedap2 dan senang untok akak faham ..btw bleh akak share the recepi rima ni?terutama setelah akak beli pencetak macaron rima tu ..macaron akak cantik2 belaka lah ...thanks rima

Yat Maria said...


ni..mama dudans datang...pagi2 buta jam 1.25am..baru balik merambu merayap2 with dudans & makcik kementot..go & watch the bulan terang gelap terang...takder keje malam2 pi waterfront kahkahkah...

this cake nice innit? ku pun suka..becoz of the raisins, jadi perebutan kuasa anak beranak on that last theend..I potong 4..barulah seperti kata arwah ahmad nisfu.."sama rata, sama rasa musti adil & saksama" hahaha..tapi ku play cheat sket..ku punya besar sket dari dia orang bertiga tu..kata tukang buat adil lah tu..hehe..

Yat Maria said...

Eh lupa plak...hai cik som..tq for the flying kita lagi amik masuk dalam bag..haha...

and lupa panjag lebar nyer comments sebenarnya sebab itew I bagi 2..hehe..memang harus dicomplainkan to the pencuri..the other time gambarku dicongkong kat blog ku complain cepat plak dia orang take action...suka hati beta....tapi apology ilek from the perpertrator..cisss...but at the same time ku terketawa baca yr para on that free advert for her..hahaha...sempat... :)

AzLiN said...

Salam Kak Rima, lama tak "talk" on your blog.. Hehehe. Kak, I'm soooo drooling over your butter cake cos I sooooo lurve butter cake & therefore I'm soooo gonna make this cake.

Kak, can i replace raisins with something else? Like mixed dried fruits perhaps? Yg those being used to make kek kukus buah?

Btw, you're not over the top. You're protecting your rights & I hope this is a lesson for & other online business cum bakers!

Lurve... Lurve... Lurve..

Anie said...

Rima, yeay finally I can leave a comment. Apa ke benda dah jadi pun tak tahu and I managed to 'godeh2' hehehez ;)

Totally agree with u & Yat that the cake is yummeeh~~Nak kasi semangat to CikSom so dia buat plak :D Luckily I added extra raisins kalau tak confirm merebut jugak. Left 1/4 within a day...ganassss :D

Anonymous said...


All the best for your hubby's surgery. Hope all goes on well. Why is he having eye problems lately? Is he like facing the pc a lot? Do remind him to take care of his health. Health gone can't be recovered back.

I strongly agree with you in publishing this news abt I think she is too much. If she ever wanted your photo for her own product publicity, she should have requested your permission first, and I am sure you would have allowed her.

I hate these kind of disgusting people who "steal" other people's property. Stealing is not just for physical items, stealing can also be for items online. Doesnt mean you found something online, you can just download and use it as yours.

Hopefully next time got law to report such people to the police/court and sue them.


ummiross said...

Rima..ummi pun suka buttercake ni,looks so delicoius,thanks for the recipe, InsyaAllah nak cuba jugak nanti.

Nur said...

Salam. Hi Kak Rima, Nur doakan semoga Sonia dan your husband cepat sembuh. Sabar ye kak.. itu semua dugaan dariNya.

Rasanya akak kena ambil tindakan segera tentang isu plagiat tu. Jangan biarkan orang luar ambil kesempatan dan mengaut keuntungan atas usaha orang lain.

K sis, do take care. Love your blog.. Hope can bake this cake & show it to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms Rima,

Am a HUGE fan of your blog.I so lurve your pics.I have a question. How come my cakes bake better when the turbo fan in my oven is turned off?? Is the turbo is not supposed to be used for baking purposes? Because my cakes almost always crack on top when I use it.


P.S. I went to I think I recognise some of her pics. Esp the rose cake. But I really cannot remember. :P

Rima said...

Ty for trying some of the recipes in my blog.. sure u can share it as long as u credit it back to me.. tks!

Rima said...

Ty for sharing this wonderful recipe.. eh i baru ferasan.. apakah itew dudah?? hahahaaaa anyway this house no merebut merebut.. i will usually put aside a few pcs and the rest ku bagi bagi kan.. so kira.. once dah habis.. cuba tunggu next cake to be bake hehe

Yes harus bagi tahu dia aper.. i am giving her free advertisement for her shop :op

Rima said...

Woah long time no see.. where hv u been? oversea kah??

Yes u can replace with just abt any thing.. i used raisins and also mix fruits cos raisin tak cukup .. cuma ade 30g.. so i added 50g of mix fruits..

Rima said...

wooosshh sungguh ganas dak Anie ni.. i cannot imagine.. err.. shhhhh hahahaha anyway yes after mama dudan and also mama jannah goda mama sonia.. tertunai jugak niat si mama sonia .. mama T.. i shud bake it ok.. :op

Rima said...

huh?? no no.. he had retinal detactment the other day and laser surgery is the follow up procedure to correct his eye sight next week.. hopefully he will be ok cos we are planning to go to KL huhu

I dont even know what to say abt this kinda ppl.. where is their conscience.. sigh

Rima said...

Cuba ok and let me know if u like it.. happy baking!

Rima said...

Amin.. ty for ur doas.. much appreciated.. semua yg datang ade hikmahnye.. i am bersyukur cos at least it wasnt too late bef kita dapat tahu .. anyway lemme know how ur cake turns out yah

Rima said...

hmmm what is turbo function? is it fan force?? usually if u bake it using fan force oven.. u hv to reduce ur oven temp by 25% fm the recommended temp.

All my bake tak guna kan fan force..

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,

The turbo fan in my oven is the fan force thingy. Didn't know that you had to lower it by 25%. No wonder my cakes came out with a 'smile' on top. Frustrating. Thks for the tip though. Really appreciate it.


Liyana Hanim said...

Hye kak rima,

I've been a silent reader for awhile now but after you post about this miso stealing ur credits,it pisses me off.

I bake using ur recipes as well but I always take my own picture & I also never fail to link ur blog recipe whenever I post about it in order to credit you.It's about integrity and credibility.

That said,keep on doing what you do because you're an inspiration to me who loves to bake!So far I've tried a few of ur recipes with success.

I have a question though,how to get a crisp and hard pavlova instead of one with a soft and chewy innards?

zyani said...

Kak rima..another butter cakes..look so yummy!b4 this,i waa juz a silent readwr&silent follower..i'll try this butter cakea later..tq3!

Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

So far, people have been nice enough to ask me for permission first before using my content... (or maybe I am just not aware) however, I can totally imagine how frustrating it must be to see others blatantly claim your creation as their own... This sultana butter cake is another perennial favourite... never gets dated..

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,

I've been reading your blog for some time now and really love all the baking tips that I can pick up from you. Thanks so much for your generous sharing.
This cake looks delicious and I would like to bake this cake in a round cake mould as a gift. What size should I be using?
- Emily

CT Delima said...

AS'salam Rima

semoga Hubby dan anak you cepat sembuh ya. Itulah kan kadang2 penat lelah kita ni orang langsung tak hargai. kalau setakat copy resipi tu okeylah. ni sampai ngaku2 gambar tu dia juga yang buat..memang teruk lah kan. Nanti senang2 nak cuba juga resipi kek dari you ni :)

Yunne Osman said...

hi rima! this is my first time commenting on your blog. i have to say, i agree totally with sally and i think you did the right thing exposing i too, hate thieves and people who think they can just copy anything they read or see on the net and claim it theirs. i think it's just plain disgusting. these thieves, liars or fakes or whatever we call them, are just people who take for granted and copy and think they CAN GET AWAY with it. but they're wrong. it's a small world we live in. people will eventually find out.

i know most find plagiarism a small matter but honestly, like you said, it's someone else's intellectual property and they just have no right to steal. shame on them.

and ooh, i wish i can cook like you, or be half as good. i think not everybody can cook. i'm really bad at it, be it cooking or baking. so i just enjoy seeing other people's posts because i love food and i love to eat =)

Unknown said...

Hi rima,
Rindu nak tinggalkan comment kt cni, my lappy went 'crazy'.so now on ipad or iphone je x best huhu..hoping it can be fixed asap

Anyway,ive tried ur banana cake and it tasted yummey!get well soon to sonia n praying for ur hb speedy

Maya Marisa said...

Rima dear,

speedy recovery to ur darls- sonia & hb.

also, brave move by exposing the thief. kita penatX2 baking/cooking & snap photo bagai, dia sedapX2 jer 'cilok' & take credit. kalau mintak izin takper jugak kan? anyway, its a lesson learn to all 'aspiring' photo thief.

this butter cake looks yummy. i can see the generous amount of butter & eggs used in this recipe. reminds me of the sicilian orange cake, where it calls for the same amount of butter quantity. bet my dad would love this, since he is a huge fan of rich buttery cake. thnx for sharing it & take care ya!

TinaRBK said...

Your picture tells me all I need to know about the taste and texture. So glad to come across this recipe! No doubt a slice of heaven. Great post!

AzLiN said...

Kak, may I ask, loyang size apa u pakai for this cake?

Rima said...

Yep yep.. thats why the only way is to do this.. up to date i hv not heard fm the so called miso com.. whatever lah!

Pavlova characteristic memang lah chewy in the center.. if u want a much more crispy ones.. try to bake it using a higher temp?

Rima said...

so did u finally bake it?? nice?

Rima said...

I only finds out if someone email it to me.. without all the kind soul out there.. i dont think i will be able to keep track ..

Rima said...

Judging fm the batter.. i think u can use any 8" baking pan..

Rima said...

Biasa lah kan.. lembu punya susu.. sapi dapat nama..

Rima said...

The first time i kena i memang geram banget but yg kedua kali ni rasa macam not as geram but more to blueeekkk.. i believe no matter what.. sooner or later i akan dapat tahu.. both times orang yg email me abt it.. alhamdullilah

Rima said...

woahhh lappy dah sihat laju lah balik hahaha.. ty for ur doas.. tmrw another hurdle.. hopefully it will go smoothly

Rima said...

Maya dear
the generous amt of butter aka the generous kg that we are gonna put on hahaha.. bake it lah.. my mom pun suka akan this cake.

Rima said...

Thank you... do bake it ok.. its delish!

Rima said...

u can use 8" pan.. i got two loaf pan.. satu kecik .. satu yg besar.

az said...

hi kak rima! jap lagi nak try buat kek ni. nampak mcm tempting je :) tapi kan, kalau compare dgn kek Yat Maria, nampak texture mcm lain sikit. kek kak rima nampak lebih gebu dan ringan. kek Yat Maria pulak nampak moist dan tak berapa gebu. kenapa eh kak rima? sebab tepung ke?

az said...

Kak Rima! I've done baking, and the cake turned out just like yours! Super gebu & nice. Resepi pun senang nak buat. Thank you kak rima. Muahhh!! :)

 Nasha said...

Rima, how do i copy the recipe out? Bila print, the image turns out cinonet saja for me to view. Anyway i've baked this for last weekend. Superb! My dad ingat i baked a fruit cake :-)

Z Myniz said...

Hi Rima, i baked tis cake today! It's simply delicious. Family loves it.... Tk u for sharin e recipe :D

Rima said...

Z Myniz
No worries.. do try out trish boyle's perfectly pound cake.. its delish!!

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