All good - Lapis Legit Durian

Alhamdullilah.. everything went smoothly yesterday.. at first we thought hb had to hv laser surgery on his right eye to improve his sight there (the operation two weeks ago caused his eye sight to deteriorate).. but as it turned out the difference was only 0.5 diopters and the Dr suggested to correct that with a new set of glasses... but they did go ahead and do laser surgery on his left eye to fix his retina wall... his left eyes retina is also quite thin and to prevent a tear just like in the right eye they fixed all the pinholes he has on his left retina... final issue was that the pressure in his right eyes was high and right now hes on medication to level it out.. haishhh if things didnt happen i probably wud be clueless to things associated with our eyes..

I remember when i was preggie to Sonia at 6mths.. One morning.. out of the blue i lost control of my right side face.. went to see my gynae right away and found out that i had Bell's Palsy.. i read so much abt it that hb started to call me Dr Rima lol.. oh well... the bottom line is.. alhamdullilah.. after much effort (and $$$) and positive thinking (tks to hb!) my face went back to normal within 3 months.. arghhh u dont want me to get started on how i must hv felt back then :o(

Today i woke up pretty early.. managed to bake 600 odd mac shells.. tmrw morning i will hv to start baking layer cakes for all my KL orders.. yes yes.. finally we are set to go on a short hols.. a much needed one for all of us.. no work for him and no work for me hahaha.. taking along my parents and not forgetting Hairi since hes on his pre exam break till 2nd of Jan.

This layer cake was baked last night.. mom gave me a pack of durian and i didnt wanna keep it as i hv a big tupperware of frozen durian in my freezer.. took out my butter instead and whipped lapis legit durian.. didnt take too long for this cake to be baked as this recipe only uses 15 egg yolks... love the moistness, softness and the sweetness of this lapis legit.. everything abt this cake is two thumbs up hehe and i know of someone who will be happy when i gv her a pack of lapis legit durian ahaks

300g butter - i used unsalted Tatura butter
80g sugar
90g condensed milk
300g durian meat - blend
35g flour - i used HK flour
15 egg yolks
2 egg white

Preheat oven to 170C.. grease ur 8" round pan
Cream butter and sugar till creamy
Add in ur condensed milk and blended durian meat - (i blended durian with condensed milk)
Add in ur egg yolk one at a time and continue to whisk - set aside
In another bowl.. whisk ur egg whites till soft-stiff peak
With a rubber spatula, fold in 1/3 of egg white into egg yolk mixture gently.. add the rest of egg white and continue to fold thoroughly..
Bake layer by layer using grill mode (upper fire).. bake each layer for 7mins yah.. last layer u bake using lower fire and bake a further 8 mins.
Pls refer to my old post abt layer cake if u need a clearer method on how to bake ur layer cake yah.

Recipe by Dodi Padmudgi
Source: Elly

Oh...and guess what appeared in the 15th December edition of Malaysia's LISA magazine... kwang kwang kwang.. wasn't expecting this but thank you Atiqah for the shoutout!


ette seth said...

Hi rima,

Glad that everything went well for you. InsyaAllah, semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan kita.

Looking at these Lapis Lengit Durian makes me salivating. Hehe. This time i will definitely bake Lapis Lengit. Lagi2 ada durian.

Thanks again for sharing this recipe. Tak sabar nak bake this weekend. Have a great holiday to you and family!

zarin said...

owh!! i want! i want!
love it so much! dah lama tak makan lapis durian sebab sungguh tak rajin nak membuatnya ahahaha
anyway glad to hear that everything went well for u n family n happy holiday to u too

Shoutforfood said...

Can't wait to try your recipes – they look and sound absolutely mouthwatering!

Yat Maria said...


waduhhhh durian!!! lapis lagi! am soooooooooo gonna backe this taw..dah lama jugak tak tempt the durian aroma pada dude..wahkahkah!! so the other durian cake recpe harus ku KIV until dude piss me off again, baru leh buat..hehe..this one comes first..lagi cuma 15 EY aja!!yeay!!

wahhh babe, congratz for the mag apperance..I punya lagi tunggu2 bila ntah nak keluar..dari saper taw... Tamil Murasu..hiak10x..

p/s hv a gd hols ya!

Rima said...

Ty for the wishes.. bake it ok.. its just worth it!

Rima said...

U want.. u bake it ok hahaha.. i also dah lama tak buat lapis durian.. the last time buat pakai diff recipe.. yg ini lagi senang plus baking in a round pan ni ade sikit challenging tau.. a little leceh nevertheless rasa dia buat semua benda yg leceh jadi worth it hehe

Rima said...

Pls do and let me know if u like it.. my hb loves it!

Rima said...

muahaha waktu i bake this last night i teringat kat u tau.. i said this to myself.. yat sure suka cos pakai 15 egg yolks.. at least ayam dia tak merajuk this time round hahaha

Bake it ok.. if he pisses u even more.. u bake both cake yg pakai durian kahkahkah.. ish aper malam jumaat i ajar yg bukan bukan.. tsk tsk :op

Alah babe.. sama ajer.. a shout out be it fm a magazine or fm my fellow blogger.. i appreciate cos tanpa pembaca ku.. siapa lah daku huhhu

cik cek said...

Teringinnya akak nak buat kek lapis legit ni...tapi ntah bila la sampai serunya...:)

Arina said...


2 yrs back akak pun kena Bell's Palsy ni... Bangun tido tengok muka senget sebelah. It was a frightening experience.....I did recover but not 100%.....

Rima said...

Bake lah.. once dah try sure akan terpaut hehe

Rima said...

Rima mula mula tu rasa migraine on my right side.. then mata berair.. then hidung selsema.. semua on the right side face.. then esok nye my facial espression terus mati.. i read there are ppl who sampai bertahun also tak baik.. i went to see neurology and he cant even prescribe me any medication cos i was preggie.. makan vitamin B.. sampai sekarang also i take cos important.. my gynae said some pregnant woman boleh kena bell palsy.. my nerve yg kat belakang teliga yg punya angkara but alhamdullilah.. within 3 months my right face slowly pulih..

illia said...

owh..interested ngn kek lapis ni sbb gner 15yolks jer..but cn i replace durian dgn other taste...huhuhu...

mariah said...

Dear Rima,

Glad to hear everything's ok with your hb. Yeah.. bila dah terkena baru kita jadi peka dgn penyakit2 ni.. for me, I had the experience of being Dr. Mama bila my only son was born with Cystic Hygroma. Apa2 tentang CH I tanya Prof. Google.

Enjoy your trip to KL.

Nuridah said...

Assalamualaikum Rima,

wah seram juga ya baca cerita rima ni...rupa ni kan asset kita..ia lah apa2 pun syukur alhamdulilah pulih seperti biasa...takut kak nur!!

Wah byk cerita you akak dh tertinggal nie...hopefully everthing is okay!! Dn tahniah ya pd blog you..tumpang gumbira ria dan berbangga.You go girl!! Hahaha.

Anie said...

Rima, to know that Mr Rima's eye is getting better.

Congrats ur beautiful cake appears in a magazine......and I am so gonna bake this cake 1 day. Hmmmzzz agak2 my hb and Jannah yg tak suka durian akan pengsan ke tak eh muahahahaz :D

Lisa L. said...

hello Kak Rima, first time posting a comment here. been stalking yer blog for a loooong time. always amazed by yer sincerity and passion for life plus baking of course.

i've a lil prob here with this lapis legit durian. i baked this cake today (phew^^) and it turned out moist but quite oily. i followed yer recipe thoroughly but bake it at 185 for 7 mins cos i tried to bake it at 170 and it took 12 mins. so can you pinpoint me what could possibly go wrong?! i plan to make this for CNY so today was my 1st trial.

the taste is reminded me so much of durian dodol. i dun eat fresh durian but this cake actually enlighten me. glad i bake this and thanks to you.

Rima said...

Lisa L
Ty for trying out this lapis recipe.. the texture is moist but not that oily.. i suspected that u hv overbeaten ur butter.. did u beat a cold butter or room temp butter?

I will gv u a link but its in indon.. she gv good tips on how to bake layer cake successfully..

Lisa L. said...

oooh thx for the link...been looking for some tips n troubleshooting. coool so many tips!

then it must be my butter, cos there's some shine on it (can i blame it on the hot weather here, where the sun literary shines thru my kitchen window..keke). i think i did overbeaten the butter since the sugar is less. so my boo!!

thanks again...cheers!

hawa said...


Rima said...

How was ur cake Hawa? it shudnt be dry... and yes i did brush every layer with melted butter

hawa said...

Salaam... It was nice and moist! At first it looks hard but when I cut the next morning ...had a bite, it just nice! Everyone loves it but personally I like the prune layer cake.. tomorrow wanna try the Lapis Lengit 3 rasa. :)Tq Kak!

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