Kueh Ruri - Sugar Cookies

It was midweek when i left u guys and now its friday.. the past two days was like a roller coaster ride for me.. i was feeling up and down for no apparent reason.. my mind was racing like a thousand miles an hr.. stupid hormones! I knew it was the time of the month again but this time round it was a little different.. there was something which was not right and i was praying that nothing bad wud happen to my family.. alhamdullilah not much damage except my macarons.. was little frustrated with it.. i baked 16 trays of macs (each tray fits 57 macs shells) and 7 trays went down the drain.. sigh.. i confided in KG .. my mac buddy in KL.. she was there to listen to my sob sob story.. hb said i shud try to concentrate and after hrs of Rima having a spongebob face.. i put aside all the bad energy and concentrated on my orders.. alhamdullilah.. i manged to scrape thru it..

During that "hormonal change behavior" as what i wud love to call it.. i thought alot abt my kids.. a boy or shud i say a young man whos busy with school, part time job and especially with his outside activities .. a girl who is very attached to me.. who constantly wants our attention and who still allows her mama n papa to hug and kiss her.. a girl who puts a smile on my face whenever i have a bad day.. sometimes i wish our kids never grow up.. here we go again.. sob sob sob

Anyway i wanna share a few pics that i took yesterday while spending my typical time with my girl.. shes been pestering me and i had to gv in to her request even tho i was busy and not in my best mood..

Roll.. roll.. rollllll - she did a pretty good job i must say with the rolling and..

The cut outs.. the dough was easy enough for her to handle..

Tadaaaaaaa.. told ya she did a good job.. well done dear! - Sonia cant wait for her cookie to be ready!

Hehe.. kids and icing... I did the outline so that its easier for her to fill it in..

The batch that was done by Sonia :o)

These ones were done by me hehe - messy job!

Sonia with my broken macs sob sob - To my girl's eyes this "play" mac tower was the best that she had ever seen.. the moment she saw it with her huge eyes and the addictive smile she said "Is this for me?".. "ohhh thank you mamaaaaaaaa"... "its so beautifulllll".. "I like my Christmas tree".. huh? hahaha.. that made my pathetic day turn awesome.. thank you dear.. for boosting my confidence..

So ok i am off to bake my pinoy bread aka Ensaymada for an order which i cant possibly turn down cos shes been bugging me to take in her order.. thank you Lisa!! hope u and ur gf enjoy em'

Have a good weekend peeps and heres the recipe for the sugar cookies as what we call it OR kueh tulang by a mother to two young kids, Almahrum Ruri who lost her battle to cancer at a young age.. moga rohnya disisi orang yg beriman.. Al-fatihah untuk mu Ruri - u can read abt her tribute fm here (after reading this i was a little down.. hopefully Allah will gv me the health to let me look after my family well.. Amin)

300g butter
100g caster sugar
4 egg yolks
500g flour
1 tbsp corn flour
1 tsp vanilla

Icing by Bu Fatma
225g icing sugar
60ml egg white
1/2 tsp cream of tartar (optional)
1 tsp vinegar
1tsp lemon juice or any essence that u like

Whisk butter and sugar till soft - do not overmix ok.. add in egg yolks and vanilla essence... once mix add in sifted flour and corn flour.
Roll it out.. use cookie cutter to cut out to whatever design u like
Bake on preheated oven of 160C for 20mins

Whisk egg white with cream of tar tar.. add in icing sugar.. whisk till thicken.. add in vinegar and also lemon juice..
Divide ur icing sugar into diff bowls and colour them.. decorate ur cookies with the icing.. place ur cookies back on ur baking tray and bake it again at low temp for 10 mins or u can just air it but i wouldnt advise u to do that..
Enjoy playing!


Anonymous said...

Cheer Up Rima. Too much baking and too little rest can make you moody like this. Baking is tiring..esp when you dont have a full time helper with you who can assist you to wash up, etc in the kitchen everytime you are baking.

Have you noticed that most bakers are moody and they have mood swings? esp those who bake a lot and take a lot of orders.

When you stand for long periods of time, blood circulation will not be so good and you will start to feel moody and tired.

Take care of your health. That's most important because you have a family that need you, esp two young kids.


Bintangjauh said...

Salam Rima, syahdu sekali suara luahan hatimu itu, seperti Ratna juga jika boleh dikembalikan semula saat Anakanda semua dibawah umur seperti ma belle Sonia, alangkah ...

Apa pun perasaan yang bergelumang dengan "confusion" itu jadikan ia sebagai menyinggah seketika diwaktu-masa hati-nurani terkadang terjadi lemah dan lesu, kuat kan semangat Rima!

Disini begitu dingin-sejuk sekali .. ber-frost lagi!

Salam manis manis madu.

Yan said...

Rima, adakah our "hormonal change behavior" gets worst by the year? *sigh*

Yan said...

anyway, if im u kid, i would love ur macs no matter how it looks too.

Anonymous said...

Cute nya si Sonia,tiap kali tengok gambar dia mesti tersenyum.Btw tks for the info re cocoa powder kene campur air,kalau tak cfm i letak je cocoa powder tu camtu je. Lastly i tak blh cut n paste yr resipi even though i try using alt v/alt c. Kenapa eh? Tks Rima

juliet said...

ingatkan saya jer buat macaroon x jadi... lepas baca entry kak rima bersemangat saya nak buat macaroon balik...

KG said...

always have my ears for you Rima, yours for me, like always!...maybe i should get some of tt cutters and start doing the same wt Hajar and Muhd who are the constant people who accompany me while I bake or cook! see you nxt week...better moisten our tekak from now, muahaha...bila jumpa sure kering tekak borak tak habis!

nonierahman said...

salam kak rima.baru nak tinggalkan komen sebelum nie jadi silent reader jer.bestnya sonia..suka tgk keletah dia...and macaroon pernah cuba tapi x menjadi.akak cuba lagi next time :)

Rima said...

I am always like this bila dah nak dekat mens.. kadang got tsunami.. kadang just small cyclone lol.. this time round no tsunami.. no cyclone.. i went quiet.. no mood to talk.. just stay quiet for a change :op

Rima said...

Kadang tu bila tengok anak anak dah membesar we miss waktu they all kecil.. am blessed that i hv a child after Hairi dah 19yrs old.. at least sekarang if tengah hormone changes kita ade sikecik yg boleh kita hug hug.. nak hug bapak dia nanti lain pulak jadi nye hahaha

Rima said...

Menurut firasat akak kau ni.. memang benar.. fm little cyclone sampai boleh jadi tsunami haha

K.Nor said...

anak omak la tu kan.. kuah nak tumpah kat mana kalau tak kat nasi.. tumpah gak kat meja tp cpt2 kena lap hehe

Rima said...

that shows no one is perfect.. i am far fm perfect... this is the only thing that always buat ku terjengkit jengkit.. dap dup dap dup.. tak tahu apasal boleh crack sampai gini byk.. selalu tu dalam satu tray susah nak nampak crack.. if ade pun satu ajer.. ni... sighhh.. sudah lah baik ku lupa kan saja.. tmrw early morning i hv to bake more macs so hopefully it will go well..

Rima said...

Ty dear for pinjam kan telinga mu and jari jemari mu meng smsing me..

Harus beli cookie cutter for kids.. they all sure suka one.. nasib si sonia ni boleh tahan telatin dia.. tak serak sangat lah..

Yes yes.. must see one another.. we talk talk..

Rima said...

hehe i will never stop baking macs lol.. sometimes cuaca.. sometimes the way kita fold in.. sometimes our meringue.. sometimes our oven temp.. sometimes sometimes sometimes hahaha.. pokoknye bila buat macs hati harus tenang.. :op

Rima said...

muahaha kalau tumpah kat meja memang nak kena jotos kahkahkah..

cik cek said...

Sikecil Sonia...mewarisi bakat ibu...kan..kan...enjoy tgk anak2 happy ...:-)

Ida Zaini said...

sis, i pernah buat macs usual tak malas dah...takut kukeciwa!!

Little blue said...

Hello, I never do thus cuties cookies before...jyst want to know...after deco the colorful icing just leave the cookies aside or bake a few more minutes again?

Anonymous said...

She is too cute.

Yat Maria said...


Cheer up...easier said than done sometimes la..esp this time of the month..tapi to have 1/2 of the 16 trays of macs yg tak menjadi, memang lagilah bertambah moody. but then u made it thru akhirnya :) good for u!

on a happier note, ishhhh that girl of yours bakal meng-inherit yr baking skills! tgk her excitement mengadap oven teringat masa daku first time beli BM, sanggup dok mengadap benda tu enchanted tgk tpg kena uli jadi dough!!hahahaha! in the end terpaksa duduk jer, saperlah saanggup diri 3 jam tgk dough kena uli dalam mesen tu??

Alice said...

hi Rima,
cheer up ya...
your girl is so adorable :)
and yes, she did a really good job doing the rolling and cutting :)
thks for sharing the cookies recipe, i shall use this to have a bonding time with my kids too by baking xmas cookies :)

Unaizah said...

Little Sonia is following in her mother's footsteps looking like a little pro baker. How adorable!

Queenie said...

simpati kat you Rima...

akak pun time2 bendera jepun selalu kena puting beliung...
(eh, ada kena mengena tak ngan entri ni?) kalau takder, sorry ya rima...

untung you ada sonia...kan?

Trying To Be Muslim.. said...

Assalamualaykumwbh Kak Rima....

MMM:) yes kids, always grow up before our eyes! Cheer up ya...they are the best things Allah swt has for us. May He help you at ease, assist and provide u strength, everything.Amen.

This little sonia, teramatlah mcm akak minat nye....mmm hopefully kak nak dpt ur 'mojo' back today...cheers!!!

last notes....ngeeeeeeeeeee, sowiiiiiiiiiiii lamenye ayu menyepi!

Kongkang Malaya said...

Kak Rima,
Ahhh you poor lil thing. Hope you're back on track and smiling from ear to ear :)

Sonia's batch look awesome! She can beat me anytime, any day. Haha!

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