Fruitful week - Durian Cotton Cake!

Good afternoon peeps! sorry to hv kept u waiting.. i have been baking macs for this wkend orders since half past six.. Alhamdullilah today no hiccups.. i think i had like maybe 25pcs of mac shells that were cracked out of my 750 odd mac shells.. so thats good - to me that is.. i am no expert so to see a few cracks are better than to hv lots of cracks.. no?? hehe

Yesterday was a relaxing day.. err well except for one or two disappointments.. oh well.. sometimes we can do so much but if they choose not to listen.. then it is out of our league to control the situation or to help.. we later went out for a couple of hrs .. went to a few bakery supply shops to stock up my baking pantry.. had coffee at our fav coffee place and also to moms...

Anyway this Durian Cotton Cake was prepared last night after we got home fm our coffee escapade .. didnt want to bake any complicated cake as i knew i would be busy today.. this 'everyday' type of cake is worth baking especially when u see ur other half keep on munching on it non stop.. tastes so so so yummy.. almost like eating Japanese cotton cheesecake.. the sweetness.. the aroma and the taste of durian is just subtle.. not overpowering at all.. super super soft that i hv difficulty slicing it eventho i used my typical cake knife.. eventho i kept my cake in my fridge for a night.. never mind.. bottom line is.. we love it to bits!!

Original recipe is fm Rachmah Satyawati.. ty ty ty mbak for sharing this wonderful recipe!

60g butter - i used unsalted butter
75g flour
75ml of milk - i used fresh milk
6 egg yolks - whisk lightly (use a fork)
150g durian meat - pureed

6 egg whites
125g sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1 tbsp lemon juice

1. Warm milk on low heat (not till boiling state) then pour into beaten egg yolks, mix well, set aside. Keep it warm.

2. Boil butter, turn off the heat, and add in sifted flour, stirring until blended or till batter is smooth.. add in pureed durian meat.. stir well and immediately add in whipped egg/milk mixture into it, Mix both mixture using a whisk / spatula until blended, set aside.

3. Whisk egg white with salt.. once u see bubbles add in sugar a little at a time till soft peak.. add in lemon juice and continue to whisk for a few second - (do not whisk ur egg white till stiff peak ok)

4. Take 1/4 part of ur egg white .. fold it into ur egg yolk mixture.. mix it gently.. pour mixture back into beaten egg whites.. fold in gently as to prevent ur mixture to deflate. Add in rum bakar or vanilla extract if u like.. (i didnt use any).

5. Pour batter into ur UNGREASED 8" baking pan.. bake it using bain marie method in a preheated oven of 155C for half an hr or till its 3/4 done.. lower ur temp to 150C and continue to bake for a further 35 mins..

Have a great mid week peeps!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,

750 mac shells sounds a must have been tiring? gosh..i have not made macs before, but just baking 25 piece of cupcakes and decorating them can make me tired :)


Yat Maria said...


gosh!!! so many macs!!! i need to practise baking my macs again soon! hopefully this weekend boleh lah..

am so gonna try this durian cake. other than ku sukakan itew durian, i just wanna piss somebodi off with the wonderful aroma!!hahaha...tak sambar ku nak borong durian :)

cik cek said...

Nampak moist je kek ni...gebu dan lembut...emmmm...ada rasa durian lagi...confirm sedap ni...:)

K.Nor said...

fuhhhh mesti harum semerbak rumah bau kek durian ni kan.. :)

Sumaiyyah said...

Hi Kak Rima. I saw your FB post on the 750. Super.Flippin'.Awesome. Happy are the people who ordered them! I've never really liked eating durian just on its own (the flesh I mean!) but I can usually manage if its in some kuih, kuah, ice-cream and maybe cake! I think cake is a lovely way to get people to eat durian.

Seri Dewi said...

Wah... Sedap nye kek!!! I nak try from ur previous post yg july 2010 lum try try agik.. .. Heheh.. But which one taste better? As in texture n taste wise?? Coz i tgk recipe dia lain sikit... And thats a whole lot of macs... My goodness... I really really really envy u kak rima... :))


Rima said...

its not tiring if ur macs turned out good.. so all in all.. am happy..

Rima said...

buat ah.. sure orang tu lari jauh jauh.. silap silap dia kan turun bawah and cuci kereta again bila u sedang membaking durian base dessert hahaha

Rima said...

cik cek
double confirm memang sedap if not my fussy hb tak akan makan.. ni dah bais 3/4 cake pun.. besok sure licin hehe

Rima said...

kalau makan lagi lah fuhhh hehe

Rima said...

I like it in any way.. especially bila makan si durian meat.. can finish berketul ketul dah tu rasa macam nak demam pun ade haha.. padan muka!

Rima said...

aduhhh i cant even remember how it tasted like.. dah lama entry tu.. yg ku ingat i gave some to my mom. hmmm

Ayu said...

Assalam Rima,
waduhh terpegun betul tengok your pictures tau....cantikkkk sangat..i like..instead of eating the cake i would stare at it..hehe..bayangkan i tak berkelip looking at
each pictures of them..tengok pun dah tahu kek ni mesti lembut macam cotton..dah tentu sedappp..kalau nak buat other flavours pun boleh kan Rima?..boleh masuk list ni!!

Rima said...

Alahhh ayuuu.. gambar tu biasa ajer.. harus take pic cepat cepat cos sekarang musim hujan hehe

Yes u can.. just like my strawberry shortcake.. that one also uses cotton cake as base.. i changed fm vanilla to pandan and akan bertukar ke chocolate soon hahaha

Seri Dewi said...

Takpe kak rima... Akan ku cuba dua2... Hope u dont mind eh i use the recipes in ur blog... Heheh... Halalkan hamba ambil ya.... ;)

Anonymous said...

What is durian meat please??


::Azura Rahman:: said...

looks so tempting.. :D

Mama said...

hai kak rima...durian cotton cake u memang nampak sedap sesangat..Mama lav durian much... i'd look at ur previous d.c.cake method..u steam it right?? yg ni plak u use bain marie method.. u bake it in agak nyer yg mane method paling best skali....pls pls suggest to me... :)

Ann said...

nice recipe... must rry... ;-)

Aziah.Jordan said...

Rima ,salamtek for mr.Rima..hopefully he's getting better..2 weeks without internet bikin I gila u..lolxx.mana taknye,2 weeks la I x " ziarah " u n kuncu2nya..btw ,tx god d line is back..btw ,winter is already here in Jordan..grrrr,sejukkk u..! m
loads if kisses fr best regard fr mr.rima.n Take care..Aziah.Jordan

Anonymous said...

Salam Sis,
U did mentioned boil the butter, that one berape banyak air?
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima, i'm planning to bake a durian cotton cake today. Since there are two recipes of durian cotton cake you have,would you help me pick the one that you like best? thanks.


Rima said...

Bake this one Phoenix!! happy baking :o)

Rachmah Setyawati said...

Thanks for trying my recipe, Rima :)

Salam dari Indonesia..

Rima said...

Salam dear
Ty for sharing mbak Rachman..

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