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Hey peeps! how was the weekend?? busy?? lots of weddings to attend?? hehe well this is how it is towards the end of the year.. lots of weddings to attend.. lots of engagement parties to go to.. my cousin got engaged last wkend.. a year ago her bro got engaged.. come to think of it.. i did post an entry abt it lol.. woweeee how time flies and bef u know it another cousin will get engaged.. hmm wonder whos next ahaks

Sooo ok for the past couple of days i hv been baking macs... violet, yellow, green and pink macs.. my cousin is so into lime green that all you could see on Sunday was green everywhere lol.. i also did a batch of chocolate macs using hazelnut with nutella ganache.. yums!

Welppp my first mac tower.. its not as easy as i thought it wud be but i managed to put it together.. mac tower inspired by Yani.. tks dear!

She had ordered a few boxes of macs as a gift for the boys side and i thought why not hv a mac tower to go along.. she was ecstatic the moment she saw it hehe

Sonia and "Princess" - as what she calls my cousin hehe - gifts for the boy's side.. lucky him!

Groupie pics are a must for the aunties and cousins!

The buffet was held downstairs.. decades ago, only weddings were held downstairs.. nowadays kids are lucky .. the exchange of gifts for their engagement were like when i first got married to my ex hb lol.. branded goods, perfume, traditional costumes etc etc etc.. back then the exchange of gifts for engagements only consisted of pastries, jelly, cakes.. anything that had to do with food food food and the only expensive item that was visible was our engagement ring... nasib nasib hahaha

My Nyai inspecting the diamond ring.. she said long time ago every girl got a "buah kanah" type of diamond ring aka cincin berlian :op

Gifts fm both sides..

Well ok thats it for now.. cant stay long.. i was on my feet for 13hrs yesterday baking for my KL orders.. gonna continue with a little bit more tdy.. hopefully i will find time to bake something to get rid of all my eggs bef we head off to KL tmrw... thank u Zakiah and Siti for the mac orders!

...last but not least CONGRATS to Malaysia for winning the SEA Games Football last night!


Anonymous said...

nak tempah kek n beli coklat Valrhona tu blh lagi tak?

Ummi said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....macs tower!! What a lovely hantaran they got...bestnyaaaa...bertuah sungguh mereka2 ituuuuu...hehe, Rima ni, betul2 laaa buat akak tergamam, ternganga, terkulat2 mataku melihatnya....adeeeiii... Sangat cantik dan lain dr kebiasaannya...selalu tengok sirih dah tengok Macs Junjung...canggih haa!! ^___^

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,

Congratulations to your cousin on her wedding. The bride looks stunning with her green attire. She is glowing :)

Nice mac gift boxes.

Lovely macs. I loike the colors :)For your mac tower, looks like something is missing. I think maybe too many flowers and can't really see the beautiful colors of the macs? Pls don't be angry ya. Just my opinion :)

Enjoy your trip to KL.


Edi said...

i nampak cupcakes yg berwarna warni tu.. hehehe... yr macs tower is lovely! orchids... lovely! and i know 'buah kana'.. bentuk dia mcm oblong tapi tajam kat hujung kan.. i pun x dpt diamond mcm tu masa kawen! hahahahaa...

tq for making my tuesday morning with yr lovely pics!

zarin said...

looking at those hantarans and esp the mac tower tu made me wanna get engaged one more time!! uwaaaa cantiknyaaa...

Rima said...

Canggih macam mana pun budaya tetap ikut yg lama.. harus ade bunga sirih rampai.. a few years ago there was this trend guna kan pot porri instead of sirih rampai but now nampak nye orang dah mula pakai balik sirih rampai :o)

Memang bertuah! nyampahhhh!! hahaha

Rima said...

she got engage lah.. i think if wedding more glamour haha

what to do.. i am so into fresh flowers then macs.. maybe i shud call it.. flower tower?? hehe

Rima said...

hehe siapa tak suka kan cuppies tu.. the funny part.. orang ingat i yg buat.. haishh.. if i buat lagi lah i tak tido dibuat nye hehe

CS said...

Kalau I nak berjalan jauh, rasa macam nak tutup dapur seminggu in advance, takde aktiviti lagi dah, hehe..

The mac hantaran looks lovely.

Happy holiday n thank you (on behalf of HarimauMalaya), roarr...

Rima said...

kwang kwang kwang.. cannot.. one engagement is enough for u.. i also went thru one engagement cos the 2nd marriage.. ku tak pakai engagement.. terus kawin hahaha

Rima said...

Cik som
lol lagi lah i nak berjalan.. lagi lah harus ku perhabis kan my telur telur.. sayang nak letak kat fridge cos most of the time bila i beli eggs.. memang untuk baking pun

Go RIMAU go!! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,

You memang very berseni with macarons ...


Yat Maria said...


dolu2 agaknya bila dapat bukh kanah nyer diamond ring aja dah kira gerek nyer bling2...ahaksss..ketawa balik ingatkan dulu2 nya our time onwards dah diupgrade kan ke solitaire kan..kan..tak kira la solitaire besarlike gula batu or stotet let cam gula pasir..pokoknya 1 jer batu dia..

Aishamirafiq said...


Cantiknyer mac tower tu....

Btw, baju Sonia tu ada gambar mac ker? Mcm mac tower ... Kalau salah sorry yea... Mataku nie mesti something wrong... Ahaks

Anonymous said...

Hi Kak Rima, I'm a true fan of Ur blog. May I know where did u buy the cone like structure for the macaron tower from? I've tried to look for them in baking supply shops in SG but to no avail. hope u can help.. Thanks!!


ette seth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ette seth said...

Assalamualaikum Rima,

The macs look so delish and refreshing with vibrant colors. Terliur je tgk. Harus order ni. Next trip to KL perhaps?

Nurwin Heny said...

Hi Rima. The white orchids on the tower really bring out the colors of your macs. Beautiful! (White orchids are my fav actually! Love them).

Mama said...

toink toink toink.......hai kak rima...long time tak berbalas komen with u...actually u r not only super duper in baking..but creative too.. just tengok ur mac tower...soooo cute n macam nak petik satu jerh.. he he he he...eih kak..mac tower tu, tak masuk angin ke nanti??? curious gak!!! anyway....keep in touch k..

Ribbon and Circus said...

Nak ikutt gi KL hehee... ;p

Cantik mac tower you, kak rima..I pun tgh practice buat mac tower for my sis engagement next month.. takut dah dekat nanti tak jadik haha..

Kak Nik Ja said...

salam rima...good idea jugak buat mac least bole makan kan..kalau sirih junjung...sapa mau makan nowadays?? Fuhh berjaya jugak rima habiskan mac...sayang jugak baca dulu banyak mac masuk bakul sampah

ninazsyafinaz said...

Pelik lah...yesterday..I didnt see this lawanyer mac tower tuh..good anak sedara pun planning for her engagement this coming CNY..perhaps I can share with her this idea aswell.

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