... a BIG thank you!

I'm at it again... (Mr Rima that is) soooo, with more than 1 month of medical leave up my sleeve I should have plenty of time to reflect and assist Rima in blogging...

First of all, thank you for all the well wishes! Greatly appreciated! For the past few days I've been running around with a pirate's patch on my right eye and it certainly makes you value your sight so so much. In my case the retinal detachment was discovered quite quickly. The doctor took 2 1/2 hours to operate which involved sucking out fluid from behind the retina which escaped due to a tear in the retina. This fluid is what causes the dark areas in your field of vision. Leave it "leaking" for too long (can be even just one week) and your whole vision turns black. To make the wall sit well again, a sclera bucking (silicone strap) is wrapped around your eye. See below picture (courtesy of MedIndia)

So no flying, no driving, no dusty places for 1 month. So Rima will have an additional "pain" at home and another person for photography prop holding/placing etc.

Sonia has been wonderful and came down this morning wearing a doctors outfit telling me: "Papa, are you OK? I can fix you!" So I asked her: "when you grow up what do you want to be?" Reply: "A Doctor"... good girl...

I felt horrible too as Rima was looking forward to this trip for a bit of R&R alone. She had already baked numerous Lapis cakes and dozens of Macarons for her customers in KL. Thank God for all her loyal followers on FB and her blog who came on board and eagerly volunteered to buy over her bakes... Thank you guys! For all those who ended up not getting them, next time PROMISE!

So i guess thats it.. Rima has been nagging aka reminding me that i shouldnt be on my laptop and on my Iphone all the time or she will hide my gadgets. She did bake something today and will probably upload it tomorrow - if she can find the time to take photos that is. Having another person at home means hardly having time to do what she normally does during my absence. Oh and guess what; I got her something to improve her food photography... shhh

On a final note... some of you might have been following my ramblings on the FB page about "Bastardising a Recipe". I hope nobody takes it too harsh and can follow my point of view a bit. I will probably continue these "active" discussions as I personally think they hit a nail for active food bloggers.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! And again: THANK YOU for all the kind words!


Anonymous said...

Salam Mr Rima, hope u r recovering well n i'm sure ur Girls will take really good care of u..InsyaAllah all will b fine... :)

zarin said...

to mr Rima,
wish u a good health n speedy recovery ye!
well done DR Sonia! hiks :D

nurulhaiza said...

Get well soon Mr Rima.

SurayaCoghlan said... poor thing.sure u'll be alright one lahhh...hehe.

my salam to Rima.hope get to catch up you guys again sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Rima, I know tou can speak malay isn't it?

Semoga menikmati cuti rehat (sakit) anda dengan penuh bahagia sekali.. Saya suka kalau suami saya ada dirumah bersama-sama saya.. Tapi dalam keadaan sihat la.. hehehe.. Walau apa pun penuhi waktu rehat anda dengan menikmati kualiti masa bersama keluarga anda..


Anonymous said...

Greetings from Bali...
Mr rima, get well soon...
Miss rima, worry not, we'll have scones & tea with cik som in ur next trip to KL ok!!!

Maya marisa yg malas nak login 😍

ninazsyafinaz said...

Salam Mr Rima

hahaha...Sonia looks super cute!!Wish you have speedy recovery..take a good care.Send my regards to Sis Rima..Salam Maal Hijrah!

Tia said...

Get well soon and have a gooooood rest! Sonia so cute..

anakcikbob said...

get well soon Mr Rima.
n u should rest not updating blog.

KG said...

take care mr rima....i miss your mrs actually, ah well, i'll probably fly in in jan whn i hv my leaves to be wt her!

Ummi said...

Rima, akak terlepas entry nih....hope your hb get well soon, sesekali you jadi driver, nnt hujung thn dia kasi markah ya Rima...hehehehhee

Rima said...

hhe if kasi markah tak nak lah.. harus ade incentive baru laju sikit nak drive kemana mana hahaha

I miss u too! :op

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