Two to go - Steamed bolu pandan gulung and Steamed bolu chocolate gulung

Oh what a wonderful Tuesday.. the weather is cooling and here i am sitting right next to my balcony with cold air blowing and a hot cuppa to go along - err pls dont imagine all the nice things cos really if u wanna know the real fact.. I am NOT sitting here alone.. there is this tiny gremlin next to me that is talking non stop and the best part.. both of us hv not showered yet muahahahaha.. so hows everyone? i know i hv not "talked" alot lately.. i am not too sure why but sometimes u just need a little break.. i hv been taking orders on weekly basis.. not on a big scale of cos.. i limit it to maybe two orders a week.. enough to keep me occupied... my store is now running on its own too.. Alhamdullilah... ty everyone for the support!

Yesterday was a little rough for me..i wasnt in my best mood.. i got agitated at just abt anything under the sun.. most probably cos i started my day reading something which riled me up.. sometimes u just cant help but wonder how some young women (if you can call them that) today think or how they were brought up?? Where are their manners and where is their respect?? i am not saying that i am a super uber good mother but i try to gv my children the best there is and to teach them well eventho at times i wish i cud hv done better.. you know.. lots of IF.. IF.. IF.. sigh

Anyway that was yesterdays story and i am not gonna go down the same shitty route again.. on a lighter note.. it was my little sis' bday yesterday.. so was it the day where the Germans celebrated their Unity day.. we were invited to their ceremony by the Ambassador and this year it was held at Marina@Kappel Bay.. every single year we will go to the function for a reason that i dont even understand lol.. hes an Austrian and come rain or shine he will make an effort to go to the German Unity celebration .. "shrug". It was a short thang.. we usually will dress nicely, listen to a short speech.. talk to a few ppl.. had to listen to the Singapore national antherm and to the German national anthem.. munch on bread (eventho they serve a full array of German food aka Bratwurts .. eekks) bid our farewell to a few ppl and drive home as quickly as possible.. why u may ask? cos by the time we're done, our stomach was playing all sorts of music! hahaha

4 eggs
100g sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp emulsifier
50g flour
20g cocoa powder - i used cocoa berry
10g corn flour
1/4 tsp baking powder
25ml vegetable oil - i used canola oil
30ml coconut milk
50g nutella filling
1/4 tsp chocolate paste (optional)

Heat steamer.. line and grease ur parchment paper on a 24x24x3. Sieve flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and corn flour - set aside. In another small bowl, mix vegetable oil, coconut milk and chocolate paste- set aside. Using ur stand mixer, whisk egg, sugar, emulsifier and salt till it doubles the original size. Fold in ur sifted flour carefully. Add in ur ur oil/coconut milk/chocolate paste mixture a little at a time and mix it till well blended. Pour batter into pan and steam it for 15 mins on a medium fire. Once cooked take it out of ur pan immediately and spread nutella on it. Roll it tightly. wrap it with parchment paper and place it ur fridge for an hr bef slicing em.

5 egg yolk
2 egg white
1/2 tsp emulsifier
60g sugar
70g flour
35g margarine (melted) - i used butter
1 tbsp daun suji water taken fm 10 pcs of daun suji - i used 1/2 tbsp pandan paste
2 drops green colouring
75g serikaya for filling

Whisk eggs, emulsifier and sugar till thick and fluffy. Fold in sifted flour in several additions and mix it thoroughly. In another bowl add in melted butter. pandan paste and green colouring. Add pandan mixture into ur egg/flour mixture a little at a time and continue to stir till well blended. Pour batter into a greased 24x24x4 pan that has baking paper. Steam using medium fire for abt 15 mins. Once cooked, take it out of ur pan immediately and spread serikaya on ur cake. Roll it tightly and keep it in ur fridge for an hr bef u slice em.

So ok.. this steamed bolu gulung aka swissroll was done bef we went out. we only tasted it after we had dinner at home.. hb loves it to bits.. i love it especially the chocolate one.. so easy and yet so tasty! Recipe adapted fm the same magazine, Sedap Khusus Pemula..

I am planning to bake something simple for mom later cos its her birthday today.. yayyyy... HAPPY BDAY MOM! semoga diberi kesihatan dan dipanjang kan umur.. Insyallah..


Anonymous said...

that's an interesting way of looking at bolu, i must try this.

sometimes i'm dumbfounded by today's youngsters behaviour, if that's the correct word to use...lols

have a great day Rima

ady said...

O my!!! too pretty to eat.

ninazsyafinaz said...

Salam sis..It Raining In JB since last nite..I wish i dunt have to wake up and go to work :( best nyer duduk kat Balcony ..have a drink and just chill out..ewww..bucuk tak mandi lagi!!hehehe..

Anonymous said...

As salam Rima,knur pun belum mandi...since last nite teringat nak mkn something ooeey and gooeey,so,pagi2 knur baked triple choc I'm enjoying it with teh 0 kosong..ahhh...bliss...
those baulu look tempting,must try someday...TQ Rima,enjoy your day...


Anonymous said...'s knur again...lupa nak ucap 'happy birthday' to your mom.semoga dilanjutkan usia dan dikurniakan kesihatan yg baik dan semoga sentiasa diberkati Allah.


CS said...

Rima, I hv been senyap for a few days now.. Have to get back into a better shape rohani n jasmani (haha mcm real aje ek?)..

Mood baru nak naik ni.. Sometimes we just feel empty for no apparent reason. Btw, TB's bday was yest. I made him 'kek' tempe aje, hehe..

yummylittlecooks said...

Nice steam baulu.
Happy Birthday to your mom!

Anna Qawina said...

salam..cantiknya kek/baulu gulung..
sedp ni kan..takut nak try..tak reti..hehe

Little blue said...

I haven't try the steam roll cake before, thanks for sharing!! Want to try when i free this weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,

Happy Birthday to your sister and your mom. Looking forward to see what you have baked for them :)


DG said...

Love this, Rima, very soft & fluffy too. But too bad, I guess you need a big steamer to put the tray :(

lina said...

salam rima, Happy birthday to ur mom..may ALLAH bless her always. Insya ALLAH.

Unaizah said...

Your mom's birthday is the same as my baby's birthday.... He's 1 today. Happy birthday to your mom. Have a good one!

Mas said...

cantikknya bahulu gulung tu kak rima...
rajin betoi akak sorang ni tau..

Nuridah said...

Assalamualaikum Rima,

Cantik..terpesona..nampak sedap lagi...hehe...

Selamat Hari Jadi buat your mum,moga diberi kesihatan,panjang usia dan berbahgia disamping suami dan anak2 tersyg.

Rima said...

Tell me abt it.. kids nowadays.. sigh.. who am i to judge.. i can only pray for her well being..

Rima said...

Oh my.. sure can eat one if perut dah lapar hahaha

Rima said...

Muahaha kambing tak mandi als laku tauuuuu :op

Dah mandi dua kali dah ni.. nanti balik jalan sure akan mandi buat yg ke tiga kali :o)

Rima said...

KNur Trengannu
ahhhh kan ade geng geng tahi lalat.. tak mandi memang shiok kan.. but tak leh buat hari hari tau.. nanti saham turun ahakss

Woahhh sure sedap kan.. tadi Rima baru buat chocolate cake.. nanti besok i share recipe ..

Rima said...

Kadang gitu lah.. macam ade mood swing.. if ade yg tak kena kita macam cepat tak de mood..

Happy bday to ur TB too! kek tempe tu bleh mintak recipe tak?? hehe

Rima said...

Tks.. u shud gv this simple recipe a try ..

Rima said...

Actually kan nak mengulung steamed swissroll ni lagi senang dibanding kan swissroll yg dibakar.. if u can find the confidence to try .. i wud recommend u this recipe..

Rima said...

Let me know what u think ok.. good luck!

Rima said...

Ty Sally.. its gonna be a simple one.. nothing fancy cos we are heading out for dinner and the cake has to be shared and take home..

Rima said...

This recipe is meant for 24x24 pan.. my steamer can only fit 20x20.. i divided my batter and used a 7x7 pan and also a 8x8 pan

Rima said...

Ty for the wish.. insyallah.. amin

Rima said...

Happy bday to ur son! dah 1yr old.. how time flies eh budak budak ni.. bef u know it.. tiba tiba u miss them being a baby huhu

Rima said...

Kadang tu malas melanda but kan oleh kerana my hb ni jenis suka makan benda manis after dinner.. ku buat kan jugak buat kekanda ku sayang .. bluekkk hahahha

Rima said...

Ty for the wish.. akan ku sampai kan semua ini to her later.. do let me know what u think if u feel like mengeroll bolu kukus ni :o)

Aishamirafiq said...

Aisey...Steam baulu.... Weekend project... Hehehe

Btw da tried ur cinnaman choc bundt cake & devil's food chocolate cake... Yummy....

Rima.... Tell ur mum... Happy birthday..semoga panjang umur.. Murah rezeki.. Bahagia samping org tersyg... Untung dpt anak seperti rima........ Pandai buat kuih...wink*

Yat Maria said...


love this!! will try, only gotta use a smaller pan..kukusan tak muat any bigger square pans...sigh...

Ummi said...

Rimaaaaaaaaaaaaa....adeeeh pedih mata la tengok....terliuuurrr habis tengok kek gulung mu yang menawan itu...kemas teramat! Sedap la nampak...lapar la pulaaakkkk ^___^. Nak kena tunggu anak dara la balik, dia rajin menggulung kek...hehehe, maknya dah malas... ;)

Rima said...

Amin.. sudah ku sampai kan but part untung dapat anak cam kita i didnt say lah.. kita yg untung cos all my minat comes fm her.. shes into cooking.. i into baking :)

U did? glad u liked it!

Rima said...

If u got time try and do this steamed swissroll.. senang ajer.. I also use smaller pan.. 8x8 and also 7x7 .. what to do kukusan ku cuma boleh fit 8x8 square pan huhu

Rima said...

Nanti anak dara ade boleh lah suruh dia mengulung... if ade orang lain buat kan mama boleh pencen lah.. i think i sure cannot pencen cos sonia masih kecik.. nak tunggu lagi 15yrs.. adoi ku rasa masa tu ku dah tak kuasa nak buat kuih.. dah terketar hahaha

* NuRuL * said...

ehh..bday kak lin & ur mum selang sehari jer?...heheh..bestnya..hehe...happybesday nyai ju!...

haiyaaa...i still havent got the mood to try any baking...esp molten choc cake.. :S tat recipe juz nice fit into 6 ramekins?...hehe..


Rima said...

u didnt know?? both same month selang sehari tu sebab they are the same lol

Why no mood to bake?? harus tau.. tak lama lagi nak ahem ahem.. must bake many many to make his tummy happy happy hehehe..

I guess.. dah lama tak buat benda tu so tak ingat..

Sri said...

Sri: Salam, tks for sharing.. Sure must try..

niki said...

Hi Rima,
Canteks sangat kuih gulung tu... Wow, kena try ni.. Susah tak masa nak menggulung nya? Anyway, always love reading yr blog/recipe cz yr portion and measurement tak banyak so, kalau tak jadi, tak lah rugi sangat!! Hahaha

Rima said...

Die die must try ok hehe

Rima said...

Hi Niki
senang ajer nak gulung cos this bolu is steamed type.. try ok.. senang and sedap

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