This and that... and see u in Beijing!

Hi peeps!! ahem.. finally i am sitting down and doing what i do best... surfing the net hehehe.. hows everyone? i know i hv yet to reply to a few emails.. pls be patience as i hv been busy getting things done bef my Beijing trip.. honestly i didnt even realise it was friday today till i got all of my baking order reminders fm google.. half of me said.. yayyyyyy.. another half.. u better get ur butt going and start packing ur goods!

A few days ago i found out that i will hv problems updating my blog or even check my FB in Beijing.. well basically u hv no excess to blogger or FB or even youtube due to the "great firewall of China".. told hb abt it.. he did some research and straight away subscribed to a remote proxy server service.. now i dont even know if it will work there but am keeping my hopes and head up high.. i think i would feel weird if i didnt get to blog while travelling.. so if u dont see me updating my blog.. u will know why.. huhu

So lets get back to this triple chocolate macs... i call it triple chocolate macs simply bec the macs shell uses two types of chocolate.. melted valrhona chocolate (70%) and also uses valrhona cocoa powder.. I used valrhona chocolate ganache as fillings and also dusted valrhona cocoa powder on the macs shell as a signature dessert!

I really really really like how it turned out.. its not so much abt the outlook.. tho to me the outlook is important too! the texture and the taste of this macs is different.. i find the shells are much much more stable ( i guess bec its using Italian method) and probably suitable if were to send it by post.. u see i get lots and lots of emails regarding this and each time i hv to explain to ppl that macs is one fragile thingy that its impossible to send via post BUT i guess with this new recipe.. maybe just maybe that can be done??...but how about the filling...hmmm? honestly i hv my reservations on sending my macs via post.. i mean every single time i take my macs to KL .. i keep all my macs in freezer bags filled with ice packs for the 3hrs drive.. i dont even know how my macs would survive 8 days during transit..'shrugs'

So anyway long story short.. i am really really sorry for not being able to share this recipe with my readers.. i wish i cud but i think its not ethical for me to be doing that.. i dont even know if i can even mention this persons' name in my blog.. thank you dear.. u know who u are.. for sending me this macs recipe via snail mail... i simply love it.. thank u for sharing this wonderful recipe !

Before i go and start packing my luggage... i just thought i'd share something which i hv been waiting on for so so long... this recipe book is not new... its almost a year old... but it was only available in francais... and we all know how good our francais is right... :) anyway its now available in english but that too only in limited numbers... so for those who want it be quick! its in store..

Ok peeps.. lemme just gv my thanks to all that had placed orders with me this week... i baked close to 240 macs.. thats 480 shells in total.. it was fun especially when i got to play around with my new colours... violet and also electric blue! pheeweeettt!

Thank you Anita for ordering kek lapis ny liem aka lapis legit (will share this 48 egg yolks lapis legit recipe soon), lapis surabaya and also for ordering macs... Anita is fm HK and she will get her goodies this weekend in KL.. confused?? hahhaa i delivered her goodies to a friend of hers who lives here and who is driving up to KL this weekend... confused again?? ahakss

Ty Shida for the macs order... glad to hear u enjoyed it! was a pleasure to meet u..

Ty Weeya for the mac order.. shes fm Brunei and her hb will be picking it up next week when her hb is in town.. dont forget to call bef collection yah..

Ty Lisa for the japenese cotton cheesecake order.. hope ur boss likes it! enjoy ur pavlova!

Last but not least.. this is what i baked to get rid of all my fresh berries and also a tub of yogurt bef my trip... i doubled the recipe.. baked it in a 10" pan and after it was baked.. i divided it into 8 parts.. gave 7 parts away and here i am muching on one part with my dear hb... :o)

Hehhe i guess thats it... as u can see... this is one of the many faces of my little Sonia... shes super excited abt taking planes and shes so so talkative that we cant help but to wonder.. "how is it gonna be like when she enters Montessori next year!" See u guys in Beijing... Insyallah!


Anonymous said...

Salam Rima, misah here wishing u a safe journey n hv fun there... :)

Torviewtoronto said...

beautiful looking delicious macaroons cute little one

DG said...

I love to see those colourful macaroons ... they are so lovely delicious :)

zarin said...

i pun heard yg tkleh nk fb or blog in beijing. anyway, g'luck to u ye and hv fun in beijing.
mmuah to lil, nxt yr dah skolah ye;-))

Unknown said...

nowadays, i rarely have the pleasure to bw apatah lagi nak meninggalkan komen but just fyi, i will always drop by your blog. walau sibuk macam mana pun.. looking & drooling at your pics makes me one happy lady! hehe.. thank you sis rima! may Allah bless you & your beautiful family..

Rima said...

Salam Misah
How hv u been?? dah lama tak dgr berita.. hope all is well on ur side and ty for the wish!

Rima said...

Ty.. she is.. especially loved her curly wurly hair! hehe

Rima said...

Me too! every single time i have to bake macs.. am excited to try out all the colours that i hv.. a full box of it! hehe

Rima said...

ah ah.. shes attending N2 next year.. we decided to put her into Montessori.. wud be interesting to see how shes like once shes in school.. 6hrs away fm me huhu

Rima said...

Me too.. i hv been busy and macam kesuntukan masa all the time.. terkejar sana sini.. if i am not baking.. i am out.. when dah keluar tu balik nak update pun tak sempat apa tah lagi nak blogwalking.. sigh.. i blame it on my time management :o(

Ty for coming by dear.. much appreciated.. funny how we are nowadays.. bila ade masa sikit ajer dgn cepat gi BW just to see if our online friends are doing alright :o)

Zaharah said...

Wow Kak a must n really nyer cuci mata if drop by ur blog....superb n wonderful la kan...enjoy ur trip to beijing...

Shereen said...

Hi Rima,
Hv a safe and pleasant journey to Beijing (psst...I hate Beijing...used to live there a few years ago and it was!...infact I hate China..period!).Take care!

Rima said...

Ty for dropping by.. always a pleasure to cuci kan mata u hehe

Rima said...

LOL tell me abt it.. i had a bad experience in Shanghai so.. oh well.. i guess if ur in China as a tourist u can still tahan lah even tho hati u rasa panas hehehe

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