Happy Diwali - Pandanus Coconut Jelly

I cant stay long.. i hv to get ready cos we are heading to the Zoo!! muahahhha.. sorry folks.. us and our zoo is like an everlasting love haha.. we have to take Sonia there cos we promised her that we will take her there.. shes been complaining that her papa hardly takes her there..

Sooooo anyway... here wishing every Hindu.. Happy Diwali and to the rest... hv a fun day with ur family yah.. cheers and enjoy this simple recipe..

Pandan layer

250ml water
1 tbsp jelly powder
225g sugar
500ml pandan water - i added 1/2 tbsp pandan paste to 500ml water

Coconut layer
250ml water
1tbsp jelly powder
2 tbsp sugar
500ml coconut milk
1/2 tsp salt
5 pandan leaves

Coconut sauce
500ml coconut milk
1/2 tsp salt
2 tbsp corn flour

Add pandan paste to water and pour it into a pot .. add sugar and also jelly powder and cook it over low heat till sugar dissolves - set aside (i had it on low fire all the time)

Add jelly powder, sugar and salt into coconut milk.. cook it over low heat with pandan leaves.. stir till small bubbles appear - set aside.

Prepare 4 moulds volume 250ml each or whatever mould that u wanna use.. pour a layer of pandan mixture.. let it slightly set bef pouring coconut milk mixture.. repeat same method till u get 5 layers.. if ur using a mould that has a volume of 250ml.. each layer weighs 50ml ok.. let ur jelly set in fridge for 2hrs bef serving it with coconut sauce.

Coconut sauce
Boil coconut milk and salt.. add corn flour.. stir till thicken.

Recipe adapted fm a book that i bought in Jkt - Primarasa Pencuci Mulut ala Asia Terlazat


Mat Gebu said...


Yat Maria said...


happy holiday!! :)
u know..every time I wanted to write pandanus..i stopped in my track pasal that orang takder keje aka dudan a hilarius fit bila dia break down that word into 2..pand-a*us..muahahha...sah2 takder keje kan that boy!!!!

ninazsyafinaz said...

Good morning sis..happy holiday to your family aswell..whoaa..balik2 dah buat Jelly?Rindu dapur yerk..This looks so beautiful and nice layering..!welcome back

ady said...

wow!! so fantastic!!!nice colour..

Torviewtoronto said...

this looks colourful lovely dish
check out the event in my site food palette series rainbow colours

Becky said...

Hi kak Rima,

I rely adore u alot...!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanx dear for the wishes.loved the jelly but we hardly get all the ingredients here in India

yummylittlecooks said...

Love this color, so beautiful.....:)

Rima said...

Cik Mat
hehe ty.. buat ok cos i know u will like it :o)

Rima said...

budak boy memang gitu cuma my son ni jenis tak reti say it out loud but kan if dgn kawan dia.. amboi bukan main lagi.. when mama dia baca fb or twitter macam nak terbeliak mata mama dia!

Rima said...

Nina dear
ty ty.. balik ku bukak fridge tak der dessert so buat lah yg senang punya.. butter belum beli.. cream cheese belum beli.. double cream belum beli.. telur baru beli so harus stock up dulu baru boleh start engine :o)

Rima said...

ty ty.. its taste nice too!

Rima said...

will do.. tks!

Rima said...

Oh really?? didnt know that.. theres not much to it in this recipe except u hv to get jelly powder fm ur place..

Rima said...

ty.. i think so too!

YHL said...

I love reading your blog, you are so so wonderful. Just would like to say
thank you for sharing.
(I had tried your Kuih Lapis Legit n Rainbow Kuih Bolu, they all turned out fantastic)
Angie - Sydney

Art lover, cinnamonworldofcolours said...

Hi Rima,
Ohh, I love eating Jellies, it sure feels good when it gets down your throat..soothing gitu!

Rima said...

Awww Angie.. I am more than happy to share.. glad to know that u hv tried some of the recipes and am glad it turned out well.. happy baking dear!

Rima said...

Art lover
hehehe memang but kan musim hujan ni if dapat makan benda yg hangat also sedap hehe

Mama said...

wallah wallah.........welcome back kak rima....u know what!!! im trying my best to bake all ur hu satu jer yg Mama dpt buat..ur Lemon Butter cake..tu pun macam bantat jer...ggrrr...anyway still workout with my baking..he he he.....hei!!! ur pandan layer ni really makes me macam nak amik terus masuk mulut jer....if only can..ha ha ha

Shal said...

Rima welcome bck, wah br balik dh nak merayau lagik, agak2 brapa bykla tahi lalat di kakimu. Iyerla org tua bilang kalau ada tahi lalat di kaki kuat jalan hahaks. Anyway, i made ur nutella butter cake adoiii sedap nyer. I pakau butter wak siman (wjsman) ya ampun enak bangett!. Next on my list ur sicilian orange cake.

cik cek said...

Kalau singgah sini...confirm terpegun...dengan gambonya yg cantik menawan...resepi yang umpph belaka....kak cek suka...kak cek suka...:D

Jun said...

eh..u dah balik from zoo kan? ekekeke...manalah tau, pergi beijing u rindu dgn zoo dat much! those jellies mmg nampak sgtlah si Yat tu komen buat i gelak goleng2..pandanus, hihihi

Rima said...

LOL Mama .. if that is even possible i think i will not ended baking anything hehe.. tinggal tadah tangan and voila.. benda tu kat telapak tangan kita hehe

Baking is something which requires alot of patience and confindence.. u keep on baking ok and u will get it right someday..

Rima said...

heheh tahi lalat tak byk pong.. cuma satu.. can u imagine if tahi lalat ku berlambak?? cuba renung kan.. maybe i will be too busy sampai tak terupdate blog ku hahaha

Eh u managed to get wisjman butter? thats good to know.. where?

Rima said...

Kak cek
alahhhh where got.. kita yg selalu terpegun dgn hasil kerja orang lain. :op

Rima said...

Rindu zoo?? blueeekk.. lepas kita ber whatsapp hari tu kat beijing ku jeles cos u baru balik makan makan while i was in hunger.. ceeehhhh so dgn segala hormat nye bila ku sampai sg.. dgn cepat ku pergi to my fav makan place.. dah melantak tak hinggat dunia pun hahaha.. ahhh tu baru dinama kan rindu makanan kita!

Shal said...

Betul3 tu baru tahi lalat 1, sah2 tahi lalat hidup hahahks. Uh itew butter wak siman, hari tu hb went to surabaya. So i ask him to gt it for me, i print out the shop name and add, with my barang2 siap ada gmbr lagik hahaks. Siap pesan u just give this list to the salesgirl and pay k. Now my wak siman dh nk habis errkk

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