Day 6 - Forbidden City

Peak Agenda: My bad.. my laziness.. shud i blame it on the weather?? noooo... why not blame it on the laziness :o(

We are still here in Beijing.. after my one and only blog entry there was not much to write abt.. Sonia and i hv been contributing quite a bit to the China economy so thats good right?? hehe

Yesterday and today was the first day hb got to spend time with us and oh boy.. u shud see the way he made us walk! .. am kaputt.. am tired.. we did the Forbidden city.. we did the Great Wall of China and also we visited the oldest mosque here in Beijing.. will load pics of forbidden city first yah.. tmrw we will be doing our last min shopping and also if given the chance i would love to go to HEC (i read somewhere that u can get all sort of baking pans fm them).. see how!

Oh and guess what.. i hv been eating sheep and beef at several Muslim restaurants for the past two days and i am getting sick of it.. the first day i ate it i couldnt even sleep properly.. am craving for spicy food.. am craving for mee goreng.. am craving for malay food! Why cant the muslim people just sell seafood or normal mee.... hb says that is because they are Hui Chinese.... from the west of China...where got SEA...? And if no SEA.. where got salt - cos their soups are so tasteless... we had sheep steamboat and the soup was so tasteless! So we asked for soy sauce and chilli and we made our own tom yam out of that! hahaha.. This is where we ate: Dong Lai Shun (very close top Wangfujing).

OK so here come the pictures... these were taken yesterday (Friday)..hubby made us walk to Tiananmen Square and from there into the Forbidden City.

The Forbidden City is in the middle of the city.. we walked there from our hotel. It was the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.... they began building in 1406 (so over 600 years)... the construction spanned over the lifetime of 24 (!) emperors who ruled for over 500 years.

There are so many halls, pavilions, palaces as every emperor wanted to make something of their own... so there is lots to see... with Sonia in tow we of course couldnt cover all... but we did the major stuff..

The wall surrounding the Forbidden city... behind this wall comes a 52meter wide moat which is 3.8km long

Tiananmen Square, The Tianan Gate with the famous Mao Portrait

Wumen Gate entrance to the forbidden city - from this point onwards you have to pay :)

Bridges leading across the Jade Ribbon River, heading towards the Hall of Supreme Harmony

Sonia sitting outside the Jingren palace (completed in 1420 during the Ming Dynasty)

Little model posing :)... Well outside the palace.. "papa..why no water?"

The Hall of Preserving Harmony on the right..

The middle picture are three stone carvings..each one 1.7m thick! Each one weighs 250 tones! Each one is just a single piece of stone... Bottom right is the only "square" hall... its the Hall of Middle Harmony (duh..)... It was used for Emperors to 'rest'... next time when I finish baking I come and rest here boleh?... hahahah

The ceiling of The Gate of Supreme Harmony (the highest ranking gate)...

The 2000m long Jade Ribbon River decorating the square and the gardens of the forbidden city

Only by walking... u get to explore the city well...

Especially when u are into taking pics.... best way to get a good shot is by walking.. "ouch" my legs are aching!

Hopefully i will be able to blog one more time bef we fly back to Singapore...


anakcikbob said...

"hv been contributing quite a bit to the China economy"
hahahaha. nice one kak rima. :)

btw, sonia is sooooooooo cute! kak, please let her be a model. pleaseeeee...

Rima said...

hehehe the proper way to put it lah.. nanti if kata shopping orang kata kita berabis duit pulak ahaks

Model for her mama and papa ok lah kan.. :op

CS said...

Kirim belikan sekilo 'forbidden fruit', boleh tak? Hehehee...

Tak rindu kat Shasha ke?

Yat Maria said...


definitely dah turun berkilo2 kan...sure banyak jalan kaki..kadang2 ai rasa mcm nak invest in those shoes with wheels..dah penat..suruh my dudans tolak jer.. LOL!

Kongkang Malaya said...

Kak Rima,
Love the photos that you took! How cute is lil Sonia dok teropong air kat telaga tu. Hehe!

My mom went to Beijing some months back and she just loved the Forbidden City :)

Nur-nba said...

Kak Rima,
Really nice pic.. Enjoy your holiday..

Anonymous said...

i especially love those last 2 pictures. you rarely experience that with guided tours. that's why i walk everywhere :}

did you manage to get some 'forbidden' fruits for CS?

Unknown said...

again, loves all d pix...nice shot rima! ngam la makan byk kena ganti dgn tour la plak...baru seimbang :P

KG said...

awesome pics, i mean all nicely taken by you! sudah sudahlah tu, cepat balik kita borak ngeeeee....

lina said...

salam rima i love all ur pics...well done!

::Azura Rahman:: said...

comel betol anak dara u,Rima.. pandai posing and so sweet biler senyum.. :D

Shoutforfood said...

question: May i know which camera model? the pictures are superb.

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