Raspberry Dark Chocolate Macarons

Ouch! how many days has it been?? too looongggg!! i know.. i know.. i can only wish.. time is definitely not on my side.. i am either at home baking away or i am out and abt looking for some stuff.. I hv been well.. a little tired but am good.. Lisa, our part time helper has been coming by once or twice a week to do general cleaning and helps take a load off my shoulders! so ok lets do the round up..

First of, i hv started baking for Eid.. this year i have to start early or i will never get things done on time... no no not bec i hv lots of cookie orders.. i hv opted not to take any cookie order this year and only wanna concentrate on cakes.. so far i hv baked three types of cookies for mom.. in between that i managed to also baked a couple of steamed fruit cake for a couple of orders.. not many to go.. err 4 more and i am done with that.. i dont even want to think how its gonna be like next week and the week after when i start baking for all my layer cake orders.. gulp! (Note: I am sorry guys but I am not taking anymore orders - also to those that have email sorry! Orders were filled up 2mths ago.. ty dearies)

On a happier note.. Hairi got accepted into the Engineering course that he wanted and will start schooling early next month.. all the best son! Remember what mama said.. money doesnt come easy so do study hard!

My dear hb was in Vietnam and no this year he didnt come home with a set of Ao dai for Sonia hehe

........ and little Sonia?? hehehe u wanna know whats her fav sentence for the past few days? "How cool is that mama" muahahha

Anyway these raspberry macs were our main course..ah I mean dessert today... i had bought two punnets of raspberry with different intentions.. had wanted to use it to bake berry tarts but unfortunately i didnt get to it so bef these beauties turn bad i thought why not use it in my macs... loved it!! the dark chocolate.. the raspberry in the middle.. one bite and u know u hit the jackpot!

80g aged egg white (at room temperature)
65g caster sugar
80g ground almond
128g icing sugar
12g cocoa powder - valrhona of cos!
red colour powder
brown colour powder

Line 2 baking trays with mastrad sheets or silpat mats
Sift icing sugar and almond together and set aside.
Whisk egg white till frothy.. add in sugar in 3 additions till medium peak but not dry
Add in the powder colourings.
Fold in the sifted mixture in 3 portions into the meringue. Do not over fold batter until it turn watery, batter should be slightly thicker than cake batter.
Spoon batter into a piping bag and pipe it on ur mac sheets
Let ur macarons to rest for 15 to 30 mins
Preheat oven to 120C.
Bake a tray at a time for 15mins, depend on individual oven.
Remove macarons and cool on a wire rack.

Raspberry Chocolate Ganache
100g dark cooking chocolate (i used valrhona and cocoa berry mix)
100g double cream
20g unsalted butter
a punnet of raspberries

Place the chopped chocolate in a heatproof bowl.
Heat the cream in a small pot until boiling point. Pour over chopped chocolate and let rest for 1-minute. Stir till smooth.. add in butter and gv it a stir.
Refrigerate until pipeable consistency before piping a dollop of the ganache onto the shells, top with raspberry and pipe another dollop of chocolate ganache on it.
Top with another shell and refrigerate till set.

Note: When serving.. unlike ganache-only recipe.. the fruit will "wet" the macaron quickly. So serve only shortly before consumption or else your macaron will become too soft.

Will try to update again tmrw to share another cookie recipe... ta ta!


CTZee said...

Yes! It's been too long since I last read yr blog. Rindu lah. =) How's yr Ramadhan K. Rima? Ours is looong (fr 430am-8pm) but Alhamdullillah the cool weather makes it easier. My lil girl pun not bad this yr. Puasa 1st time sampai Zohor/Asar.

Oooh la la more macarons. I love the color on this one. I'm counting down to the opening of Ladurée store in NYC. Gd luck to Hairi.

Rima said...

Awww i also rindu to menaip but ape kah daya.. my energy tak segigih dulu dulu hehe

Ramadhan has been good so far.. alhamdullilah.. tahun ni tak rasa lapar dan dahaga.. sonia tak puasa.. she will lah but till 11am when she started to ask for her susu hehe.. woahhh sangat panjang waktu berpuasa.. cobaaaannnnnnn hehe

Laduree store opening there?? woahhhh good on u guys! dah lama tak gi states... cakap lagi!! khkahkah

CTZee said...

Memang cobaan. Next yr I cabut balik Sg puasa kekekeke. That's very good of Sonia to puasa. Tell Sonia..."U go girlll."

I'm surprised they didn't open any Ladurée /PH sooner here. Entah bilah eh, you nak datang ke States.

Rima said...

U shud lah.. i teringat my aunties yg tinggal kat finland and aust.. asal ramadhan ajer cabut duduk sg for a month.. the one yg tinggal kat finland dah moved back to sg cos hb dia got transfer here so kira she happy bangat lah

Heheh tak tahu.. macam verangan nak gi end of the year.. tadi baru duk verngan dgn my hb hehe

Yat Maria said...


glad that u r ok akceli..hamada

at last!! tiap kali ai dtg, kenyang ai asyik makan Nastar almond u got macs to much pun ada wat mac..jadi ke? jadiiii....santekkk...but then tak jadi coz it's splotch in looks and a bit not well taw sebab apa baked less time terus terbantut..oven ai berasap okay....ntah apsal..takut ai...trus ai pi cepat2 tutup oven mac baru 3/4 way bakes...agaknya tu pasal splotchy in look at the top part...tapi kaki dia keluar u!!! terlompat kijang, ai tgk kaki dia...muahahhaah...tu yg 3/4 done pun ai makan gak!! heheh..

zarin said...

owh! ada di rumah ye! ingat dah jenjalan makan angin hikhik...
comel jek sonia, mana her picture? lama tk nampak muka dia :D

p/s congrats to hairi

anymz said...

Paling2 teringin nak buat macaron.
Entah bila nak mula..susah nak buat tak rima?..kena start jugak lah.kalau tidak sampai bila pun tak pandai..

Shal said...

Rima, adoiiii hari2 la i ni check ur blog mcm pungguk rindukan bulan hahhaks ayat kad raya, finally ada new entry. Lepas ni chck lg ur blog for ur reply...mcm org bercinta pun ada

Wanna ask u tot of baking ur kek buah kukus, do i need to wrap tutup kukusan with kain? Aluminium foil can?

Eh did u manage to gt sonia's bj kurung?

cik cek said...

Salam Ramadhan tuk Rima n family...

emmm...macarons...sgt susah nak buat..tapi kak cek memang dah jatuh cinta dgnnya...ntah bila nak buat macarons hu hu...

THE DUO said...

As Salam Kak Rima,

Wah saya suka macaron ni. Buah yg ada berry2 ni memang favourite saya.Sungguh menggoda.......x tau bile nak cuba buat.Takut pun ada...he..he..Nanti kalau Suzy singgah S'pore boleh la order kat Kak Rima ya.....:-)))


THE DUO said...

Kak Rima,

Nak tanya sikit, kalau saya guna hong kong flour untuk buat chiffon kek boleh tak? Ada byk lagi tepung tu tp saya x tau apa yg sesuai untuk kegunaannya.

Terima kasih,

Ramla said...

salam. Rima, nak tanya kat msia mana nak cari colour powder ya.Sorry sy duk kat sini pun x tau kat mana nak cari colour powder. Pernah cari dkt wilton tapi tak ada.

Rima said...

Thats the thing abt macs.. bila menjadi cantik i also like that.. terjenguk jenguk kat pintu oven.. once kaki dah keluar baru lah lega.. dah tu dok tengok pulak if ade yg crack.. haishh sampai sekarang pun macs ni buat i suspend haha

Congrats! harus practice ok to get perfect one n ty for ur email.. macam terharu gitu :op

Anonymous said...

Lovely colorful macs Rima. I love looking at your pretty macs. This time around no raspberry colored nail color for Sonia ? :) I will not attempt to make any macs. Because I don't like eating them. Have tried the macs from Icing Room, Delifrance and Canelle. They are too sweet for me and not my cup of tea. But I do love looking at them.

Congratulations to Hairi. All the best in his future endeavours. I am sure he will do well and make his mama proud :)

Hope you have a good weekend.



Rima said...

Try buat lah.. tak try tak akan tahu how addictive this thing is.. if tak jadi macam geram.. if jadi tersenyum sendiri.. ahhh cam gitu lah kita setiap kali kita jenguk kat oven tu hehehe

Follow the steps and u will get it right.. insyallah..

Rima said...

Kat rumah.. cuma masa mencemburui ku.. ceeeewahhhh hahaha

Ah ah lama tak keluar kn gambar sonia.. weekends ni lah :op

Rima said...

Muahahha kad raya.. dah lama ku tak terima kad raya.. nowadays mana ade orang nak buat cam gitu.. dulu dulu when i was young ahemmm .... bila raya byk dapat kad raya.. dah tu interframe lagi kat living room hahaha.. those were the days.. windu weiii

Baju kurung dak sonia dah beli.. bought one ajer.. ingat nak cari lagi satu but see how lah.. she pakai pun hanya setahun sekali.. dah tu cannot carry forward cos she cepat tinggi!

Tutup kukusan tu harus wrap dgn kain or else air titik titik on the aluminium foil.. nanti flooding hehe

Rima said...

Siapa tak jatuh cinta tergolek golek dgn si kecil molek ni.. never gv up.. harus keep on baking ok :op

Rima said...

Memang yg ade berry ni memang fav kita.. cuts down the sweetness up to the max.. shiok makan tak sedar diri hahaha.. Insyallah.. email me when and if i am in town i will bake it for u..

HK flour tu memang sesuai untuk bake kek lapis and sewaktu dgn nye.. its a superfine flour.. u can use it for chiffon cake too..

Rima said...

Salam Ramla
Hmmm i was told that Pavillion supermarket ade jual.. when i went there the other time.. i saw one bottle.. green colour.. dont know if they bring in lots of other colours..

Rima said...

Ty Sally.. u too! hv a good weekend.. I am planning to go out later after i am done with my nastar.. tak habis habis! haha

U shud cos the taste is diff.. u get to try different techniques .. flavours.. if u cant finish em.. u freeze em and it can last for 2 months..

Yep.. we are happy he got accepted.. hopefully by the end of 10 months he will get a diploma :o)

ijayuji said...

U rock Sonia!!!! Peace!! Ahahaha.. Tgk Mac Akak ni jd geram kita dah mula raya semalam ni Kak nk buat2 almond powder takde ah pulak! Tgk Akak tyg ni ter ter rasa nk buat haish!

Rima said...

Dah raya!! alamak.. why mine no come! agaknye tun tanah stress tak.. hari hari dok plan my day.. if tak plan .. hancus.. semua tak menjadi.. macam tdy.. ade ke lupa nak keluar kan butter.. now terpaksa tunggu

Eh buy lah and buat.. dah de macs sheet.. can try try bake with it

Shal said...

Hihihiks yeah i remember dulu bila nk raya i selalu kena gantung kad raya bt panjang2 then hang kt tingkap my grandma plc... nvm u gimmie ur add i hntr kad raya thn u hang on ur wall cover dpn kad raya "buat sahabat ku yang jauh diperantauan" dlm ada serangkap pantun "pecah kaca pecah tong, sudah baca harap gantung" muahahahksss...

Bt kn until now kalau bt biskut raya mlm2 kena la cr station melayu klasik yg siap ada song dedications byk lagu raya tak dgr lagu omputih sbb nk feel lebih

Rima said...

Muahha pecah kaca pecah gelas.. lepas baca harap balas.. uishhh dont get me started ahhh hehe

Memang pun.. tu sebab i dah start cos terdengar lagu raya and hardly on lagu om putih anymore.. maklum feeling nak raya berkobar kobar macam budak kecik kahkahkah

ninazsyafinaz said...

Whoaaa..tunggu N3 baru..sekali keluar 2 terus..kak rima..the Mac nampak sangat lovely..

Alessandra said...

What a beautiful photos!
Very compliments!

Rima said...

Ty dear and also sedap cos rasa masam manis gitu

Rima said...

Awwww ty dear and welcome to this humble blog of mine.. ur macarons look lovely!

KG said...

sambil nyanyi hitam hitam si tampok manis....walupun hitam dipandang manis....kitalah tu....perasntan muahahhaa! ok chop hairi for khadijah...boleh soh mak hari buet keuh utk i wakakaka!

Rima said...

Muahahha boleh boleh.. dia dah officially mr single since last week.. ahhhhh u know i know how i must hv felt kannnn hehe.. phewwww

Anonymous said...

Helo, i want to purchase the misrad From sabah.

Rima said...

You can go to my store to purchase the mastrad sheet


Pink Lavender said...

hi sis,

lm xtgk ur blog..
ur macaroooonnnnnn sgt menggiurkan time puasa2 nih...

Rima said...

Pink lavender
hehe memang sedap dimakan cos rasa masam masam.. good combo i must say.. am baking this beauties for raya open house hehe

frizzkiss said...

kak rima,

i nak buat macaroon ni,tapi u rasa2 kalau pakai baby beiling oven okey tak?

Rima said...

I dont think that will work.. never used baby beiling to bake any cake so tak tahu if the temp is too hot for macs to handle.. hmm

frizzkiss said...

dats what i think too....hmmmmm....tengah tunggu my husbong beli kan i oven ni!!! issshk!!

illia said...

Hye Sis Rima,

i ada satu prob biler wat macs ni..i wonder why mine always jadi hollow and sumtime feet naik x sekata..jd senget gitu..huhu..some of them are kind of happy jgk la..=p

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