The rantings of a blogger's husband...

HB: "Ma.. (Rima), how are things?"
Rima: "I'm so tired. My eyes are falling shut - I don't know how I'm gonna finish all these orders"

Sounds familiar? Probably to those that do take orders...

My wife is a superwoman. A stressful husband, a stressful daughter, a son who spends more time outside the house than sometimes helping inside the house... a house to keep in order and still finding time doing what she loves: Baking.

It has now been more than three years that she has been blogging. Having her ups and downs. But she takes it in her stride - as she always does:

Other people making business out of the recipes she posts: "Amal"
Other people copying her style of photography: "What to do"
Other people taking credit where no credit is due: "It's ok..., let them be..."

Somehow, nothing really gets her worked up - and that's what I love about her (instead I get mad on her behalf :) .

In this month of Ramadhan probably I should learn a thing or two from my wife:

- To be patient
- To be more understanding
- To let things go
- To pray more
- To be on my best behaviour - self-control (not to raise my voice, not to get angry etc.)
- To think less about oneself and think more about others
- To be true to oneself

Rima is probably one of the most selfless people I have met in my life as many of you know from her blog. She is always willing to share, explain and help out wherever and whenever she can.

Rima, you started the blog so that Sonia has something to refer to when she is older. I also hope that it is a means for me to not forget that your heart extends not only at home but to everybody else out there too. I love you.

To all readers out there, a blessed Ramadhan, and thank you for the support you give to Rima (through your comments and shopping in her store).

from, Hubby.

PS: Somebody was asking how to do the PDF/Print function at the bottom. Go to:

PS2: (not the Sony one) - I added a facebook account for Bisous A Toi yesterday. It's just for streaming of her blog posts. In case you want to add this blog, click on the badge on the side or just search for BISOUS A TOI on facebook.


Yan said...

Yes, we love her dearly too... She's my sifu! My guru! Thank you Rima, for all the great recipes and replies to my so many questions.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Rima,

So lucky of you to have Rima as your wife.

You are right, she is always so generous with her baking tips and tricks and puts in her effort to reply to every single comment/queries we post on her blog. All her recipe are good ones which never fails on us readers. So far, I never made any business out of Rima's recipe, as I don't like to take orders (do not like to keep up with deadline and fussy customers who keep changing their minds, or unhappy with the product or price..etc). However, the cakes/cookies I made using Rima's recipe had always been a hit with my family members. She is unlike some bloggers who blog abt their baked goodies, but alter the recipe slightly before posting it on their blog.

Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family. Hope you and your family have a much more blessed year ahead.


CS said...

Mr Rima
I'm not trying to 'fan' Rima for a boxful of macarons, ahaks.. but I agree wholeheartedly with you.

RIMA = rare individual most admirable.

Madam Sooyaree said...

Auwww.... she is indeed a superwoman! May you guys have a blessed Ramadan, and enjoy Eid!

Parames said...

May God Bless you for the selfless postings and sharing of your wonderful mouthwatering recipes. You really are a superwoman sis!! Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Celebrations and I think you ought to take a break and pamper yourself. God Bless You!! ^_^

CTZee said...

Salam Mr. Rima.

This is one of the many reasons why, j'aime, j'adore à la folie Rima's blog because of her husband's input. You guys are a great power couple. Keep on blogging! To K. Rima....ingat...."MAJU TAK GENTAR MBAK!" lol

Shal said...

Ya Allah, dengan keberkatan ramadhan ini Kau berikanlah kekuatan kpd sahabatku Rima, Kau rahmatilah keluarganya, Kau lindungilah mereka sekeluarga. Ya Allah aku pohon darimu supaya sahabat ku diberkati oleh Mu Ya Allah. Amin Ya Robbal Alamin.

P/s: Thank you very much rima. Btw rite now im baking ur almost famous amos.

MANISAH said...

Rima, hubby dan anak-anak,

A printed appreciation from your beloved hubby is a treasure. Verbal appreciation can `hilang' as days go by. Keep up the good work and spirit. To Herr hubby of Rima, keep the support going. She's a gem.

Selamat Hari Raya

lemongrass said...

I seriously envy Rima and her amazing baking skills! In my dreams, I always wish to have her talents but sadly I lack 2 most important things, patience and skills, hahaha.
Have a blessed Ramadhan and Syawal to Rima, Hubby, Sonia and Hairi.

printha said...

Hi Rima,
You're one in a trillion who shares all your recipe with others, HATS OFF!! I'm so glad that you actually have facebook now, I can start tagging you on all my bakes using your recipe. Have a wonderful Aidilfitri with your family and loved ones. Cheers!


blu4sky said...

bless you rima for all you have done..thank you for sharing with all your wonderful recipes

Eid mubarak to you and family

Aishamirafiq said...

Hi Mr Aue

Rima is my Sifu.

Been patronize Rima’s blog since last year… tried her recipes …always make me happy coz all her recipes never fail……

Ordered her macs… OMG! So delicious…… (It just melts in your mouth). Made my girl’s birthday different from what we use to celebrate. Hehehe…

Rima… Thanks a lot for sharing wonderful recipes… Hanya Allah akan membalasnye…

Btw, Selamat Hari Raya to all of u…

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Rima,who wouldn't love her....?her kindness shows....need I say more?

From: KNur-Terengganu

ninazsyafinaz said...

Aha!! It Mr Rima..Ooo So sweet..yepp u rite..Kak Rima thank you so much for your guidance and superb recipes..Im taking into my list to bake Congo Bars and Bohulu Mekar for my family break fast this Saturday!I always admired your baking skill and what so org Java called "Teratin"!

As for Mr me who asked for the pdf print function.Thank you for the info.

Wish you Selamat Menyambut Aidilfitri!! :)

K.Nor said...

terharu baca coretan seorang suami.. lucky rima ada suami yg understanding like u mr rima :)

rima.. k.nor dh add yg fb tu (my id is norazmihah) :)

mmg sentiasa tabik toing2 kat rima, hasil kerjatangan yg sangat superb..cantik tak terkata, especially all those kek lapis.. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Kak Rima,

Ur a very meticulous person and I really respect u for that. I am ur ardent blog reader and ur recipes are wonderful. I learnt a lot from ur blog.

May Allah bless u & ur family. I will be the first person to enrol if u ever open a class!

Lots of Love,

umiyumi said...

That's why there's no other person like Kak Rima. She inspires others. :)

Mira Marlena said...

Kak Rima is one lucky and blessed lady and you should be proud and thankful to Allah for granting her and your lovely daughter into your life.
There will be ONE AND ONLY Rima and she is a one super duper and uber talented woman.Yes,I wish I could be like her but i'm positive that I cannot be like her.

Go kak Rima!

Nurfaizah said...

Tts y i really admire cara k.rima ni. Mcm energizer battery.. Never say die. Hee..

Not only ur Sonia will appreciate a hardwkg & generous mommy. We ALL do.

Semangat & keikhlasan k.rima memang terbukti dlm blog ni. Wen u help others, Allah will help u too. May Allah give her strength & Allah berkati k.Rima sekeluarga.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Rima

I sedey la baca your post hari ni. Terharu lagi.

Yes, we all love her..

Thank you for being sporting husband to her.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. Zakat fitradh di Singapore kena bayar berapa?

Ada orang cakap Mr Rima boleh cakap Melayu, jadi komen saya pun dalam bahasa Melayu.


THE DUO said...

I believe that the person who posses great heart and caring will eventually inspire someone. It does to me.Thanks Kak Rima,your blog has light up something that I had loss quite sometime ago. Well wishes to you and your family. Selamat Hari Raya and keep rocking Kak Rima!


Rima said...

Lao Gong
Gulp.... while i was busy baking away u write something nice abt me pulak.. adehhhh i lap u long time also.. am not perfect.. well no one is but am blessed to hv u guys in my life.. hu hu nasib when i baca all this dah lepas buka if not tak pasal pasal i cry.. habis wait i hv to buka puasa hahaha

To my dearest friends
Ty for all the kind words... i'm so touched.. what we hv in this world adalah sementara and there is no harm in sharing whatever knowledge u hv with others.. :o)

Ribbon and Circus said...

Mr Aue,

That's so sweet of you.. Those words are deep, you almost made me cry huhu

Her recipes never failed me and the rest of my family.. She always there to answer all queries ASAP.. and to be honest, I envy her in so many ways.. I'll always adore her. *hugs*

Btw k rima, that nastar nenas sgt sedap.. I dah buat satu balang, tomorrow cont lg satu balang hehe nite2


aida said...

waduhhhh... so touched...may god bless both of u dear..
selamat hari raya maaf zahir & batin


azizah said...

Assalam Rima, im a new follower of u juz started few days ago.. Im so touch after reading all the comment abt u. Do keep it up dear.. ur kind wif a heart of gold. To Rima hubby,i salute u.. ur vry supportive. May allah bless both of u and ur family. Rima..kak zah da buat Suji, cantik dan sedap. Srmua sama size ikut tips yg diberi. Happy sangat sangat. Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf zahir bathin. Halalkn resepi yg sudah kak za coba, yg akan dicoba dimasa terdekat dan akan dtg.Thanks dear.

anymz said...

To Mr Rima,
Terharunya..menurut komen di atas mr Rima boleh berbahasa melayu.mari kita sama2 manfaatkan bahasa ibunda Rima dan buat akak lebih 'feel' utk berbicara.hehe
Kalian berdua adalah pasangan suami isteri yang di berkati oleh Allah swt.saling sayang menyayangi dan yang penting memahami.moga ikatan kalian teguh hingga ke akhir hayat dan buat Rima teruskan berkarya.Ini lah kerja amal yang paling mulia yang dapat kita lakukan dan tinggalkan bila kita sudah tiada di dunia ini lagi.
Akak selalu bertandang ke sini tapi amat jarang tinggalkan komen.sheperd pie.piza dari air tangan akak semuanya di ambil dari Bisous Toi.TerimaKasih tidak terhingga Rima.Semoga di halalkan segala yang akak ambil dari sini.
Salam Aidilfitri dari akak buat Rima dan keluarga.

bayohahmad said...

nk tumpang comment gak, KAK RIMA...u're the best..setiap kali sy online mst jengah ur blog..never fail to do that..u inspire us to actively blogging gak walaupun blog kami2 ni biasa2 jer...nyway,selamat hr raya...hope syawal ni memberikan cahaya kehidupan yang lebih baik kpd semua...

n tqsm (speechless),u also made me actively blogging so that my kids will hv something precious to read in the future..

mariah said...

Hi Rima,

I suka visit your blog coz in whatever mood you're in, you've never buruk2kan orang lain. Your recipes are awesome, never fail one... keep it up, dear..

Ju'eta said...

That's beautiful.

Edi said...

Mr Rima,
sempat lagi u buat lawak.. PS2!
anyway, pls send my salam to Rima and tell her to take care of herself jangan sampai pengsan nanti nak raya!


Anonymous said...

K.Rima n hubby,

You guys are awesome.You are such a generous person.Bisous A Toi is a must click blog everyday without fail (including KitchenGuardian and adorablecupcakes).You and KG are my sifus.Your recipes are fail proof, that is the best part, nothing will go to waste.i learned a lot from you, not only baking but it's more than that. May you and your family have a blessed Ramadhan and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.
-Mai, KL

Jun said...

wow! mr rima! hehe..i've met both of u n sonia last time...even in a short period. i think i've known all of u longer n of coz thru this blog..both of u r lucky to have each other n sonia...selamat berpuasa dihujung2 ramadhan n selamat hariraya...

Unknown said...

Yey!!! finally u have a page in fb.

this is my 2nd yr following you thanks to nurul.

and thanks for the guidance you gave me when in (baking) trouble ... you are awesome always sharing your recipes ... tips ... Not many people can do things that you do.

May Allah bless you with good health and strength so that you are able to do things that you love! ..


ps: I'm having fun with my pastry set. Thank you

KG said...

ditto ditto ditto! wonder if my mr hubs is reading! way to go Mr rima! selamat hari raya! see you again and i wont keep your wifey to drain her throat with our chats and you keep making tea for us!haha!

Yan said...

love this blog, love this posting, love ur comment to this posting. :) What a lovely person u are! Much respect..

Mama said...

wow...u are having such a wonderful lady in ur life..there's a lot things to learn from her..aspecially cooks stories...hhmm yummy.. lucky u guyz with her...can eat what ever u wish,,ahaks....hhmmm wish to have some one like her in my house...waaaaahhhhhhhh feel like floating in heaven....ha ha ha ha... anyway..u r d person that always would be the first one beside her....coz she's really genuine..... EID MUBARAKA FOR U AND FAMILY......

Anonymous said...

kak rima,
ur blog really inspire me..
everyday sy mesti bkak blog akak..
n if xde entry bru sy akn kecewa..huhu
but i know u've been busy for all such baking and order..
keep on ur sincerity in blogging..
may god bless you and ur fmly..
luv u till death..hehehe


lindaoff said...


MuN said...

Awh so sweet :D

serene said...

a sincere touch..will be showered with blessings.
share and your portion will be increased.
the more benefits you spread the more benefits you reap.
i only look at the beautiful photos. yet to try make or try order from you. i will try to order one day and get to meet you in person.
oh where do you find all the super power energy, superwoman Rima?
Must be from the support from Mr Rima.

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