Nastar Almond (Almond Pineapple Tarts)

I missed out on Masterchef Australia 2 the other day and i am so glad that hb had taped it.. I am watching it right now and updating my blog at the same time.. hows everyone?? how is ramadhan so far? funny how we get very busy during Ramadhan.. so busy that I hardly get the time to get online let alone blogwalking.. sorry dearies.. will say hi when time permits yah :o)

So its our special day today.. the day we celebrate our Independence Day .. we turn 46 today and what do we normally do year in and year out on the 9th of August? 'shrug'.. chill.. watch fireworks ... fm home hehe

Dad used to take us to watch fireworks at the Padang every single year without fail and every single time we could never get enough of it.. for some reason I managed to keep the tradition going even after Hairi was born but unfortunately not the case for Sonia.. we took her to watch it when she was only 5 months old.. we didnt take her last year and not this year either.. the comfort of watching it fm home .. with the aircon running.. a cup of coffee and a slice of cake is something that we all like to do.. hassle free plus this year it falls in the holy month of Ramadhan..

Ok thats it dearies.. bef i go.. i wanna share a recipe which i think is gonna be the next big thang in Nastar world hehe.. this recipe uses almond and that takes u to a whole new level.. it tastes rich but not overpowering that u feel sick after eating a few pieces.. the texture just melts in ur mouth.. sis Wati loved it.. hb and Hairi love it too.. will i bake it for Eid?.... yes but if given the time i wud love to try out another Nastar recipe.. so keep a look out yah..

100g unsalted butter
80g margarine
(i used 180g unsalted butter)
30g powdered sugar
2 egg yolks
240 gr flour - i used 260g
1/2 tsp salt
50g ground almonds
(I will probably add 1/4 tsp of vanilla powder next time)

500g grated pineapple
1 stick cinnamon (3 inches)
1/2 tsp salt
175g sugar
(i used ready made bought fm Titan.. bought two packs.. one that contained no sugar and the other pack contains sugar - my verdict on the one that doesnt use sugar - awesome!)

1 egg yolk beaten with 1/2 tbsp water
chopped almonds

Beat butter, margarine, powdered sugar, and egg yolks at medium speed until well blended(2 minutes). Add in sifted flour, salt and ground almonds.

Grated ripe pineapple
In a skillet or non-aluminum saucepan, add grated pineapple and cinnamon.. cook over medium heat till juice dries. Do not forget to keep on stirring. Add salt and sugar. Cook and stir until thick and not sticky... chill
Once chilled, take a little of pineapple jam and shape it longish abt 1cm in diameter, 5cm long.

- Preheat oven to 160 degrees. Take half the dough... Roll between two sheets of baking paper until 2 mm thick. Cut a square about the size of 5x4 cm. Place 1 part pineapple jam on a piece of skin dough, roll. Place on a buttered baking sheet.
- Bake for 20 minutes.. remove from oven, spread egg yolk mixture and sprinkle with chopped almonds.
- Place pan back into the oven, bake for a further 10 minutes- i took it out slightly earlier
- Remove and cool on wire rack.

Source: Hersite


Torviewtoronto said...

delicious to snack looks wonderful

Nithya said...

Delicious almond tarts :) Looks so pretty and inviting. Lovely clicks too :)


noir said...

that's some coffee table pictures!
sad but true, Aug 9 is nothing day for me. slamat puasa.

zarin said...

perfect for eid la... nanti nak buat lah n happy fasting to u n family

Sizuka said...

I love tart nenas. Will definitely memaksa my sister to help me gulung this one. hehe.. thx rima! will try out next weekend.

how're u? didnt see u much lately. busy with sonia? :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Independence Day and salam Ramadhan Rima...guess what,knur missed final masterchef also.imagine watching it without fail and miss the final..urghh..and I missed the three repeats too..grrr.nampak yumms tart ni and I will sure give it a try.thanks for the recipe Dear....


Jun said...

hah! me also bz la..sudah start wif all d nampak this almond nastar, mcm nk try jugak..if not..i order ajelah ngan u rima, wahahahha...

Rima said...

Yes and errr no if ur on a diet hehe

Rima said...

Ty and look at ya! awesome pics u got there.. loved it! happy friendship day to u too :o)

Rima said...

Long time no see.. Yep.. so true and salam ramadhan to u and ur family..

Rima said...

Try it bef eid.. who knows this recipe made it to ur raya table this year? hehe.. salam ramadhan to u and ur family too dear!

Rima said...

I hv been well.. tks for asking.. dont know why macam sibuk sikit ramadhan ni..

If got orang nak membantu lagi lah cepat habis kan.. this recipe only yielded 44pcs .. so if u nak buat for raya harus double kan dia quantity dia :)

Rima said...

Tu lah.. lucky my other half taped kan if not tak de chance nak watch it..

Cuba lah KNur.. senang ajer.. tak yah nak cetak.. tak yah nak sepit.. roll roll..bake..ngap hehe

ijayuji said...

Salam kak! i love it!!! terasa nak makan tart lah pulak! akak ni kita tgh malas nak buat intinyer niii surat cuti belum dpt lagi niii wakakakak... ingat nanti kalau dah approve cuti BULAN kita tuu nak buat inti nenas, baring betull sana sini tyg tart huh! ahahaha... senang eak main gulung2 gitu, nak buat nak buat!! selamat berpuasa kak!

Aishamirafiq said...

Hai Rima....
Interesting.... Lain drpd lain......tot of baking pineapples tarts the normal way but saw yours... Must try..... in the list now.... Hehehe

Rima said...

Salam Ijaaa
I also the same.. tunggu surat cuti approve bulan ni.. kenapa lambat i dont know.. boss belum approve ahhh

The other time waktu kat jakarta.. i bought two packs... standby untuk try try recipe.. if buat inti sendiri memang lah lagi shiok but this inti is delish.. lembut and not sweet.. kira ngam.. if i know i buy berpack pack lol

ninazsyafinaz said...

happy Independent day sis!ooo when it come to pineapples tart..i prefer the nyonya version.. :)

Rima said...

I belum start buat untuk raya lagi.. ni baru testing the water.. tengok yg mana sedap.. harus try new recipe every year baru lain sikit.. what i will bake later pun semua untuk my mom.. i will only bake for myself lepas raya cos orang datang rumah kita a week after raya pong hehe

Rima said...

Try ah and who knows u might like it.. every year kuih tart rumah my mom selalu bertukar :o)

Rima said...

oh ye ker? i like it all hehe

elmi said...


Thanks for the Mastrad Sheet, safely arrive when I out of town.
The tart look yummy, have to push 'kerajinan diri' to bake it heheee :)

Unknown said...

ahaaaaaaaaa...anther great recipe for my cookies collection...for raya..but this one definitely bake kat Sabah..akan ku kerah my tantes'..menggulung nya nnt..hahaha

Ummi said...

Rimaaaaaaaaaa...adeeeh akak pun bz jgk laaa..x tau apasal...jgn kata time kerja, time cuti2 pun, lg teruksss x leh nak update terus...hahahaa... Btw, ur nastar cookies looks nice...kalau wat berbuka pun ok nih...habis 10 ketuii..hehehe

anymz said...

salam rima
selamat berpuasa ya rim.memang masuk list lah resepi ni..sebab ada kelainan bila letak almond tu..:)

CS said...

Wpun I dah tau siapa menang in that OZ Masterchef (I mengelat sbb dah google dulu, hehe), I still tengok the finale with debaranz..

Tumpang tanya: Kenapa resipi nih guna butter n margarine at the same time. Apakah pekdahnya?

psst.. inti nenas tu you beli or buat from scratch?

Anonymous said...

Hello Rima, selera tengok kuih tart tu! Inti nya beli pat mana? Kakak beli selalunya kena yang manis sangat, tak suka!

Ana said...

Hi Rima, kakak suka tart nenas tapi inti selalunya dapat yang manis. Boleh tak kakak tahu mana nak beli brand titan tu? Thank you!

fqa said...

hi sis rima..

waa gitew..
resipi baru..hikhik..
sedap2 dah terliur dah ni..oops..
ptg ni kena carik nenas cepat2..tak sabar nak godek2 dah ni..

Trying To Be Muslim.. said...

la la la la la laaaaaaaaa....kak rima comey.....adoyai,.....wat ayu rasa mcm nak makan cookies raya dah ni......hmmmmmmmm!

Rima said...

Alhamdullilah.. tadi also i got sms fm one of my customer fm Brunei.. she baru dapat hers.. for a moment we were worried cos dah more than 12 days since we sent it out..

Harus adakan kerajinan if nak buat nastar...

Rima said...

ah huhhhh balik sabah eh tahun ni! harus pi kerah siapa siapa yg ade.. cepat ajer nak habis kannn.. tak stress bila ramai yg menolong..

Rima said...

Memang buat cemelan waktu malam malam.. macam mana nak turun badan.. tengok lah ni.. posa pun nak buat cookies.. habis hancus harapan ku nak pakai kebaya nyonya muahahah

Rima said...

Selamat berpuasa to u and ur family too.. try and bake it ok.. siapa tahu menepati citarasa semua :op

Rima said...

I didnt.. i sanggup wait and wait and was hopping the youngies win but apa kah daya kannn

Actually alot of indon recipe memang byk yg pakai margerine and butter.. dont know why.. but i much prefer pakai butter 100%

No buat inti.. i bought it kat jakarta .. enak buk!

Rima said...

Anonymous and Ana
I got it fm Jakarta.. fm a bakery supply shop, Titan.. tak manis cos inti dia purely nenas.. tak keras pun lepas dibakar.. tak manis pun.. sedang sedang ajer

Rima said...

Ahhh pi cari nenas.. dah settle boleh lah cepat cepat buat tart nenas.. tak kira lah yg mana satu hot fav feeqa :op

Rima said...

ala lala la laaaa.. dah makan lamb shank harus lepas tu nak makan cookies.. buat pemanis ahakss

Yoa Ngadenin said...

nk buat la raya ni. musti sumorg dok teringat-ingat "kueh tat kat rumah yoa tadi lain drpd lain ek?". heheee..sure hit punye ar. tak sabar tggu version lagi satu. chocolate version maybe??

Rima said...

Yoa Ngadenin
Hehe sometimes u need to try out different type of nastar.. something diff so that cookies kita laku if not kadang cookies cookies ni kurang memdapat hit.. yg selalu habis dulu.. ahhh tu kek kek "op

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,
Selamat berpuasa! OT sikit. Nak tanya lah, agak2 Rima boleh tak i gunakan multigrain bread utk buat bread & butter pudding tu? Thanks, Hana

Rima said...

Hi Hana
Salam ramadhan al mubarak! of cos u can.. whenever i wanna do bread and butter pudding i use ape ape roti yg ade .. tak kira lah.. by the end of the day roti tu tetap akan rasa creamy and yummeh hehehe

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Rima! So glad u said that... kesian kat roti yg duduk kat freezer tu heheh. Insha Allah akan di cuba nanti... Mekaseh ya buk :p
~ Hana

Amelia said...

Delicious tarts and lovely presentation.

Rima said...

Ty Amelia!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kak Rima,

I wanna know, if I were to make my own pineapple filling, do I need to drain the juice from the grated pineapple before I start cooking them? Ty!


Rima said...

Hi Liza
Yes u hv to drain the juice bef u start cooking em

Ribbon and Circus said...

Salam k rima,

Org lain dah lama start buat kuih, i br nk kick off tunite hehe

Those cookies nmpk sedap sgt2.. I bleh imagine rasa almond combine ng the rest of the ingredients in my mouth rite now huhu :P

Btw, the recipe yields for how many pieces eh k rima? I nk buat tunite.. Dah nk buat br nk tny.. Hihi inti dah siap, tinggal dough je.. :)

Rima said...

Salam RC
if u hv the time its better to buat now.. i cant afford to do that.. ni i dah start with kek lapis..

Hmm i tak kira but i managed to get 2 full tray so i assumed maybe u can get 70pcs.. maybe less? depending on how thick and how long u want ur tart to be..

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