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I'm sorry guys.. i know i shud hv some kinda updates on my GA but am caught up with lots of stuff.. been out and abt .. basically we are Solenn's tourist guide.. English teacher ahem and parents to her till the 3rd week of this month.. yesterday morning we went to USS and guess what? my son came along.. yep.. i finally got to spend time with my boy tho half of the time he "was't there".. poor boy.. u deserve better... (long story)

I enjoyed myself of cos.. Hairi and I took all the crazy rides together.. just like old times ey Hairi.. both of us love crazy rides and I no longer hv to worry how he wud react to this kinda rides (he was 6yrs old when i first took him to Universal Studios Hollywood).. the best part is when he started to tell me that the rides were super scary the moment we're abt to board it.. geeeshhh anyway i think Sonia had the most fun day yesterday.. she was talking non stop.. she was singing and she even took her first junior roller coaster ride (Enchanted Airways) with us! well done dear! Solenn took almost all the rides in USS.. she even took Revenge of the Mummy ride err well except The Cyclon Galactica ride which i did.. thank you to my son! gulp.. so ok.. enjoy a few photos which i managed to take..

Been awhile since we last got to take pic as a family.. ty Solenn!

Work it out hb.. hehehe

Thats our lunch that spells - fattening! hehe

The many faces of my son... I feel for u son... insyallah.. u'll be fine..

Pssttt.. Focus on me.. yes me.. not the one on my right hahaha

Waterworld show... not as huge as the one in the US but its good enough...

Ok kiddoes... time to head home... looking at my kids photos makes me feel all sentimental.. am blessed to hv u guys in my life...

So heres the updates.. I will keep on adding links till 7pm.. good luck ladies! I will announce the result tomorrow (Monday) morning.

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anakcikbob said...

it's kinda funny when see hairi n ur hubby.sbb hairi botak tepi, n ur hubby err..u know it. hahaha..

goodluck to all contestant. esok 2kalau ada contest prize macaroon da siap, sy masuk ye kak. hehehe..

Nurul Azwa said...

can't wait for tomorrow morning :)

Trying To Be Muslim.. said...

Kak Rima....iyer..tetiba lak tgok gambar anak beranak kat atas tu, wat Ayu rindu kat kampung....mmmm boy, mama n papa...tok...yada yada yada....mmmmmm

Rima said...

muahaha both ade ciri ciri botak.. stress dgn akak kau ni agaknye hahahah

Rima said...

Tungguuuuuu hehe

Rima said...

Lately i feel a little sentimental lah.. tengok anak anak.. cepat membesar.. sonia is growing too fast.. hairi is an adult... maybe i am just going thru some phase.. phase dah tua bangka hahaha

Family is everything eyyy..

K.Nor said...

rima, bila tengok gambar2 gini, kita tak sedar betapa cepatnya masa berlalu.. sometimes rasa miss sgt masa2 dia org kecil.. sdg membesar dulu.. kalau la boleh diputarkan balik masa.. kan :)

Unknown said...

hi Rima,

It's nice being surrounded by family isn't it? can't wait to go home huhu hope you all had a wonderful weekend together the post :D

Rima said...

Kita memang selalu over protective towards our own kids.. take Hairi for example.. when hes down kita pun turut down.. tu sebab i always tell my hb to always be there for sonia cos once dia dah membesar.. kita akan miss waktu dia kecik.. :o(

Rima said...

Tell me abt it.. since my son masuk army.. i'm always looking forward to having him home on weekends but lately ni jarang betul dapat spend time dgn dia tu sebab when he ikut i felt happy gitew..

cik rokiah said...

Sayu tengok muka Hairi (u're a good kid) walaupun tersenyum gagah. Normal growing phases, dari boy to man. Confide & hear yr parents out. There's a solution for everything. Maybe not to our liking.
My youngest (19) emo memanjang walaupun my advices make sense to him (dah 6 thn ni we're riding the roller coaster waves)
Insyallah, I know & feel, he'll turn out OK in 4, 5 yrs time (my exp with older 3).

Yoa Ngadenin said...

kak rima..hairi join family gathering sebab ada 'bunga' france kat situ kooot..heheheeee

Rima said...

Cik Rokiah
Ty cik.. appreciate ur comment... we want the best for our kids.. fm teenagers to an adult.. not an easy task for us mothers.. kadang tu i missed having hairi as a boy.. hes always there with me.. now dah besar susah pulak nak nampak dia.. agaknye bukan dia ajer going thru phase.. mama dia pun going thru phase tak? hehe

Rima said...

Muahah actually kan i dah buat appt dgn hairi abt nak gi USS and since Solenn dah kat sini i thought why not ajak dua dua sekali..

He was in the middle of something tu sebab zahir dia ajer dgn kita.. fikiran dia entah ke mana.. haizzz

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