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Brownie ... Brownies..

Good morning peeps! I woke up today thinking abt the same thing.. There are a couple of things bugging me lately.. am a worry ward and i cant help it.. am a mother to a 21yrs old boy who is planning to take up a diploma right after hes done with national service in sept.. am a mother of a 3yr old girl who is waiting for a place in kinder.. i just hope that both of them will get a place.. besides that.. there are some other things that are in my head and i am not gonna dwell over it.. not gonna sigh at this hr cos i shud be thankful that i am given the chance to see my kids grow.. alhamdullilah...

Anyway enough abt my worries.. am updating my blog at this wee hour simply bec in a moment we are heading to the airport to fetch Solenn.. shes lugging all my Cocoa Berry in her luggage! poor girl hehe

I hv to bake macs for a couple of orders right after that sooo.. heres the recipe for this banana brownie.. am not that happy with the outlook.. however i am very happy with the texture and the taste of this steamed brownie... light in the tummy.. perfect for brekkie! eh eh having said that.. i forgot to go and buy croissant for my french girl!! arghhhh

150g banana
4 eggs
125g caster sugar
1/4 tsp salt
120g flour
1/4 tsp baking powder
25g butter
75g dark cooking chocolate
1/4 tsp chocolate paste

- Lumatkan pisang dgn garpu - sisihkan
- Lelehkan butter dan dark cooking cokelat dgn cara direndam dalam air panas.. aduk sampai larut
- Masukkan cokelat pasta ke dalam cokelat cair
- Tuang campuran ini ke dalam pisang. Aduk rata. Sisihkan
- Kocok telur bersama gula pasir dan garam sampai mengembang
- Masukkan tepung terigu dan baking powder sambil diayak dan diaduk rata
- Tuang campuran pisang sedikit demi sedikit ke dalam kocokan telur sambil diaduk rata
- Tuang ke dalam loyang 24x12x4 cm yg sudah dialas kertas roti tanpa dioles margarin
- Kukus 25mins didalam pengukus yg sudah dipanaskan diatas api sedang sampai matang

Will translate method later ok! got to go :op

Source: Sedap magazine - 18 aneka bolu kukus


Sizuka said...


Good morning!! Awalnya you update blog hari ni. I can imagine how worried you are about Hairi's future. My hubby's son is also 21 years old, and he's constantly worried about him. Luckily Iman and Iffah still in primary school. I'll do the worry much much later :)

ps : I think the banana brownies looks awesome! Nampak sangat lembut dan gebu :)

Yat Maria said...


ai like this recipe..simple..and with banana, i think i's just swell..nanti nak godek, cari tu recipe with bf...ku tak sabarrrrr arr..heheh..

zarin said...

morning Rima ;-)
as a mom kan..we are worrying about our kids all the time many things came up in our mind padahal they all ok jek..just trust them and insyallah everything will turn up fine ;-)
have a great day babe!

your brownies tu ada macam rupa kek jugakkan!

izahdaut said...

kak rima... semoga apa yang membimbangkan akak, akan segera selesai dan sentiasalah berdoa merayu mengadu dan meminta pada yg Maha Kuasa..

Wah sekeping brownies dengan segelas tea o.. erk cukup ke sekeping? bagi 3 keping la kak rima. hehee

CT Delima said...

Selamat pagi Rima

brownies tu sedapnya, lama tak buat ni. ada lagi tak..? hihi

ijayuji said...

Salam kakak sweet, moga2 apa yg membimbangkan akak dipermudahkan dlm sume hal isnyaAllah, DIA sedia membantu ;-)

Pssst>> what a coincidence kak kitanyer pisang dah nak itam2 wakakaka... nanti leh cuba buat lah! kalau rajin ari ni buat petang2 sikit lah pagi2 ni akak mcm tak tahu kita super bz ayat skema wakakaka... pe pun take care kak! semoga hari2 mendatang akak penuh dgn keceriaan dgn kehadiran cahaya mata akak yg 2 org n of kos hb di sisi :D insyaAllah aminnnn...

Nurfaizah said...

Salam k.rima,
Siap air tea lagi.. Pagi2 buat lapar je.

We always wants the best for everything. InsyaAllah disebalik ur worries akan jdikan ur kids yg terbaik. Less worry k, u have guest to entertain... u'll nd ur xtra energy for tt.

Made ur eclairs smlm 4 family gatherin. Cepat merosot, mrk ni main ngap aje... Hahaaa

ciketon fazya said...

kak rima, u always inspiring amatur baker like me..

saya pun baru jumpa majalah sedap ni di Malaysia.. hehe walaupun nipis, tp quite informative..

cik cek said...

Salam Rima...

Pepagi jamu mata ngan brownies...sedapnya....:)

Anonymous said...

By now Ms Solenn dah sampai kut. Happy entertaining ye kak.

Me too worry so much about my son going to Uni this coming September. He got 3 offers from ivy league Uni but no scholarship yet.

Recently got a place in USM, Penang not interested. Wait for UPU. Haiizz.

Since Hary wants to do Diploma, let him decide which course suit him. I am telling U based on my experience. Silap haribulan, he will blame U for choosing the wrong course. Learn from us.

One thing for sure, scholarship sure is from FA & MA.


Gee® said...

wow!! i like...

ninazsyafinaz said...

Haiz..petang2 nampak plak brownies..leleh air liur nih..trasa sedapnyer kalau curah dgn coklat ganache.Duhh..nyesal tak rembat pisang kat Tesco semalam. :(

Rima said...

Haizz pasal budak budak ni memang never ending story.. dari satu episode to another.. tengok mama kita macam cool ajer kan besar kan kita.. :o(

Rima said...

Sudah sampai ke pangkuan mu kah? yes simple recipe.. easy on tummy.. i like it alot especially yg ade rasa pisang and chocolate.. yum!

Rima said...

Harus and memang pun.. otak kita ni bergerak ajer.. habis school worry pasal nak masuk army.. now army almost done worry pasal nak masuk school again.. haishh.. lepas ni pikir pasal his future pulak.. ni belum dak sonia lagi.. by the time she turns 17 mama dia dah 60... otak dah karat.. nak ajar pun tak terlarat.. sedih nye cerita! hahaha

Rima said...

Aminnn.. thank u for the doas..

I think 3 keping sure tak cukup.. mana anak anak.. mana mama and papa lagi.. kurang kurang mau 4 keping.. nahhhh pi ambik kat fridge.. pi main jauh jauh hahaha

Rima said...

Ade tinggal 3 keping kat fridge.. take lah ;oP

Ingak nak micro and makan tadi.. pi termakan benda lain pulakkk.. hehe

Rima said...

Aminnn.. ty dear! badan today macam tak shiok.. nak sakit kot.. haizz ade ade ajer!

If pisang dah kecut and birat.. pi godek godek.. cepat ajer nak buat brownie ni.. lepas kukus jgn pulak gelojoh pi potong.. nanti buruks hahaha

Rima said...

Insyallah... baru first dah dah penat.. lucky tadi kita ajak dia pi keluar makan dinner.. nampak nampak ku akan buat gitu tiap malam.. tak payah perah otak ape nak feed si solenn ni..

Rima said...

awwww ty ty.. hopefully u will try some of the recipes in my blog..

Oh ye ker?? malaysian and jakarta one the same eh?? tak tahu pulak.. i thought there are different? hmmm

Rima said...

cik cek
nasib baik tak keluar kan lontong hahaha.. memang sedap buat makan pagi dgn segelas teh.. not that i drink tea hahaha

Rima said...

Ni lah nak pandai kan anak.. nothing comes for free.. besok besar harap harap they all ingat kita..

Memang he will hv to choose.. bef national service he took up aerospace.. i think he might do the same course.. up to him.. i just want him to study hard now that the parents kena fork out the money.. :o(

Rima said...

Believe me.. i liked it too! hehe

Rima said...

hehhe habis lah diet macam gini kahkahkah

ijayuji said...

Psssst>> kita tergelak pulak tgk resepi akak niii, bhn2 english method dia ala2 indon hihihi..... baru nak godek2 pagi ni kak semalam bz sgt! bz tido! akakakaka...

CTZee said...

Hmmm...macam u tau ajer I hv pisang almost bonyok @home. heheheeh And just like you I'm constantly worrying about this & that esp more so related to my kid..that's part & parcel of being a mom, wife, daughter... isn't it?

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