Barbbara Cake

My bad.. i said stay tuned and i didnt even get the chance to update my blog :o(

So heres the recipe that i promised... its fm a baking book called "Variasi brownies gaya baru" by Ny Liem..

300g butter
1/4 tsp vanilla powder
1 tbsp rum - i didnt use
1 tbsp condense milk
100g icing sugar

250g egg yolk - abt 8-10 eggs

150g low protein flour - cake flour
25g corn flour
25g milk powder

200g egg white
100g caster sugar

1 tbsp chocolate paste
1/4 tsp coffee toffee - i used black cappuccino

20g almond flakes

- Whipped (A) till white and fluffy.. add in (B) one at a time and continue to whip till well blended.
- Fold in sifted (C) a little at a time till well mixed - set aside
- Whisk (D) till stiff peak.. fold in (D) gently into butter mixture... once mixed.. take 1/4 batter and add in (E)
- Pour plain butter mixture into three greased brownie pans (30x10x4cm).. dollop chocolate mixture on top.. do not swirl it.. top it with almond flakes and bake it on a preheated oven of 170C for abt 30mins

Dont ask me why its called Barbbara cake.. what i do know .. this cake is moist and rich in flavour.. so much so sis Wati thought i had given her cheesecake! duhhhhh hahahah

So thats it.. am heading to bed now.. Hairi just told me that his friends are planning to hv a gathering cum bbq at our place .. got to book their bbq pit first thing tmrw... till then.. hv a good friday!


Sizuka said...


Nak satu loaf! hehe.. dengan muka tak malunya mintak. I can imagine how soft the cake is, 10 to yolks! gebu betul!

Mas said...

mas pun nak satu loaf gak..
sedapnya tengok kek tu...

Rima said...

Jgn nak satu loaf.. satu habuk pun dah tak dak hahaha.. but last night punya cake belum disentuh.. if nak .. pi ambik kat dapur :op

Rima said...

ni lagi satu.. pok nanti.. kenapa nak tak cakap siang siang?? tinggal kenangan ajer lah cake ni hahaha

yummylittlecooks said...

This cake looks so soft.

ijayuji said...

wwwooooooooo!!!! sgt niceeee kek akak! bila tgk resepi kek ni sukat telor guna gram dlm hati BYKNYERRRR guna kuning telor wakakakaka.... cubalah kata sebijik ke sedap sikit dgr ahahaha..... telor2 ayam kita byk ni kak rajin dgn tak ajerr skrg nii lol

Ummi said...

Adeeeii Rima, baru jek semalam tgk Zebra, hari ni dah keluar Barbara...weeey laaa...tak terkejar, jawabnya pandang lama2 dulu laa...tenung2 suh melekat kat kepala biar ingat nak buat...hehehe

Jun said...

gone? finish oredi? aiyooo....not langkah kanan this time..nice cake ya rima? lemme c d, m short of eggs....thank God! hahahaha...masuk list aje dulu...!

CTZee said...

With the amount of eggs esp the yolks this better be moist n yummy correct? hehehe This is all yr 'fault' K. Rima, no matter what you bake/make semuanya menggoda. Now I need to go and bake something pulak. ^_*

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,

You slept late, and you still wake up so early? Can see the time you replied your comments.

I feel like putting my hand through my laptop monitor and stealing your barbbra cake. I am trying to bake this cake pretty soon cos the sight of it itself is tooo tempting and I am drooling now...another KIV from your recent recipe is the femmy cheese button.

Btw, Rima, why only two items from jakarta is available for sale on your store. I was expecting like ... you bought half the shop back to Singapore and have lotsa things to sell to us :)


fqa said...

huhu sis rima..

yesterday punya zebra pun tak sempat nak godak lagi..ader lagi yang sedap ala ala brownies..kena cepat try tgk dah terliur dah

umiyumi said...

Salam Kak Rima, smlm sblm tido baca blog akak sampai termimpi2 mac baking sheet dan macarons :p

Gee® said...

cantekk..!! mabeles...

Anonymous said...

Kagum lah dgn Rima ni baik hati sungguh rasa bertuah jumpa blog u, sudi share resipi yg di beli. Golden Heart betul bertuah hubby u married to the right person lorr. Kak aida klang. (pstt.... thanks ada anonymous kalau tidak tak dapat masuk commentst tarak blog)

Rima said...

yes it is.. do try and bake it ok..

Rima said...

i think lots of indon recipe telur nye ikut grams.. for this recipe.. part pecah telur.. tak sedar sedar rupenye dah pecah kan 8 eggs hahaha

Rima said...

ok ok.. ku will post another recipe tmrw .. kita kasi kummi tarik nafas dulu hehehe

Rima said...

Muakahkahkah telur tak cukup pi tesco ke.. carrefour ke.. giant ker.. kat situ byk telur hehe

Rima said...

So what did u bake today?? share lahhhh hehe

Rima said...

To be honest most of the things that i bought in jkt is for my own personal use.. i dont want to be buying stuff that u can find in singapore or malaysia.. things like BF, cookie glaze. chocolate condense milk or even buttercream paste ... u cant find it here..

Most probably i will bring in chocolate.. see how..

Rima said...

Dah godek godek belum?? silap silap dah ngap kannnn hahaha

Rima said...

Ye ker?? i think u lap sama i lah tu sebab sampai termimpi mimpi hehehe

Rima said...

Delicious too :op

Rima said...

Awwww alhamdullilah.. aminnn.. sharing is caringgg hehehe

DG said...

This is so good Rima, thanks for sharing, I may want to try this :)

Nasha said...

Looks good laa Rima, I feel like making this for MIL untuk Raya ni but my printer pulak out malasnya nak write down huhuhu..

Rima said...

Did u try and bake this?

It was good.. do gv it a try and let me know..

U know i hv never print out recipe.. all the time i write it down.. if recipe yg i take fm a book.. macam this one.. i will translate and type down the recipe so that ppl can gv it a try.. :o)

Nasha said...

failed :-( From external view, superb. Internal out. 1st time i buat cake failed. I baked for 45mins and still tak masak-masak. I think it was becoz i didnt whisk the egg white till stiff, last2 malas i campur into the ingredient so dia jadi cair, even kat luar masak when i cucuk inside is still tak masak...dah laa buat 2 biji, habis 16biji telur huhuhuhu..
u think because of that reason ke?

Rima said...

OMG.. i am so so sorry to hear that.. u hv to whisk ur egg white tu sampai stiff peak.. if u tell me that ur egg white mixture jadi cair after u add the rest of the ingredients.. tu makne nye u dah terover whip waktu u add ur batter.. err u faham tak?? hehe

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