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Selamat Sore....

Time: 19:21pm
Weather: HOT
Venue: Hotel Mulia, Senayan Jakarta - the same hotel that we stayed bef where they sellsuper nice designer chocolate!
Mood: Tired
Peak Agenda: I am constantly running out of time lately... my time management.. sucks lol.. As u guys already know.. we are in Jakarta right now.. weather is better than in Malacca to be honest tho it has not been raining here for the past two weeks..

I hv been out and abt with my little Sonia.. we got Pak Sunarto (Janssen driver) to drive us to where ever we wanted to go to yesterday and i took the opportunity to go to Titan.. of cos! it was super crowded when i got there.. i managed to get what i wanted.. sonia was behaving well.. playing with all the cookie cutters and baking pans lol.. there was so so much stuff that i wud love to take home with me.. u shud see their "kukusan"... huge! haha.. I then pushed two trolleys to the cashier.. paid for it and got them to seal everything in a big box.. I was done with my baking shopping within two hrs! we later had to go thru bad traffic along Jalan Fatmawati to get to Grand Indonesia where we stayed for almost 4hrs.. by the time Pak Sunarto drove us back to the hotel.. it was almost magrib .. same time hb got back fm his meetings... so my tai tai status ended the moment i stepped out of Janssen's Volvo car muakahkahkah

Today i decided to just stay indoors.. thought its was a good idea to just chill and not go anywhere in the afternoon since i already got what i needed here.. if time permits i wud love to go to Mangga Dua tmrw morning but with an afternoon flight to catch.. i doubt i will be able to do so.. haishhh ... probably I will take a cab to their latest hypermarket later.. Lotte Mart to look for some baking and pudding books.. see how.. yg pasti.. i will force hb to take me to hv dinner at our fav makan place.. Gurame here i come!

Will update again later after dinner... enjoy the Malacca photos first ok.. am downloading jakarta pics now..

Jonker Street... eventho the weather was super hot.. that didnt stop us fm checking out this place.. an old apek selling gula ketuk.. sonia is lucky to hv been able to see such an old practice of how old ppl sell this candy...

Ondeh Ondeh fresh.. yep yep.. hands on wokey.. u can either roll and boil em urself or u can just buy it off this glamour looking makcik that sells ondeh ondeh.. hahaha

Maternity home?? err ... the whole street later turned into a nite market...

Muahahhahha my mom will kill me if she knew that i post these pics of us in the jacuzzi... i had wanted to go in myself bef all the others decided to join me... hence the red, black, pink, brown and almost faded hanging there muahahahaha.. we had a super uber time in there.. hanging out.. laughing and talk just abt anything - that evening all of us felt sick cos we are afterall talking abt a fancy tub that gives u some kinda message hahaha - padan muka! haha

Night out... not to party lol.. hb decided to drive us somewhere for dinner...

Mat Noor giving us suggestions on where to go for seafood.. Has to be in Anjung Batu of cos! less commecial... food is superb!

Breakfast time ... there was a dragon boat race... so while having brekkie we got to watch it too.. niceeeee

Ahuh.. work it out girls... hehe... it was almost 6pm when we checked ourself out of Casa Del Rio..


CS said...

Lepas Melaka ke Jkt, lepas tu make sure you duk dendiam kat rumah, okay??
Having married orang Melaka for decades, I am yet to walk2 eat air at Jonkers St. OR have I visited? Dah lupalah plak, har3.

Casa DelRio is yet to open officially, the HR Mgr is my friend. I told her Mat Nor upgradekan your suite. Dia kata, untung you.

Mas said...

selamat bercuti kak rima..
seronoknya tengok..
jangan lupa makan bakso tau...kikiki

Ribbon and Circus said... I paham pasal those colors..first2 baca confuse jap he he

nway, best lah hotel ni..klu balik melaka nanti, i nak cekidaut.. ;p

fqa said...

hi sis rima..i selalu jd silent reader jek..tgk all the pic sgt2 la cantik..mcm pro ..cantikk..tak sangka plak melaka cantik camtu kan..mgkin sbb sis rima yg snap the photos..lg bertambah cantik viewnya..and i ader gak try satu dua recipe sis..mmg best..sbb kalau tgk kat tempat lain kdg2 tak jd..huhu..selamat liburan ya sis..huhu

K.Nor said...

hahaha cam dlm tin sardin jer kat dlm jacuzzi tu ya.. :)

Anonymous said...

Salam Dear Rima..
Really nice pics!! Macam tak caye that it's really my hometown..macam kat oversea!! I really love to surf yr blog ...and have experiment some of the recipes too..mmg best!!Hope it's ok with u if i copy some of yr recipes for my future ref ya!! this wkend i think I wanted to try that Lapis Trio..fuhh meleleh air liur!!- Zurien

RieRien said...

Salam Dear Rima..
Really nice pics!! Macam tak caye that it's really my hometown..macam kat oversea!! I really love to surf yr blog ...and have experiment some of the recipes too..mmg best!!Hope it's ok with u if i copy some of yr recipes for my future ref ya!! this wkend i think I wanted to try that Lapis Trio..fuhh meleleh air liur!!- Zurien

Unknown said...

alahai anak dara dua nie cute miut ... hahah

Rima said...

Cik Som
Eh eh really?? small world kan.. we hv known mat noh dari concorde KL lagi .. he recently kena promoted and transfer sana to look after that place.. Andrew pulak was fm Langkawi.. Fazlina also kat sana fm concorde.. memang kat concorde also kita kerap kena upgrade.. so glad our benefit sampai kat malacca hehehe

U got married to a Malaccan? woahhh sure cik som pandai masak lauk kegemaran ku.. asam pedas melaka.. the other day two days berturut turut ku dapat makan lunch asam pedas.. best!!

Rima said...

Muahahha.. harusss.. udah dua hari.. bakso terus buk!

Rima said...

Must check it out tau.. when we got to casa del rio.. the place looks like the place we stayed kat paris.. nice.. tak kecoh and the surrounding berangin.. kira angin panas lahhhh instead of angin winter muahaha

Rima said...

Ty ty.. buk Rima sedang panic actually! anyway tak pe.. wait i cerita later..

No pro lah.. main snap what i think will look nice for my blog.. if pro lagi jadi cantik lah kan hehe

Rima said...

Muahahahahha macam sardine kira lagi cun lah.. ku lihat macam kerbau kat dalam sumur kahkahkah

Rima said...

Honestly every country memang ade ciri ciri yg tersendiri.. malacca dari dulu sampai sekarang managed to keep it like the olden days.. tu sebab get tittle world heritage listing.. singapore?? kahkahkah where got any heritage left.. old buildings tak banyak.. nasib patung sir stamford raffles masih tegak hehe

Sure... recipes are meant to be shared.. ty for trying!

Rima said...

dua dua gaya! haha

K.Nor said...

rima, your replied comment make me laugh & laugh non stop! hahhahaha...

Unaizah said...

Anjung Batu tu kat mana ye? Gi Melaka selalu tp pening nak dinner katne...

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