Ohhh... how time flies!

Happy Sunday everyone... weird to be saying that cos normally i dont update my blog on Sunday morning.. hb n Sonia are out cycling.. err hv i told ya that we bought her a bicycle a few days ago and shes cycling like a pro now?? hehhe of cos with the help of support wheels! Hairi is out to USS as early as 7am .. well thats what he said cos i overslept and dont even know if he did come home last night.. sigh.. i wish there was some kinda dummy book to guide me on how to get my 20yrs old boy (boy in my eyes!) to stay home on weekends with his family! grrr

Anyway lots of stuff going on for the past few days.. i hv been out and abt with both my sisters.. sis Wati was on leave this whole week and she came by my place with her kids a couple of times.. sis lyn had bad sore throat .. which was good in a way cos its not always that chatterbox sister of us is quiet muahahha.. mom and dad together with one of wati's kids flew to HCMC for a short hols .. we will be going to the airport later to fetch them home.. how time flies nowadays!

Remember when i told ya that i wanna take a breather fm taking orders..?? i didnt!! maybe for the love of baking.. i shud but i cant.. in my head i kept on saying.. practice makes perfect and to be able to meet the person that writes to u an email ordering ur bakes is a good experience.. so while mama bakes.. Sonia bakes macarons too .. with her playdoh of cos.. without anyone showing her how to.. i guess this is what u call.. hands on - she watches and she replicates what she sees (just in much "crazier" colours as she call it!) hehe

Thank you to Norah for ordering macs and cocoa mocha layer cake and thank you to Nur Raihan who is in town with her mom fm Shah Alam for ordering macs and Pak Hadi kek lapis.. woot woot.. thats 50 egg yolks in ur layer cake my dear! heheh both daughter and mom hv been my silent readers.. was nice to meet u guys!!

I did however manage to bake CMG prune layer cake and also this pandan marmer cake for my family to munch..when asked.. hb said he much prefers the prune layer cake.. of cos!! who doesnt like prune layer cake ey..

This is a simple butter cake recipe which was given a tweak.. i added 1 tsp of pandan paste into it simply bec i felt like having a slice of pandan butter cake but guess what.. right after it was baked.. i didnt feel like having it and hv yet to taste it cos both hb and i hv been munching on the prune layer cake since yesterday lol

150g buttter (weird.. i found out Golden Churn is afterall halal here.. theres a halal cert pasted on their payment counter in Sun Lik!)
100g sugar
3 eggs
1 egg yolk
150g flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cocoa powder - i used valrhona!

Preheat oven 175C..
Whisk butter till soften.. add in sugar a little at a time and continue to whisk pale.
Add in eggs one at a time and continue to whisk till well mix.. lower ur mixer speed and add in sifted flour.
Take 2 tbsp of batter and add in ur cocoa powder... to the rest of the batter u add in 1 tsp of pandan paste.
Pour batter into 7" cake tin.. (next time i probably will use a 6" pan to get a taller cake).. drop a few dollop of chocolate batter on top and gv it a few swirl.
Bake ur cake for 40 mins.

Source: NCC - Bu Fatma Bahalwan

Oh bef i forget.. i am so so sorry for the late shipment of my mastrad silicone sheets.. sometimes i dont know how these French do their job!! grrr They messed up my order and put it into somebody elses' sea freight. They will send it out by DHL this coming week - with a little extra gift for every sheet. BUT: let me know if u cant wait and i will refund ur money.. thank you for ur understanding.. cheers!


ijayuji said...

salam kak! how time flies kan kak mcm kunang2 yg kejap ada kejap tak :D sonok tgk si sonia tu mmg leh cair sapa yg melihatnyer ewah ewahhhhh hihihi..... besar bujang akak! tp maknyer mcm adik pulak pd ank bujangnyer :D happy weekend kak!

Rima said...

Oleh kerana kamu dah puji akak.. Maka itew akan ku istiharkan hari ini Publuc holiday! Muahaha.. Memang dah besar.. Hes gng to be 21 this year.. His mom at 22 dah kawin kahkahkah.. How time flies.. Nanti dak sonia tak tahu lah macam mana.. Hopefully she will grow up to be a fine gal :0)

Anonymous said...

So glad to see yr entry today.Kalau tak boring je.Tks for updating yr blog Rima,even on sunday. :] btw i am on leave so wat i did was to bake as many as i can,so far i did rich chocolate marble cake,almost famous choc chip cookies,oreos cup cake and tomorrow will be condensed milk pound cake.Tks for the wonderful resepi Rima

Anonymous said...

It's not too long and you guys have to start hearing me chatting NON-STOP again!! haha.... I want that prune and that pandanus cake-KED! haha... LiLin

Yat Maria said...


how time flies huh? cldnt even update my blog, reply hop pun @ random..ku buzy gilosss this week..balrrrrrdy heck @ opis arr!!! wlpn bersyukur naik gaji kan err..more than ai expected, tapi dia orang tala ai rabak2 beb!!sedih gak arr...pembantu cabut kena culik bunian sebab tak leh angsss tu stress & keje belambak!ku babe, nak tanya...adakah Sonia jugak ada amik order for itew PD macs??muehhehee..

Ria said...

Happy sunday sis..
Mmg xreti dok diam tol kak Rima ni ye..ingt btl2 rest,tgk2 ade je recipe yg kluar..hehe.
Ria da try lemon butter cake..mmg sdp..sanggup p BAGUS bli poppy seed semata2 nk nmpk sme cm ur cake..texture mmg mcm SOC..sedih xdpt nk snap gambar coz camera rosak..sob..sob..

Miss Cool said...

kak rima,

i have tried making macs for hundred times tapi kureng jadi jugak( ye ye mmg i exegerte.hehe) italian memang out sgt. paling sipi-sipi nak jadi is ur swiss method.i wonder why i have no luck YET with macs how hard i try pun. or myb bcos i try tooooo hard :o) and this sunday mrng i dok contemplating dari pagi nak try lagi ke taknak. then buka ur blog nampak macs lagi. gerrrraaammmm pulak..
skg da senget sikit ni 65% rasa perlu masuk kithen and 35% rasa hm... perlu masuk kitchen. hahahaha

Aziah.Jordan said...

Sobahulkhir Rima,
Weekend is on fridays for us here in Jordan..kadang2 miss jugak our sundays relax2 day..memang ,time surely is our enemy kan !!!!Btw ,really wished i could menerjah tambak johor 2 taste all dat yummy macs n cakes of urs...<3.Insyaallah ,we r balik kampung next week ( YEYYYYYYY....),lemme know if u want anything from Jordan ya..
Loads of kisses fr Sonia n mama sonia<3

CS said...

Boys will be boys.. Rumah dijadikan hotel, huhu...

I baru jer smash my son tapi penuh hemah and manja. Nowadays I selak pintu main door so that I know bila time dia balik. Sila share with me shld you find a suitable manual how to guide anak lelaki :-)

Mac oh Mac...

Shal said...

I remember my hb told ne goldenchurn in m'sia is not halal. My hb always gt an update frm Jakim. Humph how come ya singapore 1 is halal? Btw i found out there are some coloring is not halal, that many of us didnt realize it. If the ingeredients ada glycerine meaning is not halal sadakallahhulazim

Ribbon and Circus said...

Golden churn kejap je tak halal..last year time raya kan? pas dua tiga bulan, jakim dah halalkan balik..kat singapore pun halal.. I suka GC butter.. buat kek rasa lagi terangkat ;p waistline pun leh kembang sket ;p

nway, congrats Sonia on being a bike owner.. :D kayuh pro-pro nanti leh lumba ng mommy daddy ;p

Coincidentally, we also bought Adam his first bike yesterday.. kih kih tricycle lah tapi.. dari pagi sapai skang duduk atas his new bike je.. he he blajar kayuh paddle..;p

Mat Gebu said...


blog-tips-kurus said...

50 yolks? uuuuuuuu... enjoy! :-)

Arina said...

Macam pepatah melayu ada berkata...'dimana tumpahnye kuah kalau tak ke nasi juga...' Well, I could assured that Sonia will be a good baker macam mama dia jugak....kecik2 lagi dah cuba buat macarons dg playdoh dia tu....

Rima said...

Ty for trying so so many recipes.. if ade orang makan why not ey.. yg penting u get to bake lol

Rima said...

Sis Lyn
I hv better idea.. why dont u start baking?? go and buy urself a mixer and also a proper oven muahahahha.. ok ok dah kasi kan tadi.. ape lagi.. ngap lah hehe

Alice said...

Rima, i love pandan - what a lovely green color, must be so yummy especially with the chocolate combo :)

Rima said...

I always cakap dgn my hb.. big paycheck doesnt come in easy.. the more u earn.. the more u akan rasa stress.. the expectation tu lebih dari ape yg diberi lol

Busy tak pe.. everybody pun ade responsibilites.. if ade masa u update.. if not makna nye orang tu busy banget :op

Rima said...

Duduk diam?? heheh i dont even know how lol.. so glad to hear u like the lemon cake.. i also like it alot.. macam nak buat lagi pulak ahaks

Rima said...

Muahahha akak kau ni lagi lah memang dah gone case.. 100% of the time asyik nak masuk dapur.. nak try new recipe.. antara ade masa ke tidak.. hehehe

Macs.. keep on trying ok.. dont gv up.. one fine day u will be able to get the hang of it.. insyallah..

Rima said...

As Salam Aziah
Woahhh nak balik jb ker?? sure excited kannn.. can i kirim kurma Ajwa and also kurma yg dipack individually.. dalam kurma tu ade cashew nuts?? email me and let me know how much yah..

Err since u will be in JB next week.. maybe we can arrange something?? i am heading to malacca next weekend.. let me know if u need anything.. we can do barter trade hehehe

Rima said...

Cik Som
Haizzz kenapa eh budak budak sekarang macam gitew.. dulu i teringat bila balik lambat ajer my dad dah tunggu depan pintu.. u salah jawab ajer astray macam flying saucer .. u kena belajar how to elak itew flying saucer hahaha

Budak sekarang banyak lemak.. if kita sms.. dia buat dek ajer.. part tak tahu sms balik tu yg i tak leh angs.. if mat tahir sms.. tahu jawab pulak! grrr

Rima said...

entah lah.. last week i went to Sun Lik and i saw it.. i asked mrs wong - the owner.. and she told me that lately she gets lots of question fm her muslim customer regarding GC.. she got the cert to verify that GC is halal and place it in her store..

Rima said...

I hv replied to ur email dear.. anyway it was lately that they were talking abt GC.. tak tahu lah.. yg pasti i saw the halal cert yg mengata kan GC tu halal..

Rima said...

Alamak u better stay away fm that 50 egg yolks layer cake hehe

Rima said...

Tu lah.. kita sibuk bake macs.. dia pun sibuk jugak.. yg the funny part.. i was in my kitchen.. she play playdoh kat living room.. she ran to my kitchen and showed me a tiny little macs.. dia boleh cakap dgn kita lagi .. "mama look at my macarons... my crazy colour macarons" hahahha

Rima said...

Cik Mat
Kita also macam frust sikit tau after receiving lots of emails regarding GC tak halal.. terpaksa ku letak tepi a few cans of GC.. nak pengsan tak leh.. ku redha ajer heheh.. dah tu last week i went to Sun Lik to get my baking supply and thats when i saw the halal cert..of cos i tanya owner lah and she said she rcvd too many question fm her muslim customer.. tu yg dia got the cert and place it in her shop.. nanti if i go there again i will ask mrs wong for a photocopy ok..

Rima said...

I am pretty sure it taste yummy.. i didnt even take a bite.. sliced em and gave them away.. now after its gone.. i feel like eating pandan cake .. gulp

Aziah.Jordan said...

Rima ,
Jordan is known for it 's baklava n such..Ada kurma but x as sesedap as saudi's or gulf punye.we were in Bahrain before n mcm2 jenis kurma u boleh jumpa -mcm2 punye filling,almond ,chocolate,cashew..
Interested in baklava ?btw ,my kpg kat perak n I,m gonna spend my hols between shah alam n bangi.( n of course le turun kl..)

KG said...

rima ngelatttt...haha!

Rima said...

Lahhhh ku salah baca hahaha.. yes now after i read it again baru ku ferasan yg u wished tu terjah jb kahkahkah.. i remember the last time my mom went to jordan.. think a year ago.. she beli kan baklava.. i dont know how to eat it.. my hb memang fav.. i like kurma yg ade casher nuts.. masa tu i beli lots when i was in Madina..

Ty so much for the offer.. i dont even know when i will be in KL next so perhaps its not a gd idea to kirim macam macam hehe..

Rima said...

Ngelattt or dont know how to say no?? hahaha

Anonymous said...

Lovely Sonia with lovely purple fingernails (green = ben10; purple = barney?).


Yan said...

loooooooove your blog!! and Sonia's just too cute ;)

Nurfaizah said...

Hi k.rima,
I masih mencuba buat macs.
Tapi gagal lagi.. Gagal lagi. Hee
Niari pun try jugak, bila dah pipe, cooled 30mins in aircon, bake..
Keluarnya, too soft & retak.. Haizz
Tapi takpe, i belum putus asa with those sweeties.
Will try sampai dpt.

Sonia, 1 pc pink macs with purple filling ok?
Heee.. Very cute girl.

cik cek said...

Rima...salam...pekabo ya...sihat2 hendaknya....loveeeeee your macaron...cantik n perfect...kak cek buat byk kali...lebih byk tak jadi dari yg jadi...tapi tak pernah jemu dan putus asa utk terus wat macaron lagi...he he he...setiap kali buat...mest suspen....bila menjadi ...kepuasan tak terhingga...

zarin said...

owh! ketidak kesedaran akan entry ini..was wondering why u sunyi sepi jek
rupanya i yang ketinggalan..owh! how time flies kan ;-))

Anonymous said...

Fresh baklava order je online frm Baklasia facebook. The Lebanese cef make fresh everyday. Authentic.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,

Nice cake. Just a question. When you say whisk, does that mean using the k beater or using the baloon whisk?


Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,

Nice cake. Just a question. When you say whisk, does that mean using the k beater or using the baloon whisk?


Rima said...

Hi Izan
Ty.. Use K beater whenever u hv to whisk u butter ok..

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,

Thanks a lot for the clarification. I will use the K beater :)

Hope you have a nice day and hope you recover from your toothache soon.


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