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Beef Floss Swiss Roll

Craving for a savoury dish?? this is it.. u dont need to look for anything else.. bake this and u will be satisfied hehehe

I dont hv much to say today except i hv one piece of good news.. my macs sheets are on the way to Sg fm France by DHL.. shud be here latest by Thursday... phewwww.. ty all for being so patient.. will send it out as soon as i receive it..

6 eggs
6 egg yolks
80-100g sugar - i used 80g
1 tbsp cake emulsifier (optional)
1 tbsp water
100g all purpose flour
20g milk powder
¼ tsp baking powder
100g margarine+30g unsalted butter - melted and cooled (I used 130g unsalted butter and added 1/2 tsp of salt to my flour)

Spring onion - slice thinly
Red chillies - discard the seeds and cube
Sesame seeds

50g mayonnaise - i used 100g
1 tbsp condense milk - i used 2 tbsp
Abon sapi or ayam - beef or chicken floss (if u cant find it near ur place.. i think u can also use serunding daging as a sub.. hmmm)

1. Sift flour, milk powder and baking powder - set aside
2. Preheat oven 200’C. Grease and lay baking sheet on two 28x28x3 cm baking pan. (I used 30x30cm and also 26x26cm pan)
3. Whisk eggs, sugar, cake emulsifier and water till thick and fluffy.
4. Lower speed and add in sifted flour.
5. Fold in cool melted butter using spatula.
6. Pour batter into two pans.. sprinkle spring onions, red chillies and also sesame seeds.
7. Bake it for abt 15 mins or till the top golden in colour.. DO NOT overbake or u will hv difficulty rolling ur cake.
8. Once bake.. turn ur cake on baking sheet.. peel off the back paper and let it cool.
9. Spread mayonnaise and condense milk mixture.. sprinkle chicken/beef floss all over and start to roll.. roll.. rollllll hehehe
10. Let it sit for a few mins in ur fridge bef slicing em..

Am not too sure if i will be updating tmrw as hb will be flying off to KL for a day.. which means i will hv our car for the day.. am thinking of taking sonia to the Zoo.. see how.. till then.. bake this ok cos its delicious.. its worth it .. even my fussy hb loves it!

Source: Bunda Nadhifa


ijayuji said...

Sangat pelik :D tp tgk mcm sedap pulak! ibarat roti dgn floss lah kan tp sini mana jumpa beef floss sume special floss punyer made in vavi wakakaka.....

Azlita Aziz said...

nampak macam menarik Rima...
macam nak cuba.. tapi floss tu kalau kat JB ni pun belum tentu halal tu yg ada takut sikit.. nanti cuba buat floss sendiri.. :)
kalau ganti dengan rendang daging yg kering tu boleh tak ek...

Sizuka said...


the abon roll looks so delicious! I love abon with mayo milk filling. learned that from an indonesian blogger who is living in Turkey.

Rima said...

Memang sedap.. especially bila tergigit lada merah tu hahah..

Vavi floss tu memang merata rata ade dijual.. cuba try dgn serunding daging ke.. serunding ayam ke.. sure sedap kann..

Rima said...

Kat sini pun tak de dijual sapi abon ni.. mana nak dapat..

Rendang kering.. hmmm As long as its dry.. dont want ur cake to get soggy pulak..

Rima said...

Memang sedap abon and mayo milk filling.. eventho its not on bread.. the taste is as delish cos the swiss roll tak manis pun...

Mas said...

mas pun first tengok...
nampak pun menarik dan sedappp la...

Rima said...

Try and bake it lah Mas.. memang sedapppp and easy to prepare pun..

Ummi said...

Weeeeyy laaa Rima, mengancam sungguh beef floss swiss roll mu iteeww...kijaaamm tau tayang2 kat kita..dah la akak tgh malazzz berapi nih...cuci mata je la nampaknya..apapun kena save dulu la resepi ni...thanks for sharing dear! Waaaaa..lg excited nak tunggu macarons sheet dia tuuuuuu...tayang jgn x tayang taaauu...hehe

BEAUTY said...

wah..wah..sodappp rasanye.minta sikit

Anonymous said...

Hi Azlita,

Try to get your halal floss from C Siang Bakery supplies at bandar baru uda. the floss is located in the shelf just opposite the cashier counter, right below :)


Trying To Be Muslim.. said...

Assalamualaikumwbh Kak Rima dear....

Kabare? Winduu ar menapak kat sini. MMM Beserlah bila balik Trg busy giler...

Savory swiss roll.....I loooikes for bfast.....

CS said...

Jadi tak pergi zoo hari nih?

Beef floss tu orang Spura panggil apa ya?

fqa said...

hi sis rima

wah recipe baru lagik..mesti try nih..npk pelik tapi rasa cam sedap..huhu..

zarin said...

first time tengok nih tapi nampak macam sangat lazat... lazat kan? hahaha tanya plak, dah di kata lazat tu makanya harus kucuba tahun depan sebab list to bake udah panjang berjela ;-))

Rima said...

Eeepp naughty eh.. why malas malas.. pi godek godek cake kat dapur dah tu pi take pic yg cun cun so that we can drool on it hehe

Rima said...

Cannn.. come by tmrw.. i already standby for and the kids..

Rima said...

Walaikumsalam Ayuuuu
Dah lama tak main goli kat sini.. ade busy kah?? nanti akak jenguk ur rumah eh.. take care dear!

Rima said...

Cik Som
Tak jadi pong.. pagi tadi hujan sungguh lebat.. terus kita berdua tarik selimut hahaha.. took her to the florist and did her nails..

Beef floss.. err entah eh.. beef floss ah .. ahakss

Rima said...

Tak cuba tak tahu kannnn .. benda ni sungguh cocok untuk makan dipagi hari..

Rima said...

List yg panjang boleh tolak tepi.. pi buat yg ini esok.. sedap tauuuu hehehe

Anita said...

hi, love ur blog. may i opine about toothache though, if the pain did not go away after the root canal means the root canal is not complete. The pain should hv stopped immediately after the nerves hv been destroyed. Do go and get it checked again.

CTZee said...

ooooh what a great combo esp I loooove Abon & kek. This is a must try. Thanks for this resep K. Rima.

K.Nor said...

waduh buk.. menggoda la.. :)

Marina said...

Complimenti per il blog, davvero bello.

Rima said...

It was gone within a day so i guess the root canal treatment was a successful one? next appt this sat.. ouch!

Rima said...

No worries.. hope u will try and bake it.. :o)

Rima said...

Waduh buk.. tergoda tak pe.. dont ternoda ahakss

Rima said...

Ty dear and ty for coming to this humble blog of mine.. u take great photos! love it!

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