I will miss you Barcelona!

Home sweet Home again... had wanted to post the last few pics while there but unfortunately blogspot took a few days off and wouldnt allow me to update my blog.. not just that.. my last post "ole ole ole" got lost somewhere together with all my comments! sigh.. when i got home i noticed they managed to retrieve my last post but lost all the comments in it.. oh well.. as long as i got my last post back.. am happy..

Our flight back home was a smooth one.. didnt even hv to do any transit in Milan.. was a direct 12 and half hrs flight so it wasnt a tiring one... sonia was sleeping soundly in the plane and stopped talking abt her iPad altogether.. alhamdullilah.. we got a surprise "anniversary" cake while in the plane courtesy of Sabaria who works with the airline lol.. didnt even know what to say when one of the flight stewardesses came to us and congratulated us on our anniversary hahha.. it wasnt even our anniversary but of cos with a cake in hand we couldnt simply refuse it lol.. ty sabaria for ur kind gasture.. its in our fridge and will hv it later with our afternoon coffee..

So ok lets get on with the last few days in Barcelona... we did a few more touristy thingy.. went to their beach but didnt take any pics cos i didnt wanna lug around my camera at the beach.. went to Mount Tibidabo and also to La Sagrada Familia..

La Sagrada Familia or Holy Family Church is Gaudi's most ambitious work and even after his death the construction is still ongoing.

"The Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família (Catalan pronunciation: [səˈɣɾaðə fəˈmiɫiə]; English: Basilica and Expiatory Church of theHoly Family, Spanish: Basílica y Templo Expiatorio de la Sagrada Familia), commonly known as the Sagrada Família, is a large Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926). Although incomplete, the church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site,[4] and in November 2010 was consecrated and proclaimed a minor basilica by Pope Benedict XVI.[5][6][7]

Though construction of Sagrada Família had commenced in 1882, when Gaudí took over the project in 1883 he transformed it with his architectural and engineering style—combining Gothic and curvilinear, Modernista forms[8]with ambitious structural columns and arches.[9][10]

Gaudí devoted his last years to the project and at the time of his death in 1926, less than a quarter of the project was complete.[11] Sagrada Família's construction progressed slowly as it relied on private donations and was interrupted by the Spanish Civil War—only to resume intermittent progress in the 1950s. Construction passed the mid-point in 2010 with some of the project's greatest challenges remaining[11] and an anticipated completion date of 2026—the centennial of Gaudí's death. The basílica has a long history of dividing the citizens of Barcelona—over the initial possibility it might compete with Barcelona's cathedral, over Gaudí's design itself,[12] over the possibility that work after Gaudí's death disregarded his design,[12] and the recent possibility that an underground tunnel of Spain's high-speed train could disturb its stability.[13]"

Caption is fm Wikipedia

We later drove to the Tibidabo Mountain.. while driving up hb told me it felt like driving on Greenhill road lol (in Adelaide) .. pic abv was a view from one of the stops along the mountain..

At the top of the mountain Tibidabo is the Temple de Segrat Cor and also an amusement park which was a delight to my little girl.. we didnt tell her abt the amusement park of cos and u can imagine how she was when she saw the carousel :op

This amusement park was built in 1889 and a lot of the rides date back to this time giving the park a whimsical feel..

One of the adult rides which was closed on the day we were there..

Hb who simply loves anything that has got to do with airplanes was in awe with this one..Its a plane ride that uses its own engine and propeller to make it go around and around...

We took the ride of cos and this ride wasnt inclusive in the entrance fee.. take a look at the ticket and toilet.. so oldish hehe

View fm Tibidabo Mountain.. spectacular!

There was a playground of cos!

She took this ride a total of 5 times!

Tea cups... i remember my dad used to take me and my sisters to one of the amusement parks in Singapore.. as a child i loved to ride in tea cups.. this one brought back memories.. i wonder if anyone out there even remembers the existence of Gay World/ Happy World and New World amusement parks in Sg.. hmmm

Sonia and her little friend.. each time she gets to interact with other kids.. be it at the playground our even in the plane or even in the mall.. she will start to talk to them.. in English of cos whether the other child can understand her or not lol.. she will say this to me.. "Mama.. this is my new friend" .. awwww next year she will hv more friends when she goes to kinder..

Lastly.. i am so gonna miss Barcelona.. the ppl.. the coffee.. the dessert.. the sun that never goes down till 9pm and the shops that only close at 10pm lol.. err well except their siesta time for abt 3 hrs in the afternoon :op

..... Thank you all for taking this trip with me.. for leaving comments.. am glad to share all this with u guys and for putting a smile on my face when i was feeling a little upset with u know who!


Anonymous said...

Lovely pics Rima! I bet u had a great time there. I miss Barcelona too maybe will visit it aging someday.


Rima said...

Yes we did especially the last few days when hb was on leave.. I will definately tag along the next time hb has to go there for work hehe

Ria said...

welcome home sis..rupa mu seperti selebriti lorr..=) ny dpt surpise dlm plane..itu ke kek ny??nmpk sdp je..cpt2 la potong nk tgk dlm ny..mmg sungguh friendly budak dagu nyanik tu ye..mcm mama ny..

anakcikbob said...

tempat jatuh lagi dikenang, inikan pulak tempat bergembira. right?

izahdaut said...

kak rima... sihat ke?
cantiknya barcelona..bertuah akak dpt keliling dunia kan... hope 1 day nk juga merasa.. hihi..
kak rim.. saya nk ckp jugak, mmg akak ada iras artis eja tu tau!!

Anonymous said...

That was very nice. Actually I was worried about U n family when heard the news about the earthquake. Thank God you safe home.

Lovely pictures, but I love to see that lovely Princess Sonia & Cik Rima Glamour. Could not see much of her daddy.


Anonymous said...

Hello Rima,welcome home Ksal follow up yr story,alhamdulilah you are ok now. Your picture lovely atlast I can see a few of yrself (you tak suka take pic.)Your Sonia enjoy herself so much lucky dalam plane dia tidor so you can relax. So ok and have a gd rest n miss yr baking....

ijayuji said...

Yeaaaaaaa!!!! dah leh bukak! hihihi ada sikit menggong kot server td nii :D btw!!! dah jatuh cintaaaaa dgn barcelona!!!! cantek banget dia punyer building! nak kena menabung mcm kak yat jugaklah niii guna tempayan besorrr sikit wakakaka... sonoknyer! dia punyer dessert..pitam** sonia mmg cute!maknyer gojess!!!

Nuridah said...

Hi Rima,

Wow!!gd life Rima nie,dpt keliling dunia...hehe.

Sonia nampak tinggi gitu...cantik...persis ibunya yg anggun jelita.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,so happy tt u had reach home safely,anyway Sonia nampak tinggi for her age,confirm naik mrt kene bayar,Hehehe.Can't wait to see more of yr bakings pic,c u on the 26th,Pasal si 'monster' tu bak kata si Luncai,'biarkan'.Wat goes around comes around
Btw tak payahlah mention my name,paiseh lah.Hahaha

anna said...

hi ur blog love ur tgk photo2 u n sonia(so cute suka tgk kuku dia waah slalu tukar2 color tu!!)kat bercelona esp photo sagrada familia memang amazing kan tapi rasanye tak byk progress sgt kan...i n famili holiday kat sana lama daah 2008 ari tu.teringat jalan2 kat la ramblas tu..hmm byk tengok2 je la shopping tak de la sgt tapi memang seronok.

Rima said...

Cake nye baru ku potong.. besok if got time i take pic ok.. celebrity tak mungkin.. jauh benar hahaha

Rima said...

Nasib the last few days kita betul betul bergumbira.. maklum usually if our other half ade.. foya foya dia lagi shiok ahakss

Rima said...

Adehhh oleh kerana kamu buat hidung ku kembang kuncup akan ku buat kan kamu sebuah cake... hehe.. dah balik dah.. kira dah kena pakai apron tadi pagi.. back to reality.. if ade rezki pergi lah visit barcelona.. memang shiok

Rima said...

That earthquake was not in barcelona.. alhamdullilah.. ty for the concern.. i got a number of emails on that day.. macam terharu that there are many out there yg concern abt us..

Sonia is growing up pretty well.. :o)

Nuqman Harris Sharmizi said...

alhamdulillah semuanya selamat ye kak..ekceli xtau pn psl earthquake till bc those comments yesterday..

terkezut jgk why ur post "ole ole" not there..mane ilang? haha...mujur ada balik..bengang jugak kan?

gambar2 uols semuanya shiok..cantik2..

Rima said...

Memang tak fav take pic pun.. whenever my hb nak ambik gambar macam automatic boleh terpusing muka.. tak suka lah

Usually she will sleep.. she started travelling by plane as young as two and half months.. i think shes so so used to it already that she knows lepas meal aje time to sleep hehe

Rima said...

Lahhh where got gojes.. gambar europe punya pasal lah tu sampai tempias kat tuan nye ahahha

Harus visit barcelona if u hv the chance.. even if nak kena tabung kat dalam tempayan beras :op

Rima said...

Am lucky cos i get to travel with hb whenever his travel plan is flexible.. if meeting dia busy bangat memang kena tinggal lah kita hehe

Rima said...

Actually we were expecting the one waktu we fly up but tak de pulak so kira i dah totally forgot abt it .. tu sebab waktu the stewardess wished us kita macam terpingga pingga lol.. ty.. the cake was yummy.

Rima said...

Its a nice place to visit and i wud love to go there again someday.. temple tu tak byk progress cos fund dia fm penderma tu sebab lah lambat nak siap..

I must admit that i shop alot more in barca then in any other european country that i hv been.. mana taknye.. kedai dia berderet deret dah tu tutup pun lambat.. laju aje mak gi shopping hehe

Rima said...

Actually i didnt realised until someone emailed me abt it.. patut lah malam tu try nak update tak boleh boleh.. nak comment in other ppls blog also tak leh..

Usually gambar gambar fm any european trip comes out nice.. its different to take pic.. to be there and to be able to mix with the local.. a lifetime experience lah kan..

Nadz Nazharzan said...

Wah rima.. sakan berjalan dan sakan amik gambar ..Love looking yr pic.. So cute yr little daughter..

Yat Maria said...


that is a beautiful place, of all the things, sgtla ku berkenan tu teropong gajah kaler biru..wahkahkah..jgn tanya kenapa, but ku sgt berkenan ahakssss...babe, tu caroussel orang tua bule naik ka? ingin gak vontotku merasa barang historical cam tu...1800s lagi...awesome!

...looking good there babe...looking gd... :) esp the lalat love it ;)

CS said...

Glad to know you bertiga are safe n sound. Tak capek n no jetlag ke?

Just relax on your baking cos I nak jadi orang baik tak nak tumbuk2 dinding as I drool over your baking, hehe.

Nuqman Harris Sharmizi said...

stakat ni mas belum puji akak lg tau..
kak, u sanggul rambut itu mcm, teringat kat angeline jolie, my faberet woman... & u sungguh anggun like a star too.. hoho i know, u're a chef star to me..

ninazsyafinaz said...

Yeahhh..U back!! welcome home sis!

Rima said...

Hehhe my first trip to Spain so i was pretty excited to explore.. sampai balik pun ade jugak tempat tempat yg tak sempat kita explore .. my hb kata better this way so that next time boleh continue to explore yg lain lain..

Rima said...

Cannnn.. me and sonia took that carousel ride sampai fening lalat dibuat nye hahah.. dak sonia tak nak turun.. round round sampai mabuk.. dah tu dia tak nak naik yg first floor punya.. kita kena naik tangga to second level cos dia nak kuda hitam.. haizz

Lalat shades good to cover any eye bags hahaha

Rima said...

Alhamdullilah.. no jet leg pulak.. sonia also no jetleg for some reason.. the first night tu kita tido right after isyak and woke up at 9am.. sampai terlepas subuh dibuat nye hehehe

No baking cos i hv cakes in my fridge..

Rima said...

Adehhh melorot kain pelekat ku hehehe.. ty lah.. for ur infor kat rumah also i siput like that.. sebijik macam makcik siput bila dah penat buat kerja rumah hahahah

Rima said...

Ty ty.. am glad to be home too!

KG said...

good to have you back...cewah macamlah i dok sebelah rumah you...but nearlah bila i nak celoteh wt you on my bb kan hehe! nnti you mai kl i nak kirim valrhona cocoa powder lagi boleh!?dgn senyuman kambin i sd tankiu!

anakcikbob said...

ok la akak hav fun for the last few days. memang xnak akak n family ingat hal2 gadget tu. lupakan. xde faedah kan?

Ummi said...

Aduhaiiii Rima, tengok gambar2 kat Barcelona tuh...mmg la kan...cantik dan menarik...I can imagine how you spent your holiday kat sana...Xpa la...nnt boleh pergi lagi tuh...tunggu Sonia besar sikit...kan..hehe

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Nice pictures.

Kongkang Malaya said...

Kak Rima,
So you and family had a great time (despite that geram episode), eh? That's great! I didn't get to suggest to you earlier (i know, my bad my bad, sorry.. was really tied up, didn't get to properly spend time with pc. more with blogger being down for days) but maybe next time if you go there, you guys could check out the Aquarium de Barcelona (I bet lil Sonia would love it).

Nuqman Harris Sharmizi said...

kak, u're so funny..kalo u melorot kain pelikat, hb u melorot kain batiknya..haha..korang dah tertukar kain ea? how's sonia? it's she ok?

Rima said...

Insyallah cos kita dah beli my stock of cocao berry hari tu.. if i go to BIY i buy for u ok..

Rima said...

yep kita dah lupe kan but kadang teringat pulak.. dah ni nama kan manusia :op

Rima said...

If nak tunggu sonia besar sikit terpaksa lah mama dia tunggu sampai cuti sekolah.. tak leh lari lari anak ikut hb gi outstation hehe

Rima said...

Ty.. how hv u been?? lama tak BW kat rumah u.. hope ur little girl is growing well.. :o)

Rima said...

Actually kan we were there three times hehehe.. tak masuk aquarium pong.. the first time sonia sibuk nak main carousel yg kat tepi aquarium tu and nak patah balik macam malas.. dah lah masa tu sejuk nak jalan sikit punya weak.. the second time we were there after walking down the beach.. kita buat buat tak nampak aje si aquarium tu cos penat after a long day.. the third time we were there cos we need to buy something fm the mall yg kat port dia tu.. sonia tak ferasan ade aquarium and kita sibuk menyopping last min for my family so again kita buat dak aje.. next time perhaps we will take sonia there.. for now shes still talking abt the aquarium yg kat bangkok :o)

Rima said...

heheh sonia is ok.. ty for asking.. hv yet to get her ipad2 when its in stock.. for now shes hogging on my phone.. tak pe lah.. janji dia tak tanya kann

aida's said...

comei sunnies u kak rima.. :)

Rima said...

hehe ty.. janji boleh tutup eyebags or selagi selagan benda yg tak patut dilihat hahaha

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