Rambling of a tired woman...

I am a little frustrated with myself lately.. everything seems to go haywire.. I had baked 100 pcs of macs yesterday for a few orders where I am not that happy with the end product.. had used hazelnut and for whatever reason the shells didnt look as pretty as i want them to be.. so first thing tmrw i will hv to bake a few batches of it and hope that it will turn out perfect.. another minor incident happened to me earlier today.. i burnt my index finger while cooking caramel sugar. tsk tsk.. now i hv to type using one hand.. :o(

Today was my stitches off day.. we decided not to go to the polyclinic but instead go to a private GP.. we later found out fm the doc that the stitches that were done on me was not proper and will leave a permanent scar.. hb said the bottom part was done neatly but the top part doesnt seems to heal properly simply bec the &^%*((* doc didnt sew it together but instead overlapped my skin.. grrrr

HB gave me that cringe look when the doc showed him my scar.. the top part has not healed properly! i dont even know how it looks like now.. all i know it was bloody painful when he took the stitches off - reason being.. the hospital doc shud hv given me an earlier appt and not wait till 2wks to take it off.. was too late! sigh i wonder if its normal to feel painful cos right now i need a painkiller badly!

Ok ok lets not talk abt my frustration.. as u can see fm the pic abv that today i did this kuih on Sonia's request.. she calls it.. purple apom hahaha.. she even choose all the colours this time round and she loves em.. guess what she said to me the moment she had a bite.. "thank you mama.. i like purple apom" hehehe.. my pleasure dear..

Besides snow white apam i also managed to bake this cake.. dont ask me how it tastes like cos i hv not had any time to munch on this cake.. all i know both Jun and Wendy loved it! ty both for sharing it with us..

Cream cheese mixture
125g cream cheese
2 Tbsp sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract

Cake batter
120g butter
120g soft brown sugar - i used dark brown sugar and hence the colour hehehe
2 eggs
½ tsp vanilla extract
140g all purpose flour
1/ 2 tsp baking powder
200gm raspberries and strawberries - i used strawberries

1. Rinse fruits and set aside to air dry.
2. Fully line a 8 inch shallow square pan with overlapping baking paper.
3. Preheat oven to 160(fan)/180C.
4. Sift flour with baking powder, set aside.
5. Beat cream cheese, vanilla and sugar until creamy, put into a plastic bag.
6. Cut the strawberries and tear raspberries into halves.
7. Cream butter and brown sugar until light and fluffy.
8. Add in eggs one by one, beating well after each addition. Beat in vanilla extract.
9. Put in half of sifted flour and beat until combined and beat in the balance of flour.
10. Put 40% of the batter into the lined pan, spread it around.
11. Snip a corner (abt 8mm) off the plastic bag with cream cheese in it. Squirt ½ the cream cheese all over the spread out batter.
12. Arrange half the fruits over the batter. Gently press them in.
13. Dollop remaining batter over fruits, press and spread the batter over the fruit.
14. Squirt the balance of cream cheese over cake and arrange the balance of fruits. Gently press the fruits in.
15. Bake for 35 minutes or until skewer comes out clean.

Do not keep it at room temperature for more than 24 hours. It contains cream cheese and you better chill it to prevent it from turning bitter and bad. Warm it in the microwave for 10-20 seconds, and the cake is very nice when eaten warm.

Original recipe: Waitrose

One more thing bef i go to bed.. i wud like to thank those that have placed orders in my store.. am excited and will try to load more products this weekend... oh God.. pls let me hv some time this weekend... after tmrw i plan to switch my oven off for a change.. am tired... :o(


Mas said...

kak rima...sedapnya tengok kek tu...ada strawberi lagi...
nak sikittt..he..he...
wahhhh...gebunya purple apom tu...cantik warnanya..he..he..

zarin said...

dunno why but then terasa sad aje after reading this entry..have a good rest dear and ouch terasa rasa ngilu jek kat my shin tu hehe mcm la luka tu kat kaki i...

Nuridah said...

Assalamualaikum Rima,

Sihat ke? Mcm mana boleh ada incident lagi...sian you...mcm mana pulak kulit kaki you boleh overlapped tk berjahit...doc rabun2 ayam kot! Hehe...biasa kalau buka jahitan tk sakit...hmmm apa2 pun moga you cepat pulih.

Jun said...

wahhh, dear..dah time to take a bite eh? x p..d next day d taste will b better, hahha. but urs nampak lg brown than mine lah...guna dark brown sugar k? heyyyy..u shud take some rest ok...another xcident? even minor one..n dat bad stitches..aiyooo, i plak rasa ngeri..nway,TC occay!

izahdaut said...

kak rim... napa makin sakit eh? ingat kan dah ok semua..why la doc tu buat kerja mcm melepaskan batuk ditangga... gerun jugak kalau kena kat i la..
apa pun take caree..kat dapur ni pun mcm medan perang, anything can happen.kan? waduhhh kek tu almaklom ada cheese apa pun sedap...fuhh mintak jauh mintak jauh...badan ku dah penuh lemak bila tengok kek..hehehe

lina said...

salam dear - Take care!

Sizuka said...

Rima, I think u need a break. Accidents happen in the kitchen when u're extremely exhausted. well, it is, in my case. :)

take care dear!

Alice said...

take a deep breathe and relax k...
hope ur wound both on ur shin and finger will be ok soon!
take care ya :)

Ummi said...

Alalalalaa..ciannya dia...jari pulak nak masuk sekali dlm piyuk ke ok laaa taip sebelah tgn pun byk gak citer kuar..hehehee...Waaah kek ni dah jalan jauh, jgkit dr Shah Alam ke Spore daaah..bila nk jgkit Ktn ntah..hehee...Btw, wish you luck for the next batch of macs, hoping it will turn out as nice as you want....hehehe..muaaah Rima!

Rima said...

Heheh she will say.. i want blue but bila dia berbual sendiri she will still panggil apam ni purple apam.. sometimes she will say apom with mat salleh slang hehe

Ni ade 3 keping lagi.. sila lah.. tak tahu ade masa ke tidak hari ni nak chilling chilling..

Rima said...

we hv our days.. semalam macam frust tonggek lah.. gembang tak pasal pasal.. dah lah lately ni i got stupid comments calling me names.. haizzz apasal lah orang orang ni kan.. tak de kerja lain agaknye :o)

Rima said...

Salam Nuridah
Tak tahu lah macam mana hospital doc tu buat kerja.. if i know that private GP buat surgery i much prefer to go there cos i know they will do a better job.. ni dah lah dia inject keliling kaki kita instead of direct kat injured wound buat kita rasa sakit yg teramat.. dia jahit pun tak betul.. shud hv jahit skin to skin ni tidak.. dia jahit overlap.. right now i still feel a little pain but bearable lah.. macam baru kena jahit pulak rasanye :o(

Rima said...

Macam frust pun ade.. bila dia bukak jahitan sakit banget cos jahitan dah terbenam.. shud hv taken the stitches out within 10 days..

Yes i need a break.. looking forward to my next trip in 2wks time.. cant wait!

Rima said...

Hehe mintak jauh tu ade macam macam makna cos if akak kau ni mintak jauh dia makin datang dekat hahaha..

Entah lah .. ni lah padah nye if go to E&A.. buat kerja tak betul.. injection tak betul.. yg merana kita.. macam nak jotos pun ade hehehe..

Rima said...

Salam Lina
Ty dear.. :o)

Anonymous said...

oh Rima, dont worry abt your macs not turning up to your standards. it happens to all of us. some days are good days and some days are bad days. Just be calm and try to bake them again and see if it turns out well.

As for your stitches, I think there are some scar removal creams available in the pharmacy (mederma or sth along that line). You can try it. Otherwise, rub aloe vera gel (fresh ones from the aloe vera plant on your wound). After some time the scars will dissapear. this worked for me.

Take care and hope you enjoy the long weekend.

Ms V

Rima said...

Same here.. exhausted mind and body = careless.. i need a break and i cant wait for it!

Rima said...

Ty for the wish dear.. for a change i am having breakfast now instead of starting my day without any brekkie.. niceee

KG said...

same hear lalaing, cuti yday to make macs, large order...and hujan...and of course tak cantik...threw away 3 trays and baked again and again, and hv to make macs again tonight...everything seems to go haywire....hold on tight to ourselve...wish you were here boleh kita pi mak jah or uk bakery and hv cappucino....

Yati-M said...

Rima, take care!! Rest would be the best option now.. but please keep on posting those gorgeous cakes, sweet treat..whenever you get better!!

Rima said...

Ms V
I know and hb said it looks alright and presentable but bec i hv certain standard on how it shud look like i kinda felt the need to do it all over again.. egg white is out.. almond and icing sugar is sieved.. after brekkie i will start whipping it.. pray for me ok!

Doc said the scar is deep.. so even after 20yrs it will still be there.. sob sob.. now i cannot wear mini skirt lah hahahha.. its ok lah.. its not like the end of the world.. i just want this pain to go away.. thats all ..

Ty for the suggestion.. i got aloe vera at home and will use it on my scar once the top part heal properly :o)

Edi said...

rima, terasa 'sakit' pulak baca psl stitches tu! haihhhhh.. doc tu buat kerja sambil lewa lah tu.. tensionnyer..!

Rima said...

Muka aje hensam tapi buat kerja sambil lewa.. hes not even local.. some myanmar doc :o{

CS said...

Lepas bersedih sehari (maklum tak menang weighing scale, ahaks), daku kembali! Ngilu aje dengar pasal your stitch tu cos I've had the same experience only that mine was an open wound.. Bila MISI buat dressing, ouchh!!! terlompat badan I 6 inci dari katil.
Take care, the oven is always there, dia tak lari mana *nasihat ikhlas dari LOL, lol*

K.Nor said...

salam rima, tak pulih lagi la kaki tu ya.. sebelum nampak n3 ni baru terfikir nak datang sini nak tanya pasal luka tu.. kesiannyer..

one more thing, kalau nak hilangkan parut kesan luka boleh guna pisang ya.. sapu dgn bahagian dalam kulit pisang yg dah kita makan tu.. ermm makan pisang la bukan makan kulit pisang.. hehe.. sapu/gosok part dalam kulit pisang dan bairkan kering pastu baru bilas bersih.. insyallah.. parut boleh hilang..

Maya Marisa said...


Take a break. I bet you wouldnt want to end up like me few weeks ago.
Sometimes it's good to detox frm baking, cooking, hse chores & like my case, office work.

Re vulgar comments, just remember that one man's meat is a poison to another & the fact that there's always 2 sides of a coin.

Re scar, if u r up for cosmetic surgery, let me know. There's a superb muslim lady doctor in KL whom specialises in plastic surgery whom i can recommend :P.
Cheer up ok dear!

Anonymous said...

salam rima,

sori to hear abt your wound. hope it will heal nicely. vitamin E will do the trick for scar.
do take care of yourself. Jgn layan ppl calling u names. some ppl tak leh tgk kita senang itu jer. Have a good day baking n rest n layan sonia. cheers!

really love your blog ;o)


Janine said...

y friend had the same experience with a doc and when she went to a plastic surgeon, he recommended some scar removal plaster which has been pretty effective! I do rmber that it's quite expensive per plaster though!

And do take a break! Your baking will reflect your feelings so once you feel relaxed and less-frustrated, I'm sure your macs will turn out perfect, like all the photos I've seen on your blog!

anakcikbob said...

stiches tu da bernanah ke kak?

Unknown said...

waduh.. macam boleh rasa je the painful-ness of taking out the stitches. pls take care. jgn sedih2 ye.. abt the traybake tu.. baru semalam belek2 dalam blog wendy. plan to do it for next department meeting, insyaallah :)

Rima said...

Cik Som
Tak usah bersedih.. theres always another GA ahakss.. the doc tu patut inject kat open wound that way tak sakit sangat but instead dia inject keliling kaki ku so of cos lah masa tu Rima jadi neng yatimah.. dah tu semalam also si neng yatimah muncul kembali cos bila bukak stitches tu sakit teramat.. waktu sonia kok kita tak rasa ape ape ah bila my gynae take off my stitches?? hmmm

You know i know betapa sakit kan cik som.. hu hu hu

Rima said...

sob sob sob macam terharu gitew ade orang sudi nak dengar jeritan hati ku.. ty for being there waktu macs ku tak menjadi lagi tadi.. ku dah masak rusuk dalca and tinggal nak makan aje nanti.. mudah mudahan terubat lah hati ku yg duka ni :op

Good luck to u dear.. hopefully macs menjadi dgn cantik nye.. i wanna go and buy 2kg of almond nanti.. akan ku cuba lagi dan lagi this weekend.. grrr

Rima said...

Yati M
Ty will take a breather and when i feel better i will definately be baking again.. silap silap besok dah start baking lagi.. mana boleh lama lama merajuk dgn oven kannnn hehe

Rima said...

Eh eh baru first time kita dengar akan kegunaan si kulit pisang.. ty for the infor and i will pi cari pisang nanti..

The top part tu tak cantum betul.. terengan sikit.. masih pakai plaster lagi ni.. esok esok i will ask my hb to take pic for now i dont want to even tengok.. eekk

Rima said...

Ty ty for the kind words.. akan ku remember what u said fasal itew plastic surgery and also that anonymous who annoys me to the max.. its ok lah.. i take it like a pinch of salt one.. semenjak i got to know my hb i hv learnt how to just move on and not think too deep into stuff.. :op

Rima said...

Wan Razilah
Yep if i keep on ignoring that kind of ppl.. someday they will stop.. betul kan or it wont?? hahaha.. anyway ty for ur concern.. today tak sakit macam semalam.. denyut sikit sikit but ok lah still can tahan one..

Rima said...

You were right cos today i did 3 batches aka 75pcs of macs and all gone down the drain.. i've cleaned my kitchen and kept everything away..

Rima said...

According to my hb tak de pong.. cuma kulit tak tercantum betul.. so doc kasi cream..

Rima said...

Can u believe sampai sekarang also belum ku rasa cake ni.. dah simpan 3 keping buat kita munch later.. hb kata sedap cos he makan kat office with his colleague .. sekejap dah licin.. tinggal kotak aje .. so i think sedap lah kan hehe

Anonymous said...

salam rima,

nak tanya kenapa macaroons tu kalau tak jadi kena buang? pahit ke? tak leh makan langsung ke? ish ish sayangkan buang jer. sori ek kalau soalan ni sensitif to you.


Rima said...

Salam Wan
Not sensitive lah.. good to ask at least u will know why the need to throw the macs shells..

When i said tak jadi means the kulit is still basah and since macs ni very the fragile dia akan melekat kat silpat and when u try to lift it dia pecah.. so tak leh lah dimakan benda tu.. dia meleket and no one will eat benda meleket cam gitu..

Yg not so perfect macs that i baked earlier is in my fridge.... i piped the fillings and all that.. tu kejadian nye sempurna cuma tak pwetty aje.. asal kulit dia tak basah u can munch on it.. all prepared to be given out this weekend.. :o)

If u hv been baking almost every week u get jelak unless u can add different type of filling cos macs is all abt the fillings.

Unknown said...

Hai Rima ,dah ok ke ?jage diri mase didapur ya....Gambar Rima ni memang terliur la.....Rasa jam......jam ni nak buat.....Rima amik gambar ni gune kamera ape ya......cantik betul....

Unknown said...

Hai Rima.I invite you to visit my blog and sign as follower.tq

Anonymous said...

salam rima,

thanks for the explanation. wish im your neibor so that i can be your guinea pig or DBKL LOL

Have a great weekend!


Maizatul said...

Hi Rima, I made this cake last nite. i have about 180g cream cheese dah nak expired and a pack of strawberry (initial plan is to make KG's devils choc cake,tp x berkesempatan).It was yummilicious heheheheh....but i think it's a bit dry coz i doubled the baking time, heheehe...coz after the first 15 mins, the 'lidi' came out not clean. so i added another 10-15 mins. i set it to lower temperature ~160C.lps incident macaron merekah last week, so i thought maybe my oven is warmer,hence i lowered the temperature.testing la was almost 11pm but i just couldn't stop eating, we end up eating half of the 7inch tray cake.i'm going to bake this again and follow the right method.thank you for sharing this....u take care yah.....

Anonymous said...


Minal Aidin Wal Faizin. Am in indonesia and managed to track down the Edam cheese you used for the Kastaangels and that I had asked you about.

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, Rima

Allah Bless


Rima said...

Hi Sarah
Yeah? we cant find the same brand here however edam cheese can be bought fm any supermarket around sg.. not as cheap tho ..

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